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No Ordinary Noel

No Ordinary Noel!
Pat G’Orge Walker
Book Giveaway Lottery

Christmas—a time of giving. But how about receiving? In Pat G'Orge-Walker's hilarious new novel, a small-town congregation will need every miracle in the Book to rediscover the real reason for the season . . .
Trustee Freddie Noel wins the lottery for $150 million and wants to give the church $25 million.
Some cHURch member ain't having nothing to do with the"tainted" donation...
Simply Said Reading Accessories and Pat (Sister Betty) G’Orge Walker is giving away review copies!

To enter the contest
1. “Like” fanpage
and’Orge fanpage
2. the release date of No Ordinary Noel iwas September 27, 2011
927 is the Lottery Number you must post your guess of the combination of, that will change daily for 5 days
HINT…927 is NOT the number
We have 5 books to giveaway
3. you must post your Lottery Number on both Fan Pages
4. Winners will be announced each evening
5. Pat has chosen a number for each day, if 2 people choose the same number the first one wins
6. You must PROMISE to post a review on Amazon and your Face Book Page
Simply Said Reading Accessories Fan Page
Pat SisterBetty G'orge-Walker
Pat Sister Betty G'orge-Walker Fan Page

Travel Tips for Authors

Travel Tips
My view from the edge

As a lot of you know, I am pretty friendly with a lot of authors and most of them are having the same issues concerning traveling to book events, and book signing events. Just in case you don’t know most of these expenses come directly out of the author’s pockets, not the publishers. And if by chance the publishers do send an author, they want results….BOOKS SOLD… preferably ..SOLD OUT!

I read a Face Book post from author and publisher Zane, that posed a question
Zane Strebor
So I received some feedback regarding the Baltimore Book Festival. While some people are purchasing hard copy books, the majority are asking if they are available on Kindle or saying that they already have them on Kindle. That begs the question: should book fairs stop being held as well because people have no interest in hard copy books and/or having authors sign them? Is there any point in authors still going on tour? This has seriously made me reevaluate doing future tours/signings. If I don't sell enough books to cover the expenses, my publisher would be losing money.

Do not get me wrong. Most authors love the opportunity to be able to meet with current readers and to be discovered by potential readers. However, if they cannot afford to make that happen because they are not making enough to cover the expenses, where does that leave them? And no, I am not whining in regards to myself. I have not had a signing where a lot of books were not sold, but I have dozens of authors that I have to look out for. There are no Big I's and Little U's in this world so my concern is for the industry as a whole

I can see her point. When I’ve attended events and festivals this year, I saw people buying the books BUT in Eversion. Yes books were sold but the hard copies weren’t as much. I can also see the readers point of convenience.

I don’t own a ereader. I do consider getting one only because my home is literary filled with books I would never even think of getting rid of. My kids are saying they live in a library, and my reply is “well there are worse places you could live, and as soon as you move out I’m turning your bedroom your into a library”!

I still want to meet authors and have my BOOKS signed. Even if I had a Ereader I still want to meet the authors. I'm pretty sure I’m not alone when I say…..
Please don’t stop touring, signing and attending festival and events.

I got to hang out with Monique Mensah at The National Book Club Conference and yes they came to her table and bought her ebooks right there but she was also booking book club visits, doing sales trough her phone and selling hard copies.

So… as I was pondering these authors dilemma’s, I came up with a few ideas I think may help. Some of these tips come from traveling with my co-workers. We love to travel to hair shows and these tips help us save money on expenses. The suggestions have been adjusted to authors instead of hair shows.

Travel with a fellow author, in pairs or groups.
1 Traveling with another person or a group cuts the price of a hotel room.
You can just split the cost of the room by how many you are sharing with.
2 Ask for a business rate when booking the room. You can even get a suite for
the same price as a regular room. Don’t forget to ask for double beds.
3 Also in most hotel rooms that big comfy chair lets out to a twin bed and
the couch is a sleeper sofa!
4 Make sure to ask if the have a shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel.
If not and the hotel next door to them has one, take it.

This also helps with the prices of booths and tables at book festivals and events Some can run has high as $700.00 or more. Split that fee too. Most booths are large enough that you can share the with many people, which puts more money in your pocket. A table can fit 2 authors.

Let your fan base know your coming. With all of the new changes on Face Book, you can do groups by city and post to only those fans in those cities. One pet peeve of mine is getting invites to signings no where near where I live. Using all your social networks can bring people out that would not otherwise know you’re in their area. Also post an itinerary on your site, blog, and fan pages, far enough in advance for those who may want to travel to see you.

Ship your books ahead to the hotel or a friend in the area. Airlines have totally lost their minds with fees charged for a bag that’s over weight by even a pound. Arrange for pickup and shipped back to you, hopefully you won’t need it and can cancel the pick up.

When going to an event find out which bookstores and book clubs are in the area that you can connect with while you’re there.

Fly business class, if you book a flight early enough you can get this for the same price as coach. Sign up for air miles. Building up points can add up to a free flight. Save points for long distance travel, like California from the east coast or visa versa.

Do a signing at the airport book stores, arrange ahead of time
Sign at Walmart’s, Targets and hair salons in the areas you’re visiting, it can be arranged or impromptu.

While on a family vacation, line up places you can spend a few hours.

If you are going to a book club meeting, they may be able to put you up for the night. Book clubbers are aware of the struggles of authors and are very willing to help and assist in any way they can. They will also feed you a good home cooked meal! Make sure to send a thank you gift for their kindness.

One thing I could never understand is if you come to New York aka Manhattan, why not do Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx , Staten Island and New Jersey???? The surrounding areas are only a train ride away. Get a Metro Pass and plan it out so you know which buses and trains to take.

Same with Florida. It never ceases to amaze me that authors will come to Jacksonville and not do Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Miami One word…Amtrak, ok 2 Greyhound.

Better yet rent a car they have really great rates during the week.

And refer back to your networks to make your travel plans worth it.

If you are on the road, sell other books besides your own and ask the other authors to do the same for you. It’s like you being in 2 places at one time. autograph the books to up the value. This also helps with shipping costs.And extra money for both authors.

Since readers are buying Eversions, have your Amazon Associates set up so you still get paid. Let them buy from your laptop or your store.

Also offer a Kindlegraph as a perk for those downloading your book on site.

Let the post office travel for you, if you can’t be at certain events; send your marketing materials for placement in swag bags. This is another way of you being in several places at one time.

Wear your tee-shirt when traveling, read your own book, pass out bookmarks and post cards, you never know who you may run into. You could be sitting next to “Your Biggest Fan” or a bookstore owner.

Take lots of pictures and blog about your adventure. People wish they could travel and will live vicariously through you. They will also make an effort to catch with you on your next road trip.

There are authors services that do all of the planning and arrangements for you, but with planning you can do it yourself

If your would like to add any suggestions, please do. I'm sure the authors and publishers would appreciate the feedback.

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The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard Updates: Drawing The Line is now available on #kindle! Mistaken Identity Series 1.5 Available now!

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The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard Updates

Link to The Literary World of       Sylvia Hubbard

Drumroll, please…. Drawing The Line is now available on #kindle! Mistaken Identity Series 1.5 Available now!

Posted: 19 Sep 2011 02:13 PM PDT

And now (for some) the wait is over. I'm proud to announce the book a lot of you have been waiting for. Drawing the Line (Mistaken Identity Series 1.5) by Sylvia Hubbard Now if you're familiar with the Mistaken Identity … Continue reading

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7 Authors, One story. No One Knows What's Next! #7 via @moniquedmensah

Pound 7
September, 2011

Pound Seven Banner
In This Issue
Pound 7 Trailer
What is Pound 7?
Win a Kindle with Pound 7!
Monique D. Mensah
Dark Drama/PsychThriller
Authoress Monique D. Mensah


Who Is He To You


Inside Rain


Smoke Screen



Contest Question:  

In SMOKE SCREEN by Monique D. Mensah, what gave the Man Eater new motivation to kill Dennis Boyer?  

Jumata Emill Jones
Paranormal Mystery/Thriller
Never Dead

Contest Question:

In NEVER DEAD by Jumata Emill Jones, What New Orleans restaurant served as the backdrop for the lunch conversation where Danielle convinced a reluctant Emerson to attend his high school reunion?


Nakia R. Laushaul
Inspirational Fiction


The Truth as I See it: In Poetry and Prose


Running From Solace 


Contest Question:  

In RUNNING FROM SOLACE by Nakia R. Laushaul, why didn't Mrs. Fildhurst give Xavier and Genesis a key to her house?

Traci Bee
Urban Contemporary Fiction
Two Tears in a Bucket

Another Tear

Contest Question:

In TWO TEARS IN A BUCKET by Traci Bee, After the horrible shooting that killed Mr. Curtis Johnson, where did Felicia attempt to hide the gun?



Pheare Alexander
Psychological Horror
Str8 Laced



Contest Question:

In STR8 LACED by Pheare Alexabder, what was the first gift delivered to Dr. Reynolds, and who did it originally belong to?


Dasaya Cates
Dramatic Suspense


Shark Pool




Contest Question:

In BLOODLINES by Dasaya Cates, what did Halle find in Lena's jewelry box that caused her emotional distress? 

Gregg Burton


What Happens Overseas, Stays Overseas


Fool's Eye


Contest Question:  

In FOOL'S EYE by Gregg Burton, what happened to Linda to make her want to have sex for the first time? 

Dear Sylvia,


I am proud to introduce you to an exciting new project that will change the literary game, and have the Internet buzzing for months to come! Pound 7 Presents . . . And the Plot Thickens! Seven authors of seven different genres are bringing you ONE story. It's fun, it's quirky, and it's FREE. Join us on this literary journey into the unknown. Prepare yourself for suspense, thrills, horror, romance, paranormal activity, and a little urban flavor. Check out the authors, watch the trailer, get involved in some cool contests, and let's have fun!

7 Authors, 7 Distinct Voices, 1 Story 

No One Knows What's Next!  

. . .And the Plot Thickens!



Pound 7 presents ...And The Plot Thickens
Pound 7 presents ...And The Plot Thickens

Watch the Pound 7 Trailer and see what the buzz is all about!

What is Pound 7?

One afternoon, while avoiding her responsibilities, bestselling author, Monique D. Mensah, came up with a fun and quirky idea that would change the literary world. She called six of her closest and most talented author friends, Nakia R. Laushaul, Traci Bee, Pheare Alexander, Gregg Burton, Jumata Emill Jones, and Dasaya Cates, and # 7 was born. Get it? "# 7." Seven authors, and the "pound" ... well, it just sounds cool! This is how it works: One of the authors will start a story. It could be about anything, but rest assured, it'll be GOOD. The author will write one chapter, and then leave it. The next author will write the following chapter, picking up where the last one left off, and the next author will pick up after that one, and so on, just like the game you used to play as kids. You remember that game at summer camp, right? Well, they're doing it with a whole new spin! The seven authors won't discuss the plot between them; so none of them will know where the story is going. That will keep it fresh and interesting, and probably a little crazy!  


Beginning October 7th, the # 7 team will post a new chapter every week until the story is complete. With seven unique voices, you can expect a touch of dramatic suspense, a pinch of emotional drama, a little urban flavor, some paranormal creepiness, a dab of blood curdling horror, a few psychological twists, and some hot and steamy romantica. When you stir it all up, you get one juicy story. Sounds good, huh? You have no idea, but the cool thing is ... neither do they!


Pound 7 Not So Trivial Pursuit

Win an Amazon Kindle



Are you a literary know it all?

Do you pay attention to every written detail?

Well, we're going to put you to the test!


 Every four days, until our October 7th launch, we will post one question from each of the Pound 7 authors' most recent novel. Be the first to answer all 7 questions correctly on October 7th, and you could be the winner of a brand new Amazon Kindle! 


Download the e-book or purchase a paperback copy of the Pound 7 authors' books to answer the questions. Save your answers until October 7th and post them on the contest page of the website: If you do this right, you'll be ahead of the game for our second contest:, Guess the Author.     




So put your game face on. 


Ready . . . Set . . . Win that Kindle!


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7 Authors, 7 Distinct Voices, One Story

No One Knows What's Next!

...And the Plot Thickens 

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Fw: Readin N Writin with Patricia @pwoodside: The Doctor's Lady by Jody Hedlund (and GIVEAWAY) @jodyhedlund

Readin N Writin with Patricia

The Doctor's Lady by Jody Hedlund (and GIVEAWAY)

Posted: 14 Sep 2011 04:00 AM PDT

In the past few years, I've had a chance to get to know some writers online who have gone from hoping to publication.  Some are making a name for themselves, as is today's guest blogger, Jody Hedlund.  Jody writes inspirational historical fiction, and does it well.  She also journals her publication experience and shares the wisdom she's acquiring about this industry via her popular blog. Her first book, The Preacher's Bride, was published to acclaim.  Her sophomore effort, The Doctor's Lady, shows why Jody is a writer to watch (and read).

Jody is here today for an interview and a book giveaway.  So let's get on with it...


Jody, thanks for taking a few moments out to answer some questions.  I love what you've accomplished in your writing career to date.  

Your writing most reminds me of Julie Lessman's (author of A Passion Most Pure). Do you get that comparison from others? What kinds of reader feedback have you gotten about the sensuality in your writing?

I'm honored that you're comparing me to Julie! I adore her books! You're actually the first to liken me to her—so thank you!

Occasionally, I get reader feedback commenting about the sensuality. One reader didn't feel that I had enough of the relational tension. But most people have seemed to enjoy my style. Recently, a reader said, "For a story with no sex scenes, you have some very sexy moments in there. Love that."

I've resigned myself to the fact that I won't be able to please everyone all the time. I'm mostly writing with a level of sensuality that I enjoy, but also one that I would eventually feel comfortable allowing my daughters to read.

REad more :

During the month of September, I'm running an epic contest with a prize package worth $300. Here's the link to the contest page:

Enter the Be A Trailblazer Contest!

Thanks, Jody, for letting us in on your blog contest in addition to your giveaway here.  And thanks much for taking time out to chat with us.


Check out the trailer for The Doctor's Lady:


Jody Hedlund's The Doctor's Lady, similar in vein to her debut novel, The Preacher's Bride, reminds me moreso of the work of another historical inspirational romance author, Julie Lessman, author of A Passion Most Pure.   Both Hedlund and Lessman write romance steeped in history and infused with a sensuality not often seen in the inspirational literary realm.

In The Doctor's Lady, Hedlund again writes based on true-life figures.  This time, the story of Dr. Eli Ernest and Priscilla White is based on the true story of Doctor Whitman and his wife Narcissa who became the first white woman to travel overland west and cross the Continental Divide.  Dr. Ernest and Priscilla travel from upstate New York to Oregon, a harrowing adventure that takes seven months by wagon, boat and horseback. But both are willing because they each feel called to serve as missionaries.  Priscilla's plan to serve in India is thwarted when the American Mission Board requires all missionaries to be married.  Likewise, Eli's plan to go West and build a mission in Indian country is hampered by his lack of a wife.  A business partnership gets them each what they need, with Priscilla setting her sights on domestic mission work, but they find that God has much more planned for them than the mission work they have their hearts set upon.

Again, Hedlund educates her readers through a beautifully written suspenseful, romantic tale.  There's no doubt that neither Priscilla nor Eli want this marriage of convenience.  What is in doubt is whether the marriage--and their dreams--will survive the journey.  Hedlund keeps her readers in the dark until the very end by throwing obstacle after real-life obstacle at this couple.  If I never considered what it might be like to travel from one end of America to the other, after reading The Doctor's Lady, I have a pretty clear picture of the dangers and duration involved.  Hedlund's storytelling is vivid and intense and captivating.  Not once did I want Eli and Priscilla to hurry up and get to the other side of America.  The story of their journey, as deftly conveyed by Hedlund, more than captured my attention.

Jody Hedlund has written novels for the last 18 years (with a hiatus when her children were young). After many years of writing and honing her skills, she finally garnered national attention with her double final in the Genesis Contest, a fiction-writing contest for unpublished writers through ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers).

Her first published book, The Preacher's Bride (2010 Bethany House Publishers), hit the CBA Best Seller list on two different occasions and has won multiple awards.  Her second book, The Doctor's Lady, releases in September of 2011. She has completed a third book which will be released in 2012. She's currently busy researching and writing another book!

Jody is giving away one copy of The Doctor's Lady to one lucky commenter.  Leave a comment and make sure we have  way to get in touch with you, should you win.  (You must have a U.S. mailing address.)

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Book News, Upcoming Events & More via @TriceHickman

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The last few weeks of summer were really something! An earthquake that rattled the east coast, damaging hurricanes that devastated many states, and raging wild fires out west (which have been burning for several months). What a season it has been! Many have lost so much, but, I pray that all those who have been affected by these natural disasters will soon see brighter days! 


The weather is changing, leaves are falling, and the year is slowly but surely winding down. My how time flies! With this change of season I encourage you to reach out and try something new. Pursue a long-held dream, enroll in that class you've been wanting to take, reconnect with old friends, and step out of your comfort zone and take a never know, it might just lead you to utopia!


There are a few new things I'm going to try in the coming months and I'm really excited about the infinite possibilities. I'll fill you in later, until then, stay up!


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I have more good news to share! I'm pleased to announce that, UNEXPECTED INTERRUPTIONS, has gone into a second printing! Good is amazing and I'm so thankful for His grace! In a time when the economy is lagging and book sales are down across the board, I'm thankful for this blessing! I'm humbled that so many readers have spent their hard earned dollars to purchase my book and support my work. WOW!! THANK YOU so much to my family and friends for all that you do. And an extra special THANK YOU to the many readers and book clubs who helped spread the word and selected UI as your Book of the Month! You helped to make this happen and I'm very grateful for your support!


Unexepcted Interruptions 

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On the Air With Trice and Brian


Thank you so much to all the listeners who either tuned in or downloaded the inaugural show on September 1st. Brian and I had a great time with Kimberla Lawson Roby, Moses Miller, and Mary Monroe. If you missed the show, click here to listen.

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Mind Your Own Business by Lutishia Lovely
True Confessions by Electa Rome Parks
Murderville by Ashley & Jaquavis
Mind Your Own Business by Lutishia Lovely
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