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Baby Doll - Chapter 3

Five blocks from her home and the only thing that kept her legs going was a need to feel her warm soft bed with the fluffy pillows all around her. Yes, that would be just wonderful.

Pendulyn had taken her shoes off and was now walking barefoot, dirtying the white knee hi stockings. Sparsely, she held her purse in just her fingertips knowing it contained only one thing she needed at the end of this journey - her house key.

Huffing and feet pounding the pavement sounds could be heard coming to the corner she was about to get to. Suddenly two black shadows burst from the side street and knocked her down. Three other shadows continued to follow the first two, but then one stopped behind her as she was getting up and she was too tired to care what this one wanted. Didn’t anyone ever say sorry anymore?

Pendulyn turned and looked at the man who stood about six feet three, brawny, and hard looking. He reached over and yanked her arm hard, flinging her against the building. Before she had a chance to scream, cry out, or even take the breath she lost when she hit the hard surface, he was pinning his body against hers with his elbow in her throat.

Closing her eyes in disgust at the smell of this man, she was repulsed as his hands groped her from head to toe.

“Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?” he growled angrily.

She couldn’t answer because she could barely breathe or move for that matter. He must have realized her predicament and moved off a bit.

“Are you hooking?” he accused her. It didn’t sound as if he was even trying to make it into a question.

Pendulyn really wanted to slap his face, but she was too tired to do anything, except go home. “I have no money because if I did I would be home right now.”

He slanted his eyes at her and rubbed his thick black beard. He wasn’t pressing his elbow in her throat anymore, but he was still pinning her with his body. “What’cha doing out this late?” he demanded to know.

She ignored his question and made her own demands in a very disgusted tone. “Please get off of me.”

“You ain’t in no predicament to be telling me what to do, lady. Now what’cha doing out here? You selling yourself?” He placed a hand on her breast.

He eyes went wide in fear and audacity. Somehow she managed enough strength to writhe against him and the brick wall her back was against, but that’s about all she managed to do because the more she struggled the harder he pressed.

When Pendulyn knew there was no way to get out of this unless she placated him and answered his questions, she stopped her struggling. It was either that or faint. “No, I’m not.”

He leaned in close, looking at her lips then her eyes. “You sure, cause I got five dollars that you might need.” He squeezed her breast a little hard and she winced.

“No!” she sneered. “Get your filthy hands off of me, you pervert!”

“What are you? Fifteen? Sixteen? Ain’t it past your bedtime?” he goaded her anger.

“If it is, then let me go, you-” She stopped, feeling his groin press against her stomach. There was a definite hardness in that area and it had nothing to do with the nasty smelling coat.
‘This was not happening to her,’ she told herself.

He smiled wickedly and oddly she noticed a perfect set of teeth in his mouth. To be a bum, he took excellent care of his teeth and his lips were soft, not crusty.
Why did she notice this suddenly about him?

She tried to scratch at him, but he only grabbed both her hands in one of his large palms and raised them high above her head. This gave him free reign to her body and his eyes didn’t miss one inch of it.

“You ain’t too keen on respecting your elders, are ya, baby doll? Maybe I should teach you a lesson about walking the streets.”

She could feel his hot breath on her lips just before they pressed hard against hers. She whimpered in protest and tried to turn her face, but he used his arm that held her hand to keep her head from going anywhere.

Far off, she could hear the cars passing, but no one came by the dimly lit street they were on. While he forced his lips onto hers, his free hand moved down her belly, then between her legs.
“Someone’s lost more their their way in the middle of the night,” he murmured against her lips as he discovered she was pantiless.

She tried her best to fight, but then stilled as his finger dipped inside of her and his thumb rubbed her sensitive region right above that.

With no strength to fight, she had nothing to do, but respond to his soft gentle touch and respond to his kiss, which deepened until his tongue was tasting the back of her throat. His other hand released her wrist and moved to concentrate on her breasts. The peaks were already hard and aching for any touch.

Her next moan wasn’t in protest, but ravenous, which prompted him to raise her dress up and rub his jean covered crotch against her. He pulled her thigh up shoving his coat out the way until she moved her lithe strong thighs by herself around his waist, then his hands moved around to grip her butt to hold her in place. He rubbed her against his harness.

Pendulyn had never experienced the mischievous sensations creeping through from her groin, swirling in her blood and flowing through her veins that the entire scene evoked. She assisted in grinding her hips into his groin, until she could feel the pulsing through his pants, which sparked the orgasm to erupt in her own body, making her shudder and grip him tightly with her arms and legs. Her fingers moved through his rough Brillo-like, dark hair and even that felt good to her. She closed her eyes to calm her racing heartbeat down until she realized he’d also stopped moving.

He was still pinning her, but the pressure was far from hurting her.

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Baby Doll - Chapter 2

Arriving at the house party around seven, she had to park almost a block down because it was so crowded. This was the first time driving her new car around since she had picked it up two days ago. Even Greg didn’t know what kind of car she had gotten. She told him it was a surprise and he had been on double overtime and too tired to come by yesterday, when she had gotten her tags, to see the vehicle.

Stepping out the SUV with her baby doll white stockings right above her knees, she took a deep breath. Her unusual curly, sandy-brown shoulder length hair was pulled back in a perfect straight ponytail. She was wearing a nice pink cotton dress that came up to the middle of her thighs, that graced her size twelve, medium body, slim waist, with spaghetti strings to hold it on her shoulders, and some pink slightly heeled shoes to look like a little girl’s doll from head to toe. She knew Greg liked it when she dressed like a little girl because she already looked so young and seeing her like this would turn him on. On top of that, when he found out she did not have on any underwear, he would just cream in his pants.

She grabbed her mini pink backpack purse and went into the house greeting old and new friends until she found out Greg had just went upstairs. Tawny wished her luck as Pendulyn mounted the stairs. There was not anyone up there in the hallway and she assumed he must have gone to the bathroom, but when she listened at the door she did not hear anyone. She peeked in quietly and her guess was right - no one was there.

Voices came from a back bedroom and she assumed it was probably the hostess of the party, Erin Pace. Greg must have went back downstairs and was somewhere in the crowd down there, but she decided to say hi to Erin while she was up here and let her know she was not staying long.

Secretly for years, Erin and Pendulyn had been rivals about different things. Pen’s other reason for giving herself up to Greg tonight was because she wanted to flaunt to Erin that she and Greg would be leaving to get their groove on. Erin had been Greg’s high school sweetheart and, according to Tawny, still wanted him back so she pretended to get along with Pendulyn in order to get closer to Greg.

Pen was smart to her game and told Greg about it, but Greg told Pendulyn she had nothing to worry about and he had no feelings for Erin anymore. Erin and he were never going to be an item ever again according to Greg. Pendulyn believed her man because she trusted him.

Hearing two voices laughing on the other side of the bedroom door Pendulyn knocked as she opened the door.

Seconds seemed like minutes as she took in the scene. Two naked bodies lying in bed grooving in perfect harmony enjoying the pleasure each gave. Erin’s finger gripped his shoulders and her dark chocolate legs wrapped around his body sending him deeper in her. They were oblivious to anyone and anything around them, including Pendulyn, who stood there and watched as Greg orgasm deep inside of Erin.

Sweat covered every inch of his thick, shaded, chocolate skin. She could see the only thing he had on was the gold chain she had given him for his birthday with the specially made charm where the gold G hung off the letter P intertwined forever, as she wanted their lives to be.

“Could you close the door?” Erin said quietly not even bothering to open her eyes to see who stood there.

Greg’s face was buried in Erin’s neck and he chuckled as he raised up a bit to say, “Maybe they liked the show, baby.”

Both of them looked at the door together to see Pendulyn still staring. She had dropped her purse to the floor and her mouth along with it.

Lovers! They were lovers and in her heart she knew this wasn’t the first time. No one could make love like that for the first time. There was too much intensity.

Without a word Pendulyn turned around and ran out of the house. Tawny must have been standing close, because she was behind Pendulyn just as she arrived at her SUV desperately trying not to cry.

“What happened? Where’s Greg? Why are you crying?” Tawny demanded.

Pendulyn forced herself to speak. “He was fucking Erin. He was in there with her.”

“You saw them?!” Tawny screeched.

She exclaimed, “Yes! I walked in on them. I didn’t make it up. I know what I saw!”

“Oh damn, girl.” They hugged in comfort as Pendulyn cried on her friend’s shoulder for a long time.

Eddie, Tawny’s baby daddy of three of her children, came out of the house. Gruffly, he asked, “Taw, you coming?” He was headed to her car.

Pendulyn knew Tawny and Eddie had been trying to work things out between them and he was a jealous man, wanting to spend all of his time with Tawny. If she refused to go with him, Pendulyn knew they would argue and she didn’t want them to argue over her again which had broken them up the last time.

“What the hell is wrong with her?” he asked crudely.

“Shut the fuck up,” Tawny sneered. “She just caught Greg humping on Erin.”

“She just found out?” he asked as if everyone was in on it.

“You knew?” Tawny asked him.

“Hell yeah. Everybody knew he’d been fucking her. I thought Penny knew and just let it go.”

“Why the fuck would she accept sharing her man?” Tawny screamed at him.

“I don’t know. Are you coming?” he demanded to know.

“Go ahead. I don’t want to cause a scene,” Pendulyn insisted as she noticed people coming out the house looking at her in concern and whispering. “I’m going home.”

“You sure, Pen?” Tawny asked.

Pendulyn knew her friend really wanted to go with Eddie and nodded. “I’ve got to get my purse and then I’ll be going. Talk to you later.”

“Call me tomorrow morning, okay?” Tawny ordered.

She nodded and watched as Tawny and Eddie drove away. After composing herself, she took a deep breath and went back into the house.

Erin was now downstairs getting a drink. She was fully clothed and almost bumped into Pendulyn. “You’re back.”

“I left my purse,” she said stiffly, trying to control the itch to slap Erin with the back of her hand.

“You aren’t going to cause any shit, are you?”

“Why? When you’ve done a marvelous job on that already. Plus, why would I want to cause anything with you when you aren’t worth the tissue I wipe my ass with.” She walked up the stairs.

“Where are you going?” Erin demanded to know.

The room became extremely quiet as she stopped on the stairway and turned around. “I told you I left my purse.”

“Hurry up and get your shit and get out of here.”

Pendulyn saw five of Erin’s friends coming up behind her. Tawny wasn’t here to get her back, so she decided to get her things and leave.

She hurried upstairs and grabbed her purse still on the floor and came back downstairs. At the doorway, she turned to Erin and said, “You let him know don’t expect to see my face again.”

“Don’t worry, because he loves looking at my face. He just used you to get a good job, don’t you know that, Stupid.” Erin patted her stomach. “And after I have his baby, we were getting married next year. He was just trying to find a way to let you down easy.”

Pendulyn refused to let Erin know how much those words had hurt her, but they had. She slammed out the door and went to her SUV back down the street. Her head had started hurting and she suspected one of her migraines was coming.

Going in her purse to find her Motrin 800’s, she stopped dead in her tracks. Her wallet was missing inside her purse and her cell phone. In her wallet was the key to her car. She hadn’t had a chance to put them on her house key ring yet and had just stuck the key quickly in the side pocket of her wallet after she’d gotten out the truck.

‘Go back and get your stuff!’ her mind called out, but the look in Erin’s friends eyes told Pendulyn, they were looking for a fight and she would not be able to defend herself. She didn’t want to be stranded, but she didn’t have anyone to call. Her parents were out of town and she did not know anyone else who could help her. There was fifty cents in the bottom of her purse, but all her money had been in her wallet along with her credit cards and ATM cards.

Walking a block further down, she got to a payphone and paged Tawny 911 with her code and the phone number to Erin’s house. Hopefully Tawny would get the message and come back.

She waited there for two hours by her SUV, but no one came and now it was dark and very cool. She decided to start walking. She was about five miles from home and it was probably about a three-hour walk if she started out now. The key to her hotel room was still inside her purse, but that was about a five-hour walk, so that was out of the question. Already the thick-heeled patent leather shoes were bothering her feet.

At a casual pace, she seemed fine and built up enough warmth to keep her fairly warm from the May almost summer night. In two days it would be the first day of spring and there was still chances of showers in the air, but tonight if didn’t look as if it was going to rain, although there was some clouds overhead.

By the first mile, her feet hurt like hell. She was exhausted and hungry that she almost dove for a discarded Coney dog on the ground. Her body heat was turned off and she was freezing. The wind had kicked up and she had felt a little pelt of water here and there. Pendulyn picked up her pace telling herself she was almost home, but in the back of her mind, she knew she had about two more hours.

Several cars had pulled up next to her with men offering her rides. Who wouldn’t? She looked like a two-bit whore in this getup and she wanted to rip it off her body so bad. Her attempt to call 911 had failed when the operator told her that the police department was not a taxi service, but she could take her report over the phone about the stolen items as a larceny from a building.

Pendulyn knew she couldn’t expect much in that department. True the police was not a taxi service, but dammit if they could jimmy her car door open she could get the spare out of her glove compartment and then get all the damages fixed before her father came back in town. Hell, the SUV had only five hundred miles on it.

“Hey beautiful. Want a lift?” a nice caddie pulled up by her.

She only shook her head and kept up her pace. No eye contact, she had learned early. It only encouraged them.

He shrugged and drove off. She breathed a sigh of relief. At least he hadn’t called her a bitch like the last two. She wanted to cry, but she didn’t.

There was so much she wanted to feel right now, but she kept herself in check. She had lost her man, her valuables, and her dignity. What else could happen tonight?

A clash of thunder and lightening streaked across the sky suddenly. Out of nowhere, the rain fell like big apples and pears all around her. She kept up her stride telling herself not to ask stupid questions.

Baby Doll - Chapter 2 (c) Sylvia Hubbard

Baby Doll - Intro & Synopsis

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About Baby Doll:

A stranger in a dark alley changes Pendulyn's life, when he has his way with her. She finds out there is much more to this dark, mysterious man than what she thought. In the end, she learns an unforgettable lesson in pleasure, but also deceit, lies and pain.


Baby Doll is a Heart of Detroit Series. If you were trying to read in order, then this would be considered the first book actually in the series of the Heart Family.

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BabyDoll - Chapter 1

“You look good, girl”, Tawny cackled loudly.

Pendulyn had to wonder how much her friend had been drinking before she came out the house. She could smell the alcohol on Tawny’s breath and she knew her friend long enough to know wherever they were planning to go out, Tawny had to put away at least two forties of the cheapest malt liquor. “Are you ready to go?” she asked Tawny exasperated.

“Hell yes!” Tawny said excitedly, rocking her hips lasciviously back and forth real hard. Her wide overdeveloped chest for her 5’ 2” frame looked like Jell-O underneath the low cut halter shirt. Tawny wasn’t fat, but she had yet to lost the weight after the sixth child she had given birth to six months ago, so there was a little belly sticking out at the end of the shirt and she still had her wide hips that had developed during this pregnancy. “You going to give the bootie tonight?” Tawny asked.

Pendulyn blushed knowing exactly what Tawny was speaking of. She had been putting Greg off for weeks and now was the time to give him something. She knew their last argument was just sexual frustration from him. She was just as frustrated, but she wanted it to be right. She didn’t want another hit it and leave. She was tired of those and this was supposed to be different. Greg worked at General Motors. He had a job with benefits and at twenty-four, he was very happening and very handsome. Pen liked him a lot, except when he wanted things his way and his very flirtatious nature around other females, but she knew he loved her and wanted to be with her. The past three months had been a heart stopping romance for both of them and she knew Greg was her future.

Tawny didn’t need an answer from Pendulyn to know what was going on. They had been friends since fifth grade and Tawny could read Pendulyn’s expressive dark brown eyes like a book. “You give it to him good girl. ‘Member all I’ve taught you, cause this man’s gonna be speaking in tongue when the night is through.”

Pendulyn giggled and said, “Let’s go, girl, before you have all the neighbors knowing I’m going to get something with your loud mouth.”

Tawny cackled again and followed Pendulyn to her burgundy Expedition. Her father, who loved to spoil his little girl, had given her this for her twenty-first birthday last week. He was the one who had given Greg the plant job two years ago when they were just seeing each other as really close friends. She knew at the time Greg had other women, but a year ago they had made a commitment to each other and three months ago it started to get very, very serious to the point where Pendulyn had to decide whether to give herself to him before or after marriage.
It was Tawny who made everything sound reasonable when she said, “Damn the sex, Pen. That’ll come whether they’re a good or bad guy. You don’t want no kind of man that can’t work it out later. Work it out now and find out if all that shit he talks all the time he’s gonna really do.”

Pen was curious. It wasn’t as if she was a virgin. She had given it up like most other girl’s in her generation at a very young age. As painful as the experience was, Pendulyn became terrified of pregnancy and decided that to have sex was to take on responsibilities she was not ready to handle. Tawny was just as old as Pendulyn and she was on her sixth child. Two sets of twins in a row did not help at all. Pendulyn loved Tawny but she didn’t want to end up like her.

“Is he going to meet you there?” Tawny asked.

Pendulyn shook her head. “I thought I’d surprise him and show up looking good and sexy. I put the hotel room on hold for the next two days and I’ve got three days off of work. I know he doesn’t have to be in until late tomorrow night, so I thought two days of getting my groove on with my man would be the ultimate day off. With my parents out of town until Monday, I know I have no worries.”

Tawny shook with laughter. “Girl, you got the good and sexy. You sure you can handle him. He looks like he got a lot.”

“I can give as good as I can get, so I’m not worried about a thing. The question should be, can he handle me?” They broke out in laughter together.

Baby Doll Chapter 1 (c) Sylvia Hubbard

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Mistaken Identity - Part 3 - Partial

Part 3 - Partial

Before she could even respond to that, he covered her mouth as someone’s voice came closer to the closet.

“It’s on the inside of the door,” Gloria was instructing someone.

The door suddenly swung opened and a slender arm reached in, grabbed the white shawl hanging on the door and the door slammed back.

She pushed Jerome away and quickly put on her dress. Jerome zipped it up for her.

“Did you see that?” Gloria inquired.

“What?” Denise asked.

“In the closet.”

Dana shoved Jerome to the back of the closet behind the clothes and moved in front of the door just as it swung open.

The entourage stood behind Denise, who was glaring at her.

“What the hell are you doing in my closet?” Denise demanded.

“And what’s wrong with your hair?” Gloria instigated.

Dana snorted obviously. “I fell asleep on your bed waiting for this boring wedding wedding to start and I messed up my hair. When I heard you all coming back I knew you’d pitch a bitch, Denise, so I ran to the closet.” She felt her dark shoulder length locks were going everywhere and tried to make sense out of them without a mirror.

A knock on the door and their mother peaked her head in. “The groom’s limousine just arrived.”

Denise forgot about Dana and quickly demanded for someone to help her with her dress.

Dana stepped out the closet and closed the door, wondering how were they going to get
Jerome to the alter without Denise or her stupid soros seeing him.

“Trisha,” Gloria called on of the soros. “Go make sure the groom’s men stay outside except for Andre and we’ll finish dressing Denise in the family room.”

Her sister didn’t protest once her dress was zipped back up and her entourage followed her out the room to take the backstairs to the family room.

Gloria caught Trisha’s arm and said, “Bring Andre up here. I’ll make some sense out of Dana’s hair.” Her tone was filled with disgust as if she dreaded the deed of even touching Dana.

Dana tried to leave out, but Gloria blocked her way.

“I was going to the bathroom downstairs,” Dana said. “I think I can fix my own hair.”

“No, you can’t and I won’t have Denise’s wedding ruined by you. You of all people know
she’s been waiting for this her whole life.” Gloria moved behind Dana and feverishly worked her hair back into the ugly bun.

A knock on the door came again and Andre entered the room. He was Jerome’s best friend and Gloria’s husband.

After a short kiss of affection, Gloria asked him. “And how late did the groom stay out drinking?”

Andre shrugged. “Hell if I know, but while we were around him, he never touched a drop. He ducked out the hotel about four this morning, moping about how Denise’s been denying him for the past six months.” His tone sounded just a little bit too proud. “I thought for sure he’d sneak over here to get a piece. He hit my cell phone at eight this morning to let me know he picked up a new tuxedo, instead of coming back to the hotel to get his. I got his anyways, just in case.”

“We haven’t seen him,” Gloria said, finishing up Dana’s hair.

“Let me call his cell,” Andre said worriedly.

Dana gasped knowing if Jerome was in the closet and his cell went off, Andre and Gloria would know where he was hiding.

“WAIT!” Dana screamed at the top of her lungs holding on to Andre’s hand before he pressed any buttons. “Should you just check the rest of the house before CALLING JEROME’S CELL PHONE TO FIND HIM?”

“You’re talking crazy!” Andre snipped and wrangled his arm back before pressing the buttons on his phone.

Dana breathed a sigh of relief when seconds passed and nothing was heard.

“It went to voicemail,” Andre said. “I’ll call again in a minute. How’s Denise? She okay? She hasn’t backed out yet?” He looked really concerned.

“Bossy and snappish as usual. Let me walk you out,” Gloria said, but looked back at Dana sharply. “Don’t get messed up anymore before the ceremony.”

Dana only nodded too happy to see them leave. When the cost was clear, Jerome came out the closet looking a bit sheepish, yet still devilishly handsome.

He started for her, but she put her hands out to stop to stop him.

“Not another step, Jerome Alexander Lott,” she ordered. This had been the most she’d ever spoken to him or any guy. “You would be a fool to alter a very important life decision, because of a silly fling you had with your soon to be sister in law! Denise and I may not get along, but I refuse to be the cause of ruining the day she’s waited for her entire life.”

Jerome looked almost upset at her soliloquy. “You’re right.”

“Furthermore, I apologize for everything. I was wrong to allow you to do that and even more wrong for letting it happen again.”

He frowned.

“Aren’t you going to apologize too?” she asked.

“Why?” he asked insulted. “I’m not sorry.”

She rolled her eyes heavenwards. He could be so incorrigible. “Then know this, Jerome. It won’t happen again.”

A smirk crossed those gorgeous thick lips of his making her heart jump. He approached her, but didn’t touch her. “We’ll see about that, Dana.”

Mistaken Identity - Part 3 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

Wanna Read More? Wanna Know Dana's Fate? Wanna know if Denise will ever find out?

Mistaken Identity - Part 2

Part 2

Dana didn’t know what to say or do. The look in his eyes still showed he was unsure as to whom he had be making love to or would that be called making love? No, Dana had been thoroughly fucked and she wasn’t going to feel bad about it.

But she sufficed the satisfied giggle that wanted to burst forth from her lips.

Jerome dislodged abruptly and she gasped as the movement created an erotic spasm. He quickly fixed his clothes and began to pace his big body in front of her, while she slowly sat up feeling a slight soreness.

“Dana!” he hissed.

She nodded sheepishly and stood up taking off the dress.

Jerome turned his back to her quickly. She smiled feeling a bit honored by his respect even after what they had just shared as she put on the ugly green dress and laid the wedding dress on the bed over the stain ‘they’ had created.

“Denise is downstairs,” Dana said quietly as he turned back around to face her.

He flinched at looking at the horrible dress, but then those cool brown eyes settled on her face again. “Why?”

She shrugged and lowered her eyes now embarrassed. “I won’t tell,” she promised as she moved to unlock the door.

He grabbed her arm and swung her around. His lips hungrily kissed her and Dana felt her pulse rising as he pulled her against his wide chest and those large arms circled her waist and his hands cupped her ass. Damn he smelled good, he kissed good and he felt good all over.

When he moved away, he said, “I want you.”

Breathlessly she said, “That sounds personal.”

Shrieks and screams were coming up the stairs and they knew Denise was coming back. He practically dragged her into the closet and closed the door. They could see through the doors blinds as the bedroom door slam open. Her sister’s entourage followed her sister in.

Denise snatched up the dress. “Hurry up!” she screamed at them.

Dana felt Jerome press his body close to hers, but she knew he was trying to see what was going on. Still his breath could be felt on the corners of her ear. She closed her eyes briefly feeling her body responding to his proximity. Damn, all the other times, she had admired Jerome from afar. He had never come this close unless it was a brief handshake or passing by.
Never this close.

The sorority sisters clamored about Denise to help her on with the dress.

Denise’s best friend, Gloria, went over to the bed that had been messed up during their tryst and looked hard at the bedspread.

“Who messed up the bed?” Gloria asked.

Dana gasped and Jerome quickly put a hand over her mouth

Denise stopped what she was doing and looked at the bed. “Who the fuck was on my bed?”

Everyone in the vicinity of Denise denied it.

Dana wanted to whimper in dismay, but with Jerome covering her mouth and his body pressed so damn close to her, her body was very aware that they couldn’t make a sound.

“Where’s Dana?” Gloria asked.

“Who cares,” Denise sneered.

“I’m asking because she is probably the one who did it.”

Denise seethed, “That selfish heifer. What the hell was she doing on it?”

Dana seriously wanted to defend or lie or something because she didn’t want Jerome to hear this, but he didn’t seemed fazed by the malevolence in Denise’s voice. Instead, his free hand was now roaming down her waist and was slowly hiking up her dress. She tried to stop his hand, but then his lips began to attack the crook of her neck.

Once her thighs were revealed, he moved his hand between her legs and pleasingly massaged her clit until her hips grinded against his groin. He had become erected, but his intentions for arousing her were different this time.

The hand that covered

He dropped to his knees and moved her until her front pressed against the wall next to the door. The shrieks and noises outside the door seem to completely die away as his mouth moved in to taste her. He parted her thighs and dipped his face into the crack. His tongue lavished attention to her puckered hole as his thick digits dipped into her wetness exciting her even more.

She was mindless to anything but the pleasurable exhilaration he was evoking in her. The tip of his delicious tongue licked her backside, down the crack and even lapped around labia. He was eating her like he hadn’t eaten in days and Dana was enjoying every second of it.

When he stood abruptly, she felt his shaft press again her backside and with all the moistness, he easily slipped the tip of his hardened penis into her ass. Never have experienced this, Dana at first tightened up, but his kisses to her neck and back for some reason instantly relaxed her.

His hand continued to stimulate her clit, while he pressed himself fully inside her. She bit her lip trying not to giggle at his whispered curses of pleasure. The more his hand moved the more stimulated she became and he gyrated his hips thrusting his pole into her tightness. He had begun to sweat. She crooked her head back to enjoy his mouth, tasting her essence on his lips, and entangle her tongue with his.

His fingers titillated her to orgasm at the same time he exploded deep in her ass. She was soundly filled and prayed they had not made enough noise over Denise’s shrieking to be heard.

“You don’t taste like cow.”

She had to cover her mouth to suffice a giggle.

“We’re so fucking bad,” he whispered in her ear with a deep chuckle.

In her mind, she said, ‘Yes, we are. Would it be wrong to ask for more?’

When he dislodged, she faced him and watched as he yanked a shirt off the hook to clean himself before straightening up his clothes.

He leaned in and kissed her softly. She responded tenderly touched by his gentleness.

Taking a deep breath, he said, “I’m not marrying your sister, Dana.”

Mistaken Identity - Part 1

Part 1

“Lonely Ass Bitch!” shrilled her drunken twin sister, Denise, at least twice last night so everyone could hear at her bachelorette party.

Of course, Dana couldn’t fault her sister for her verbal lashing. For some reason despite Denise’s success in her personal life that Dana could never accomplish, Denise was always venomously jealous of Dana for having a great business life.

Dana had opted to drop out of college in her third year just shy of twenty credits to her bachelors to open up her own medical billing office. Denise had stayed in school, met Jerome Lott who was the all star quarterback from their high school and was going to college and had become second round draft pick for the Detroit Lions.

So Denise was living pretty in her expensive home out in the boondocks of Michigan, while Dana was still living in the two family flat she owned all alone, but making a very darn good living for herself. With her office on the first floor and her own living quarters on the second, she lived quite comfortably – all alone.

Dana was never a good people person. Denise was the star. She flitted around and became popular wherever they went while Dana had a hard time just making eye contact.

So now, she sat in the corner of her sister’s massive master bedroom watching her sister bitch and cry about how hung over she was from last nights party. Her maidens in waiting – mostly sorority sisters – babied her and coddled her.

No one really paid attention to Dana who sat in the corner dress in the ugly lime green dress that the maid of honor was assigned to wear. Dana knew the only reason she had been given the position was because their mother had ordered it.

Denise could care less if her own twin sister was apart of the ceremony or not.

“Fuck it!” Denise screamed. “Get this damn dress off me now!”
Everyone, except Dana all tried to persuade her, but Denise’s shallow mind was made up and she began to almost rip the dress off of her until her best friend came up and unzipped it for her.
Dana bit her lip and watched her sister run out the room angrily in only a camisole bra, panties, and stocking. Denise had always been high strung and most likely would need either a “pick me up,” to get her nerves to calm down or a large gallon of vodka. Either or wouldn’t matter.

Everyone, except Dana, followed her sister out leaving Dana in the room by herself. The ceremony wasn’t due to start for another hour and most likely; Denise was just using the last of her time to cry for the attention she loved to have.

Dana went over to the door and locked it. The ceremony was taking place at the home Jerome had bought for his soon to be wife and the only one with a key would be Denise or Jerome, but he wasn’t even here. He had stayed at the hotel for the past three weeks because Denise wanted to “keep him away” as if they hadn’t been fucking like rabbits for the past five years. But Denise loved to make people think she was always the good girl.

Maybe because Dana had always really been the one. Dana was no virgin, but she had always been selective about who she choose to open her legs to. Many times Denise had tried to get information out of Dana about who was “her first,” but Dana had kept that information to herself. That was none of anyone’s business and if the boy wasn’t talking then neither would Dana.

When she was positive she could hear here sister screaming for attention downstairs, Dana went over to the gorgeous wedding dress and picked it up. Quickly, without another thought, she pulled off her lime green dress and put on her sister’s wedding dress.

She knew she would never had another opportunity like this again and she didn’t want it to pass.
It fit perfectly. Well it should. They were twins and the only thing that separated them was their personalities. For one day, Dana would have loved to become “Denise.” Just take what she wanted, lived like she wanted, acted without rules or morals –

The door opened suddenly and she turned to stare straight into Jerome’s face. He was dressed in his tuxedo and fuck it he didn’t look damn good in it from head to toe. Thick wide shoulders, six feet seven in height, thick powerful thighs, long legs and big feet. He was freshly shaven and shorn. His baldhead glistened and for some reason her fingertips longs to just touch his head.

“Damn! Denise,” he hissed closing and locking the door. “You look gorgeous.”

Before she could admit the truth, he seemed to leap across the massive room in one second and swept her up in his arms. Big powerful arms with large hands that seemed everywhere at once.

His tongue entwined in hers and he tasted like dark chocolate and peppermint.

‘Just for a second, Dana,’ she told herself responding just as passionate as he.

His shaft pressed against her, despite the layers of the dress and she knew that his big feet represented a lot more than just a big man. Instantly, her pussy was wet and she was reminded that she hadn’t had any in a very long time.

He broke the kiss suddenly. “Fuck a wait, D. Ok?”

Every time she was about to protest, his juicy soft lips nibbled, suckled and licked over her own to stop any objection. Soon his tongue was back down her throat and he was removing the dress with a tenderness that amazed her from such a large man. He tossed his jacket to the ground and before she knew it his pants was down on his knees.

‘Two more minutes, Dana,’ she told herself running her hands over this bald scalp loving the feel of it on her palm, then quickly unbuttoning his shirt as he suckled her neck. She would see that come morning, she was sure of it, but damn if she didn’t care and wanted more.

He pushed her bra up and his mouth found a hardened nipple and went to town on it. Suckling it as if milk were bout to burst forth.

‘Shit! Damn!’ her mind cursed, but she only bit her lip to fight the urge to speak not wanting him to hear her voice knowing she would give her identity away.

He carried her to the bed, his mouth still attached to her breast and when her back touched the bed, he was over her continuing his plight down to where her passion was overflowing.
His hands moved between her thighs and one of his thick digits pressed passed her panties and into her heaven.

“Fuck, D. You so wet. You’ve never been this damn wet before.” He chuckled triumphantly as he removed his finger and sucked nosily on it.

She sat up, not wanting him to get a good look at her face, but he wasn’t interested in looking at her face at that moment because his face followed his hands again as he pushed her panties out the way and that fat strapping tongue of his lavish some real special attention that she hadn’t gotten in almost a decade. Oh damn! Oh damn!

When he came up, his deep almond eyes were glistening in passion as his face was covered in her juice. Just as he stood up to climb on the bed, she leaned over and engulf him deep in her mouth.
“Oh f-f-f…” He couldn’t even get the whole curse out and his thighs trembled as she found she was so damn starving for dick, her nose was touching the hairs of his groin. She was swallowing his eight thick inches whole and loving every sweet inch of it.

Jerome shoved her shoulders down on the bed and sumptuously connected his mouth with hers as he drove his shaft deep in her wet cavern to the hilt. He was mindless in pleasure and she met his thrust, bracing for impact, arching her back and scratching his ass for more.

He was growing inside her and she knew he was coming just as she exploded and her inner muscles massaged his thick shaft.

She could feel his come running down her ass as he strained to breath in the crook of her neck.

‘You are so bad,’ she giggled to herself, but quickly stifled it just as he abruptly moved up to look down at her.

He narrowed his eyes and then suddenly frowned. “Dana?”

Mistaken Identity 2005(c) Sylvia Hubbard

Mistaken Identity - Intro and Author's Note


Mistaken Identity is about a woman who finds inner strength being someone else, but may be the fool in the end for her deceit.

Author's Note:

I started Mistaken Identity from a wedding prompt given by my writing buddy LaDonna in her Yahoo group called Too Sexy For You Writers.

The prompt had to contain a sex scene and a wedding scene. I produced a short story. Everyone enjoyed it so much and demanded a part 2.

By the end of that, I was getting threats for my life and decided to produce a blog so everyone could read the story.

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