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Pass the time with A Little Bit of Sin.

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Premise of the story

Synthia is a beauty like no other – not only on the inside but as well on the outside. She’s used to men falling over her, but she never made a big deal about her appearance. Accomplished in business, intelligent, with a great sense of style, she’s pleased that she can finally get married to a man who she’s only content with. Just as she makes good arm candy for him, it’s reciprocal for her. Plus after a past incident, she swore she would only allow herself to date well to do professional men who made a legitimate living. Her only fault she could say was her voracious curiosity. And on the day before she knows George is to propose, her best friend puts in her head the one thing she has never
Done: Slept with a guy outside of her race. With her beauty, she can’t just find anyone, so she does what any one in her position and wealth would do: She finds a professional. Let’s just hope George never finds out what a good time she had.

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Why I write stories live for my readers. #blacksinnocence #amwriting

Black's Innocence - Why I write Live books #fictionwriting process

Currently, I'm live writing Black's Innocence and you can check out this book at

In this video, I explore my fiction writing process live versus not live and how I work with alpha readers. Plus I talk a little bit how I feel about criticism about my writing

(Being open, but vulnerable.)

Related books outside of the Black Family series

Innocent Vengence - short of the first three chapters

Wicked Chances - Shadow

Sin's Iniquity - Dwight Bowman

Black Family Series

  • Love Like This
  • Hope is Love
  • The Mysterious Mr. Black
  • La Revanche Des Trois (Revenge of Three)
  • Black's Innocence (WIP)
  • Dark Regrets (WIP)
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Coming soon... more about Black's Innocence, self-editing and plotting.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bound By Books Book Review: Blog Tour: Tanner's Devil by Sylvia Hubbard

Bound By Books Book Review: Blog Tour: Tanner's Devil by Sylvia Hubbard: In Detroit, strange things can happen.   What does a Duke, a Former Street Doctor & Prostitute and A Pimp with a very bi...

Monday, September 14, 2015

Get Yr Copy now of Tanner's Devil eBook Release Oct 1| "very fast-paced and filled w/drama #michlit

‪#‎SneakReaders‬! What you have been waiting for all year long! Author, Sylvia Hubbard's 37th Novel release with Tanner's Devil, A romance suspense that will send you to hell and back from cover to cover. Get your copy at, share this event and then join us starting at midnight for giveaways and more!

About the book:

Genre: Fiction, Literary, Suspense, Thriller, Romance

RAW Rating: 4.0 (out of 5)

Tanner is an ex-prostitute whose ex-boyfriend, Donatello, was also her pimp. Even though she has left the business, he is trying to persuade her to return. She thinks he just wants her back in the business, but he actually wants her back in his life as well. Tanner finds herself in a rare predicament when she needs to come up with an outrageous amount of money. Does she find the money legitimately, or does she take Donatello up on his offer?

At age 33, Devlin Sanchez is a virgin and has vowed to save himself for marriage. When he catches his bride and his brother together, all of that goes out the window. He finds himself in the arms of Tanner and once the night is over, he is left wanting more.  Has Tanner added more drama to her life, and does Devlin know he has a fight on his hands?

TANNER'S DEVIL was a good read.  It was very fast-paced and filled with drama. The author does a good job of drawing the reader in from the first page. The characters are so real to life; it makes them easy to relate to.

Reviewed by **Guest Reviewer,
Latifa was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Reading and writing has always been a strong passion for her. She spends most of her days reading books from up and coming authors as well as working on a new literary magazine she plans to launch this winter.

© Copyright 2001-2011

RAWSISTAZ Literary Group

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Books to Light Your Fire: 'Mistaken Identify III (The Perfect Woman for Them...

Books to Light Your Fire: 'Mistaken Identify III (The Perfect Woman for Them...: Blurb: Elena knew she wanted something different... she needed something different, but aside from the dreams she had of past wicked ... 

Check out my feature of Mistaken Identity III at Books to Light Your Fire.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Free Tix going Fast: Love, Romance &Intrigue...BOOK LAUNCH in #Detroit June 21 #book #event #networking #motownlit

Book Signing Event Flyer-Purple
On June 21, 2014, Detroit Author, Sylvia Hubbard, invites the literary community (readers, writers, authors and poets) to a Litertainment Event.
12-1 - Meet & Greet
1:15-1:30 - Intro & Welcome - Sylvia
1:30-1:50 - Omari "King Wise" Barksdale poetry
1:50-2:45 - Relationship Panel discussion: Everything You Wanted to Know About Relationships but Were Afraid to Ask - Panelists: TBA
2:45-4 - Mix & Mingle; Book Talk/Book Signing; Q & A with audience (questions around book "My Substitute Wife, My Sister," and publishing, writing, and marketing
Entertainment, Book Soiree, Networking and More
More details to come including VIP tickets with a limit of 40

Book to to featured and available for early purchase...
His Substitute Wife... My Sister
writing wednesday  his substitute wife my sister
Life has never been worth living for Charisse before her father died. After three attempts to kill herself were unsuccessful, she makes a deal for release from hell on earth, with one of the people who made her life what it was.

It wasn't until Chyna finds out that her husband, Parker Mills, was having an affair with her twin sister, Cheyenne, that she realizes she's losing the best thing she's ever had. Feeling the ultimate betrayal by her own sibling, Chyna knows she has to do whatever it takes to keep her husband and give him what he longs for - a baby. Knowing that she's unable to have children and Cheyenne is afflicted with the same condition, she decides to go to the only person that can help her save her marriage - her younger sister, Charisse.
In the end, one sister will die, another will lose everything and one will get everything that she wants.
AMAZON EBOOK LINKS          eBook One          eBook Two
Smashwords Link            eBook One            eBook Two

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Monday Motivation UrbanNation Radio w/ @MonicaMJones wsg @SylviaHubbard June 9th Tune In!

 AWESOME show in store for you on Monday! Sylvia Hubbard is service and creativity personified. For over a decade she has been relentlessly committed to increasing literacy and supporting writers in and around Metro #Detroit, the state of Michigan and beyond. Be encouraged and inspired by her

Click for more information...

Friday, April 04, 2014

Nutty's Reads & Reviews: His Substitute Wife‏ ,,, My Sister - Sylvia Hubbar...

Nutty's Reads & Reviews: His Substitute Wife‏ ,,, My Sister - Sylvia Hubbar...: Life has never been worth living for Charisse before her father died. After three attempts to kill herself were unsuccessful,...Check out more at

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#BlogTour: Loving Nate by Janice Ross @JGWriter hosted by @FabulosityReads #Multicultural #Steamy #Romance

 photo fbe907f1-ca8b-4f6d-8c9d-b2e384f79a14_zpsf1f35904.jpg

Book Blurb: 
Loving Nate is Leah's story of falling in love with Mr. Perfect. Leah falls fast and hard, losing all sense of reasoning. Love can do that to a gal, especially when the guy is as smooth as Nathan Moore. Loving Nate is about Leah's journey of falling in love, when she should have been standing in love.

Book Blurb: 
Loving Nate is Leah's story of falling in love with Mr. Perfect. Leah falls fast and hard, losing all sense of reasoning. Love can do that to a gal, especially when the guy is as smooth as Nathan Moore. Loving Nate is about Leah's journey of falling in love, when she should have been standing in love.

 photo 85c6c375-f71a-468a-ad8c-b8d2b30deb99_zps986ff285.jpg

I can’t even return his welcome. I think Hi, handsome. I form Hi, gorgeous. Nothing manifests. It’s then that I realize my game is weak. I’m warm inside and still shivering on the out. Wanting to be brave, I swing my hips, balancing atop the candied-colored heels. Wrong move. The heel gets caught in a crack of sand and grass. I’m propelled forward, into his waistline. Oh yeah, real smooth, Leah. He’s quick to capture me, setting my back against the car door. I reluctantly look up.
Nate’s eyes are glowing as much as the sunset in the distance. I have to shut mine, lowering my head in hopes of eluding him. Perhaps it’s the sky’s fault, but puddles of tears are forming in my eyes.
I don’t think this move has missed him. He lifts my face and places the back of his hand under my chin, setting a trap with his aura. I’m completely vulnerable to this incredibly stunning man. He places his palms on the sides of my face. He’s forcing me to look at him. Not only do I gaze into his full dark-brown eyes, I slip beyond, into a fortress of want and need. Just then, his lips touch mine. They tenderly caress my lip lining, even trailing nibble after nibble about my cheeks. He serenades the tip of my nose and up to my forehead. I close my lids as he gently plants his approval on each eye socket.
Nate finishes this worship of sorts, then returns to the initial landing site. This time, ummmm . . . This time, I grasp for more than just his lips, parting my mouth ever so slightly. I allow him entry into a part of me that I rarely offer to anyone.

 photo 59e824c4-9212-448b-9de2-c31e31a3a6ef_zps75626707.jpg

Janice was born in Guyana, South America and migrated to the USA in 1980. Although her citizenship certificate now reads the United States of America, she considers herself a citizen of the world. Sure she has not physically been around the world and back, but she’s traveled in her mind and dreams.

Janice is an author. She enjoys writing about social issues and personal experiences. Janice’s debut release was entitled Damaged Girls. She uses the three books in that series to detail the effects of different forms of abuse, discussing issues that are known to be taboo. Her next release, Jumping Ship, is a dedication to her country of birth and an introductory novella to the Island Hopping Series – due out in 2014. It’s poised to be a colorful and emotional experience of life, love and family. As of present, she is also a contributor to a short story collection – Just Between Us, Inspiring Stories by Women. And lastly, Loving Nate is a novella about the realities of losing one’s self to love.

Janice enjoys reading. And is drawn to stories with distinct characters that she can love or hate, characters she can form alliances with or characters that she can swear off and despise. She is also weak for a good cultural tale, preferably in the form of historical fiction. Janice loves to be taken off guard by clever language and settings.

Janice is also a devout supporter and promoter of other authors through social media. She hosts a weekly show, Cultural Cocktails, on the largest social radio network, Blog Talk Radio.

Loving Nate Trailer


$25 and 3 eBooks

Giveaway Direct Link:
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Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions is a book touring website that promotes authors and their precious works to an extensive audience using blogs, twitter, Facebook and other Social Media, with the aim of introducing them to an appreciative readership.

They offer a diverse range of both complimentary and affordable products to help the reach of your book go that much further.

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Feature & Follow Friday #192

It's time for Feature and Follow Friday!

I would like to thank Alison Can Read and for choosing me as a feature!! I hope I do this right because it's my first time and this feature is just the coolest thing!


Here is the week's question: Spring is in the air! Show off your favorite outdoors reading spot. If you don’t go outside...well where else do you read that isn’t inside your house? We want pics!

I'm not an outside person, because I'd become too distracted if I went outside so I choose the solace of some place quiet I feel comfortable.

Home is my comfort zone and I can take my shoes off too. spot
Across from my desk (where I write) in my office I have these huge pillow like couches that are firm, but comfortable. Mostly used as some place people who come in my office can sit, I love to curl up on them and just relax with my Kindle or a book.

They were donated to me and the kids didn't want them. They were awkward looking in my living, so I took them too my office. We've been in love since. Plus they're purple and that's my favorite color!!

Interview Questions:

When did you start blogging? It was 2009. I know this because that's when I released my book Mistaken Identity. I blogged the book live in two weeks. It was great!! Didn't stop blogging and then I started featuring books and authors on my site! Loved the feedback! Really love the traffic and I just love to blog!

What is your favorite part of book blogging? Pushing publish on a blog post that features a book. It's like I'm introducing the world to what's new, what's hot, what's great. I just love books and showing them off.

What type of books do you mainly blog about? Romance and suspense. I love showcasing love and the thrill of life and those unpredicatable "what if" situations.

What is your favorite book(s)? When the character has more than just the romance happening to them. When there is not only love on the line, but her life or family or even worse. I feel connected to the character then because it feels a like like my life (except my life is never is jeopardy... although I do live in Detroit. LOL)

What has been the best thing that has happened to you because of book blogging? Readers emailing me and telling me what a great book I recommended or getting a lot of retweets on just one post by readers!

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