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Sex Weed Chapter 23.3

This is my last for today. See you Monday!!!



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Sex Weed Chapter 23.3 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

Sex Weed - Chapter 23.2





Sex Weed - Chapter 23

No talkie right now, just posting.... more later



Someone was calling on Penelope’s line, but Melissa knew she had her sister’s attention as she explained how she got put in jail.

Panic was in Penelope’s voice as she asked, “What are you doing with Reed’s phone?”

“Not only do I have Reed’s phone, sister, I am at his place above the club in his private bathroom and if you don’t get here in the next few minutes I’m going to be laying under Reed in Reed’s bed. I can only pretend to be you for so long, but I think he’s going to notice I’m definitely not you.”

“Oh Gawd!” Penelope hissed. “You have to get out of there.”

Melissa was terrified for her life and she couldn’t believe her sister had the nerve to give her to option to figure this crap out on her own. She had no idea how to get the hell out of here and with Reed around she was too scared to think straight. “The only way I’m getting out of here is if I tell Reed the truth and I don’t think he’s going to like my version. You’ve got less than ten minutes to get here and change places with me.”

The line clicked and Melissa prayed that meant her sister was on the way.

The door opened and Reed filled the doorway with two glasses of wine. She hid the phone behind her back glad she had still held the face towel, which she now wrapped the phone in with one hand making it look like she was leaning up against the shower. There was this strange look in his eyes, as he looked her over from head to toe.

“You’ve gained a little weight,” he noted.

Changing the subject from her appearance, she said, “Is that wine?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said, starting to hand her a glass.

“M-My stomach’s upset, Reed. C-Can you get me some juice instead? That jail food really…. Really tore me up.” She clutched her stomach as if she were about to mess on herself thanking herself for watching Daniel when he was faking a stomachache. If she could fart on queue just to get him out the room, she would have tried.

There was an instant look that he was peeved, but he forced a smile and then walked out the room.

Quickly, she turned back around and dialed Dyson’s number praying he answered.

Sex Weed Chapter 23 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

Good Morning & Drawing The Line Update

Doctor said I just needed some rest and I tried to get some last night, but I can't sleep when I'm in the midst of a story, but after this I will be taking a serious break until September.

(I know you don't want to hear that one, LOL).

I figured our newest story then will be the start of Drawing the Line. I want to release it on ebook by 2008 and I need to get going.

You're asking in your head about Dark Facade.

It'sa coming. I'm clearly thinking some high authority really doesnt want me to finish it. The flash is totally gone and what I saved what up to a point.

Anyhoo, I was twinkling around last night and I did a general cover for the Drawing the Line. I'll add more because I want a red background. I'll also change the lines and so forth. I'm trying to come up with a hook sentence, so if you have any ideas, I'd love to add yours.

As for Sex Weed, I left my flash at home and I'll go home for lunch to pick it up. That won't be until 1:30 pm EST.

While you're busy waiting for your update, I need you to ask me all the questions that you haven't asked about the story. It's time to close the doors and I want to make sure I do justice to my characters and to you.


Yes, someone is dying SOON

No, I can't write faster than a book every three months. (She wanted to know could I write a book a month cause she's a fast reader.) Are you trying to kill me?

No, I won't call you and tell you the story for $50 dollars. (Although a grand might move me to make that phone call), but since you are leaving on vacation I can email the chapters to you as we go along when I post to the blog.

I think that was it, but if I missed something then email me again a reminder. LOL.

Oh, and tell me what you think of the book cover model.

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Sex Weed Chapter 22.3

this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed Chapter 22.3 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

Sex Weed Part 22.2 & No Chat Today

No Chat today.

Plain and simple I have to go to the doctor. I think my ulcer is coming back and I just haven't been feeling like Sylvia lately.

Although it could be the changes I've made regarding men in general (my sudden disregard to sex) and the fact that I can't get rid of thirty pounds to save my life. (I've been dieting and excercising like crazy and it just won't go away).

Along with this, I'm about to lose my car, the conference season is among me and I really would wish I could just stop getting behind just as I get ahead.

Anyhoo, my body is taking a toll on my emotional state and it woke up this morning talking seriously to me. (didn't go to work).

Let's not forget that I keep forgetting what day it is! LOL. I really forgot it was Wednesday yesterday. 9I was wondering why I kept wanting to post the story, but I didn't).

(I'll post more tomorrow)

So here goes...



This is a Work in Progress at :

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Sex Weed - Part 22.

the last post for tell it tuesday was actually 21.2, so if you didn't read it because you thought it was a repeat, then read it now, before you read this chapter.

In upcoming chapters, I'm going to introduce you to Montgomery. He was Jode's brother in RedHeart, so if you don't know the story, then pick it up at the bookstore on my website. .

Anyhoo, here's a taste of the next chapter of Sex Weed. Now if you've never read Mistaken Identity, then don't ask me about the situation between Dana, Tyrone and Jerome because you won't understand it unless you've read that hot mess of a story.



this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed - Part 21.2 - Tell it Tuesday

I usually just post an announcement for you to pass the word about me and the story.

Usually I don't post on Tuesdays, but I did leave a huge cliffhanger and I meant to post more yesterday, so I woke up this morning with a cold chill about Reed and just really getting into him and not liking it at all. (Worse than having Dyson in my head).
So I wanted to get it out my system.
I've updated the webpage link: and I'll be doing the lulu site soon as well.
Thanks for you guys telling people about me. Soon they'll be talking bout me like they do JK Rowling.... lol. I know, that's reaching wwwwaaaaaaayyyyyy up there.
Anyhoo, I've got to figure out a way to get Melissa out this mess and I think it's time for a good backbone.
What do you think?

this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed Part 21 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sex Weed Part 21

Monday's are horrible days.

BTW, some guy hit me driving 50 MPH down a 25 MPH residential street.

I'm carless AGAIN!!! But the kids are fine, I'm fine, but my car..... (crying)


So, Now you guys have got to help me. I need a car. I'm dying here folks, Seriously!!!



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Sex Weed Chapter 20.3 and Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit is located at
this is my last post for the week. You guys have a good weekend...
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Sex Weed Chapter 20.2 & New Stories avail. on lulu

LOVE 101
Pretending to be a student, brings out the wickedness for a teacher

tasting and touching leads to much much more!

These are two quick stories out for you to check out.

I'll post more by the end of the day


This is now listed in Works in Progress

Sex Weed Chapter 20.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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Let's Chat Today @ 2:30

I'm chatting today @ 2:30 pm EST

I'll talk about whatever you want, but I'm not going to reveal the story because I don't even know it either.

Can't wait to speak to you!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sex Weed Part 20 - Answer Your Questions Wednesday

Wow! 12 comments. I'm geeked, you're feeding my ego. thanks

I take it you liked that last scene.

Ya'll know me, I'll thrown sex in a durn's nun's closet if I could.

I figured you guys could go for some more - i could too.

Anyhoo, I'm going to post more, but first i wanted to answer some questions about things people have asked me about.

Reader question: Where is Cabin Fever? I've been looking all over for it.

Answer: It's no longer available until 2008 with J'adore Publishing in an anthology.

Carmel Beauty Questions: (thanks for leaving it in the chat, LOL)
Is dyson going to divorce cheron for real now? Yes, he's going to divorce her for real. Why did mel not want cheron to see her? Fear is fear and she felt that Cheron might be able to see they feared the same thing. what is tyrone trying to fiqure out? Don't know that yet. he is such a matchmaker? Don't know. When are you going to tell if cheron son is really reed s or dyson s? In the climax of the story when it's going to just blow your minds, LOL. Also is mel son her s or pen and reed or dyson? That'd be telling the story, CB. what is mel plan? That'd be telling the story too, but durnit, she probably just wants to finally get some durn happiness. I think she finally deserves it.

African Reader Comment:
i still dont understand why the major publishers havent grabbed you up yet. I mean your style exceeds most of the well known romance authors by far- to my mind at least- keep on rocking. am sure its just a matter of time b4 some of them come to their senses.

Response: Keep telling your peeps about me and maybe we can get somewhere, LOL.

I think that's it, but if I missed anything, please put it down in the comments. I'll answer anything you want as long as it doesn't involve revealing the story.

Did you guys remember I make this up as I go and I swear I'm just finishing up Chapter twenty.

By the way, I just uploaded to Lulu for Sex Weed. If you delete your cookies and/or refresh the screen when you go there, you should be able to get the new copy to download from there because geocites can't handle your overload of downloads, LOL.

I'll post Friday after this post.



this is a work in progress at:!

Sex Weed Part 20 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sex Weed Part 19.3 (18+)

if you've just joined us, and I can see about five new people have joined us (including another man!!! whahooo!!!) then I've updated the online ebook where you can read all the way up to Part 18 at:

If you can't get the updated, just refresh your screen and the updatd should appear on screen after you go to the link.

Arent i nice? Okay, i'm stopping for now. gotta go pick up the babies. I'm exhausted from this scene and got-durnit, i wish i smoked because i need something to take the edge off.

think i might have to reconsider this being abstinent thing cause ... well that's just TMI ain't it, LOL.

enjoy.... (i sure did)


this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed Part 19.3 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard
Comment away please. ...(especially the new members)

Sex Weed Part 19.2

this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed - Part 19 & Tell A Friend Tuesday

Free Tell A Friend from
Free Tell A Friend from

Tuesday again and yes, it's tell a friend day. I figure with low donations, everyone can do their part in helping me get word of mouth about me as an author.
So tell a friend about me and let them know they can catch up with us in the story by reading the entire version at:
(It's still only up till part 16, but I hope to update that by the end of the day)
Tomorrow I'll be answering readers questions and responding to comments so email me with anything you'd like me to answer.
I usually don't post on Tuesday but I'm in a good mood from all your interactions so here's a treat.
Remember, the more you comment the more I post.
This is a shortie, but I figure I could help you stop refreshing the screen so durn much!
you know who you are.... i won't even call names because it's several of you, LOL.

this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed Part 19 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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Sex Weed - Part 18.2

Wow! You guys don't play when you comment. 7 comments. That's the most this story has ever gotten.

It has really spurred me to write this weekend. I even dreamed up apart and it was so much that Dyson was talking to me while I was in church. Now that's bad. Really bad that I was writing sex scenes in church. Y'all trying to get me a first class ticket to hell, LOL.

Inside story on Chapter 18: This chapter is actually a combining of several writings. One I wrote Thursday night, Friday Morning and afternoon, and Saturday and Sunday. Each time I wrote I didn't have the prior writings around nor was I around a computer to put a flash drive in - i left my baby at home or it would have been rude to bring out a laptop - especially at church, LMAO.

anyhoo, I bettah answer some things before you read...

Anonymous said...
Yeah we know that the other women is Melissa's sister right?

Yes it was penelope of course. and thanks for saying i rock. (chuckline)

Shay said...
I'm a little confused so I'm going to read the book from beginning to end again and see if I can un-confuse myself.

Please let me know if you've un-confused yourself yet. Ask any questions in the comments. That's what I'm here for. What other author offers onsite questions as the reader reads, huh? (I don't think none of them are as crazy as I am.)

BLM who are you? I'm interested. Never saw you here (of course not since you said this was your first time here.)



this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed - Part 18.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

PS If you don't know who Grae is, please read Sweet Reunion or wait for Secret Lies & Family Ties. Thank you.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sex Weed - Part 18

this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed Part 18 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

I don't hear you!!! Comments please.

Sex Weed - Part 17.2

this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed - Part 17.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

Comments! They make me write more!

Sex Weed - Part 17

There was life and life has a way to get in the way.

I also was so confused that I thoguht my Wednesday was tuesday and my thursday was wednesday hence me missing a chapter.

T and K y'all should have texted me.

Anyhoo, i do apologize. I know i'm no Bill Clinton, who missed his speech Saturday in Detroit because of flight delays, but I really wanted to be there and talk with everyone.

In case you don't know where the chat is at, then let me tell you:

Go to:

Scroll down on the right hand side of the page until you get to the Amazon Wishlist button.

You'll see Web Messages in some funny writing. Sign your name and type your message. I'm already there at this minute.

Since i missed the chat yesterday, I'll be there 2:30 to 3pm today.

I'm deeply deeply soooooorrrrry!

It's time line today and I had to make some tweaks. So if you go back in the story, Dyson married at 16 to Rachel - not seventeen.

That's the only change I've made. That way I could justify a lot of things that had happened. I'm going to go back so don't kill me on the details okay.

But if you find a detail in the sorry I passed up on or missed, then I'll give you a reward - a free story. Email me offline ( with any details and I'll reply with a book if it's a valid point mis
Love you all and I really do apologize for it.



this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed Part 17 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

If you haven't made a comment at all before then make one right now.

sorry i missed my own chat - gawd I'm a dumb butt

please please please forgive me. an emergency happened that was out of my own control and I couldn't even get on the internet.
If you want i'll be online today at 2:30pm

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Today is Answer Readers Questions day

I get email all throughout the day and night from readers all over the world. Some are the same questions and others tickle me to dog gone death.

But I know I can't die cause then you'll be mad that I didn't finish the story.

Anyhoo, I've designated answer reader questions day for Wednesday where I compile these answers into one email and blast it out through my yahoogroups.

(Don't forget we have chats on Thursdays at 2:30pm EST)

Here goes:

Readers: I'm confused. First you said Dyson's married, then Cheron's his ex-wife. HELP!!!

Kill me once, kill me twice, but I, the illustrious Sylvia have made a mistake.

I did not mean to say Cheron was Dyson’s ex-wife. She’s his wife. They are still married.

Sorry for this confusion.


I just added this to my blogroll. I loved visiting and so should you! It’s by one of my readers.

Reader Kym said, “Any new dates” on the following books. “Looking forward to:”
Ø Emperor's Addiction: Heart of Detroit Series
Ø Drawing the LineØ The Other Side of Love
Ø Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart
Ø Kings paradise

Me too.

I’m praying to the publishing Lawd for a deal. A gurl can’t give away all her secrets and I’m trying not to have a lot of books on my plate before I get Major Distribution.

So here’s the deal. You push me like I’m your pimp to every reader you meet and NY publishing Gawds will wake up and smell the coffee. (That advice is not just for Kim, hint, hint.)

Another reader asked, “When are you going to publish Sweet Reunion?”

I’m pushing Sweet Reunion in August retitled, Secrets, Lies & Family Ties.

Press Kit (click here):

I think that's it for now.

Posting tomorrow a little after the chat time.

Hugs and kisses from Detroit, Michigan.

Your author.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sex Weed - Part 16.2

Don't everyone click on this at once, but lulu's been having problems uploading the book and I wanted to get you guys caught up. HEnce....

This is where you can go to view the entire book from Chapter 1 - 16. If you can't get in right away, then you have to wait because too many are trying to access the site.

Plus, I can also keep better track of when it was downloaded and who's downloading it.

That is until I can get a better system.

So you know what that means?

Tell a friend day!!!

It's tuesday!! And your author would love for you to get others involved in reading the story. That way you'll have something to talk about around the water cooler at work and you won't be sneaking in the bathroom by your self to read it on your blackberry.

(I still crack up at that one)

And with it being an addiction (cause you keep refreshing the screen you won't be alone out there)

Why shouldn't she trust Lorenzo? Well, some of you don't know Lorenzo. To get a taste of him, read the excerpt to Other Side of Love. He's a stand up guy for women.

I should have introduced him to you before now.

First raise your hand if you know Taylor Bellini... (if you don't know her then please read Sin's Iniquity).

Well, Taylor's not a person with very many friends and if you read Sin's Iniquity you'll know why.

Anyhoo, she does have a childhood friend named, Lorenzo Lintez. He's a very close friend of the family. Long story short, his parents died and Taylor's aunt raised him. And he's the only male the other Bellini's would trust around Taylor who isn't trying to get into her pants (although she's so damn annoying I don't see why anyone would, LOL - that was Dalton speaking through me.)

So Lorenzo is a stand up guy. You could pretty much bet your life on his trust.

That's enough giving away of the story.

Another reader question: When is someone going to die?

Umm, hold your horses Mr. Impatient!!! (and yes that did come off loop from a male reader.)

To see the excerpt of The Other Side of Love (and don't go asking when is that finished.... it's after Stealing Innocence III, Dark Facade, and one more!)

To see the Sin's Iniquity, go to:

Now I know you're waiting with baited breath for the next installment of Sex Weed, so here goes....


this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed - Part 16.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

And don't forget to invite someone to check out the link.

Sex Weed - Part 16

Thank so much for your patience, guys. Last year, I wasn't busy at all.

Now I have to take a calendar out whenever I do anything. A beau asked me out on a date and I had to take out my calendar and push him until the weekend.

BTW, I saw Ocean's 13, twice! (Long story) I think this one was almost better than the first. What do you guys think?

I'll try to post twice today.

Okay, enjoy.

this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed Part 16 - (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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Literary High Tea with Sylvia Hubbard 2pm today(6/9)

Sacred Heart's Book Club

invites  everyone to our annual

 Book Club Tea


Saturday, June 9, 2007

2:00 P.M.

in the Parlor


Our guest author Sylvia Hubbard,

will discuss her mystery novel

Stone's Revenge.

Ms. Hubbard will be happy to answer questions

 and sign books.

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Sex Weed - Part 15

I really had planned on giving you guys two posts, but .... OMG, that Paris Hilton Mess was just, LOL.

I mean, at one point I feel sorry for her, although I would love to know what medical condition she has that made the sheriff department kick her out.

A sistah go to jail like that and I don't care if she has ringworm in her eye they keep her.

Anyhoo, blame PH, LOL.

I'll try to post through my busy weekend. Oh, by the way, I'll be taking High Tea with the Bad Azz Book club Women this weekend @ Sacred Heart 3451 Rivard, Detroit 2pm on Sat (June 9th). If you're in the area, swing by. I'd love to meet you!


this is a work in progress at:

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Sex Weed - Part 15

Yeah, I'm posting double today, but I was really on a roll and thought I'd pop on out. If you want one tomorrow, then do me a fave (well two)

1. Comment at the end of this and share your thoughts.

2. Invite two people to the blog.

Here's a handy dandy html to help you.

Free Tell A Friend from
Free Tell A Friend from

this is a work in progress at:
Sex Weed - Part 15 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

Sex Weed - Part 14.2

After writing this chapter, I've resolved that I really don't like Dyson.

I was really hating him, but there was something about him that.... I can't explain.

Anyhoo, before we even get to that, I wanna share something with you guys.

I was having some doubts about the book, Secrets, Lies & Family Ties (renamed from Sweet Reunion), especially after my editor went through it with the red pen.

I was thinking about not going through and publishing it and just go through with a different novel like Sin's Iniquity or Tanner's Devil, which have been also a readers favorite as well.

Well, this morning, I got this email from a reader for no reason at all:

Hello Ms. Hubbard:

Just wanted to say I read 'Sweet Reunion' in the ebook format, and I'm quite impressed. Zeke and Grae were very entertaining, and your plot rivaled soapy plots l enjoy like no other, the characters (secondary) tied in well. Didn't expect Grae to be a ward of Gus who was Zeke's daddy, or the family reveals. Your romance was quite hot, and you built it until it was like please let them consumate it and now. Okay I read it twice, and I was quite taken by the story. I can tell you are quite intelligent, you used a few words I have to look up, lol. However I think you should definitely continue to see much sucess, because you definitely have mad skills as a writer, and I was quite entertained. Oh and Zeke stressing over hurting his Grae was wonderful, loved the inner thoughts, and Grae using these two men she loved deeply to insure her happiness gave me the reader a root worthy female heroine, and her popping Liz was priceless.....yes it was. I'd even enjoy seeing these two again, now you got me with the two brothers married to the same woman, but thats what authors do surprise me. As for your villians, good job showing motivation and a man's descent into madness when he finds not love or acceptace, you know I thought I'm so glad Zeke found his Grae, or he too could of ended up in a dark place.

Continue your work please I look forward to reading and purchasing more of your work, thanks too for the free reads, they are quite I read "Lynx" where are the rest of those stories and yes I'd like to purchase them

This really brightened my day. I mean it really did because this was validation enough to say that I should go on with it.

Thank you for all your support and remember to start telling everyone you know that Sylvia's hitting the bookshelves again in August with SEcrets, Lies & Family Ties.

If you havent' done a review of the book in the guestbook on my website, then please do so now:

And if you would like to down load a press sheet and hand it out to your local neighborhood book club and tell them to make it a book of the month then go to:
and download the press sheet.

Thanks again.



this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed - Part 14.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

Monday, June 04, 2007

Sex Weed - Part 14

sorry for the delay. Mondays are always bad days.



this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed - Part 14 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard


okay sleepy readers, I just realized it myself after I got the email that said, sylvia I'm confused.

I was like another confused reader? what is it this time?!

I forgot to post part 13.2.

duh... on my part.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Sex Weed - Part 13.3 -

She had stopped at the drugstore before coming home and picked up a pregnancy stick. After spending the afternoon with Lorenzo signing papers and such and hearing him discuss about children she and Dyson could possibly have, it just stuck in her gut to know she didn’t know if she could be pregnant or not. The pharmacist at the store recommended the fastest quick results test and she bought two.

In the privacy of her room after she put a chair up against every closet in the room,
just realizing the room had two closets, she took used the first box. The results came back negative, but for some reason she just couldn’t believe that and decided to take another test, but she needed to get down to dinner. Instead of waiting for the results, she decided to go ahead and go to dinner and then come back to see the results.

By the time she got down the stairs, she knew her worry was silly. She couldn’t be pregnant.

When she arrived for dinner, she was bothered at the fact that neither Daniel nor Royce was at the table. He answered the question she was thinking before she voiced it.

“I ordered them to have dinner early than usual and sent them off to bed so we could talk.”

Checking her watch, she said, “It’s not business hours, Mr. .. I meant Dyson.”

“I know and it’s not about office business.”

Sitting down feeling uneasy, she sipped the wine on the table and uncovered her food to try to eat it, but her stomach was suddenly feeling queasy.

“Did you get Lorenzo the necessary papers for the divorce?”

“Yes. I carry them everywhere with me in the van so that was really not a problem.”

“Why haven’t you cleaned out the van? Or ordered the staff to do so?”

“Our stay here is only temporary, Dyson. Not permanent. I felt I should keep everything in there.”

“Until you feel like running away from Detroit.”

“I’m not leaving Detroit. I can’t.”

“Because you’re married to Reed right?”

She stuffed food in her mouth to get out of asking this question and then took a long time to chew it, but he only impatiently drummed his fingers.

Instead of answering, she asked, “Why all the questions and what do you want to speak about?”

“Many things, Melissa. Particularly why you didn’t leave Detroit if you didn’t want Reed to get his hands on Daniel.”

“I have my own personal reasons for staying in this city, but none that should concern you.”

“I want to know. Are there feelings still associated with Reed?”

She stuffed more food in her mouth. Much more and took even longer to chew giving her something else to say to distract him from the last question. “Lorenzo said the divorce
process should take less that three days and the custody of Daniel should be even faster since I can prove Reed contributed nothing to raise him and that I never filed for any assistance with the government. I signed the guardian papers and I even signed the papers to initiate the marriage so we can get married as soon as the divorce clears.”

“Good. You’ll need a dress.”

“We aren’t having a ceremony, are we?”

“You didn’t have one before did you?”

Melissa felt that queasiness come back and she wanted to throw all the food she just ate up. “No I didn’t. I was sort of dragged if you must know.”

“Dragged? Reed had to drag you?”

She almost admitted the truth, but stuffed more food in her mouth and forced herself to swallow this. ‘Please don’t throw up!’

“You’re running out of food to eat,” he noted.

Looking down at her plate, he was right. When she looked up at him, he had raised from his chair and come around to her. Picking up her napkin, he urged her to wipe her mouth.

He then extended a hand for her to rise up, but he didn’t let her hand go once she stood.

“You want to finish your drink?” he asked handing her the almost empty wine glass.

She gulped it down, curious as to his strangely pleasant behavior.

“Come with me,” he said and began to guide her out the room.

If she resisted, she wondered would he drag her?

They walked through the kitchen. The staff gave them little regards and she focused on his broad back and shoulders. He had changed from his work attire and was wearing a Sean John
light blue Polo Shirt and some Khaki’s. His phone was attached to his waist, but surprisingly it was off completely.

He led her through the garage and out to her van.

“Why are we out here?” she asked when he finally released her hand and turned to her.

“I’m curious, Melissa. How did you and Daniel sleep in the van?”

Defensively, she asked, “Why? You don’t believe we did?”

“I didn’t say that. I’m just curious.” He opened the side door of the van. “Show me.”

She pointed to the floor of the van. “Right there. We slept on the floor.”

“Show me.”

Getting inside the van, she moved things around until there was a clean spot and then she laid out the covers and a pillow she and Daniel would share. “Here.”

“Come here,” he ordered.

She got out of the van and then he climbed in. His large body was almost ridiculously to big to fit in the space, but he did almost curling up.

“Like this?” he asked.

“Yes, Dyson.”

“Come here.”

Her stomach didn’t feel queasy anymore, but there was a lot of fluttering around as she crawled inside and laid in front of him, curling her body to his with her backside pressed against his front. His arm moved around her waist before he shut the door and then pulled the covers over them.

“What is the point of this?” she asked.

“I wanted to see what you went through. Where did you park?”

“In large lit parking lots or sometimes in safer neighborhoods where we wouldn’t be bothered by the police or anyone else.”

“Weren’t you scared?”

She turned to her back moving her legs to rest over his, so she could see his face. He was slightly up with his head resting on his hand and his arm moved up where his elbow was on the ground to give him leverage.

“Of course. I was homeless, Dyson.” Licking her lips trying to forget that he looked so handsome close up and she wished he would kiss her. “But I didn’t want Daniel to be scared, so I had to –“

“Hid your feelings,” he said cutting herself.

Melissa didn’t need to answer. Looking at him, she knew he already knew the answer to that.

He leaned down and kissed her softly. His tongue slipped between her lips and she tilted her head to the side to give him more access to kissing her. It was a pleasant kiss and when he moved away, she said, “It’s not enough room.”

“I know, I was just reading your mind.” His other hand rose up and rested on her stomach, right where those butterflies were going crazy. “Who named Daniel?”

“I did.”

“I mean why did you name him Daniel?”

The truth would tell too much, so she only shrugged.

He didn’t press the matter. “Before my mother died, she used to say I needed to keep faith. I needed to be strong like Daniel in the lion’s den. I needed to stay strong.”

She remembered so much of the past in that instant and she couldn’t stop herself from saying, “You were strong to watch her die.”

His eyes narrowed suspiciously. “How did you know I watched her die?”

‘Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!’ Her mind screamed.

Sex Weed Part 13.2

funny how time flies when you're having fun.

i know i'm a work-a-holic and i just had so much to do today but durnit, it was soooo much fun!!!

I was having a straight up ball with everything.
so much so, I forgot to post so I'm going to post now and then later before I leae for work.

Because i didn't post so much at the beginning of the week and we had fun at the chat yesterday, it just spurred me to write more.

Someone emailed me offline and said:

"Sylvia, I'm a new reader of yours and I'm curious about a lot of things. A friend of mine recommended me to you and I'm impressed with your writing. But i see you do a lot and when I do see you post I always wonder (and you may have gotten this from others) how do write when you do so much? Not that i'm complaining or anything, but I'm wondering how u do write so much with so much other stuff to do?"

How? I don't know. I just know when i'm in the mood and when I see a scene, I write it out and get it on paper as soon as possible. since I'm always thinking about melissa and dyson, i can hear them all the time in my head and the story takes place even when I'm not writing.

I'm just playing catch up from what my head maps out for the story.

when do i find the time?

I've been known to write while driving. Just like you read it while driving, LOL. I been known to wake out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night at 3am to write. any long periods of waiting or between phone calls at work (sometimes during when it's just someone looking for something to write with when thye called for a number.)



Dyson wasn’t sure how to take this and as he arrived home, he couldn’t get it off his mind that her compliance came so easily. She had been married to Reed all this time, but she was hiding away from him. Now she just complied with the divorce without fighting?

There was something not right about it and he had way to find out about the truth without just directly asking her.

When she arrived, he watched her come inside from the top of the stairs where he could clearly see the foyer and entrance to the front room.

She motherly attended to Daniel helping him off with her coat and then she gave him a serious look. He was eager to go find Royce and play, but she dissuaded him.

“I think you should know something, Daniel.”

The boy looked worried instantly and Dyson had a feeling whenever she got this look it meant something major and Daniel was very attuned to his mother’s feelings.

“What’s wrong? We don’t have to leave, do we, Momma.”

Something seemed to hurt her emotionally, but she fought her composure. “No, Daniel, we don’t. Mr. Peare is letting us stay for as long as necessary, but … there are things… people out there who-“

“You mean the people you told me about before?” he asked.

“Yes, Daniel.”

“But I thought staying with Mr. Peare would make us safe.”

“No and yes. I need you to just be on alert and you know where to go when it’s not safe right?”

He looked like he didn’t want to know, but he nodded solemnly. “Yes, Momma. I know, but can’t Mr. Peare protect us.”

“We have to protect ourselves, Daniel. Promise you’ll do it when you know the signal, okay?”

“Yes, Momma, but I think if he knew everything then we wouldn’t have to do it and he’d make sure they can’t hurt us.”

“No one can know the truth, Daniel. No one!”

He nodded reluctantly and hugged her to assure her that he would do as he was told.

Dyson frowned as he quietly stepped away so they wouldn’t know he had eavesdropped on their conversation. He slipped inside his room and closed his door. The truth?

What truth? There was more? What more could there be? She was Reed’s wife reluctantly. She was hiding from Reed because of Daniel. She had no one to turn to. And although she was hiding, she never left Detroit.

Why? What had kept her here all this time?

Why did she allow him to take advantage of her?

What the hell else could she be hiding?

He wished he could get her to fall in love with him tonight. Then she’d feel differently. She’d trust him. She’d tell him the damn truth! All of it!

Sex Weed Part 13.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard


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