Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chapter 24

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Chapter 23.4

yeah, this is a long chapter but I really didn't feel like going to chapter 24 yet. crazy crazy



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His Substitute Wife... My Sister .Chapter 23.4 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Author's Notes & responses for 01/31/08

Bertille: thanks for the support and yes, I'll still keep throwing my back into it too. LOL.
cinquetta: we i decided to put the amount of how much she lost, I try to be as realistic as possible. i read a story once that a woman won ten million and she was filing bankruptcy in less than five years, so yes it's possible to spend that amount of money in even less than five years.

Charisse was ten when the incident happen.

tori: thanks for catching up and feeling special. and was that a pun on words that Charisse out "shined" Chyna? rofLMAO

I'm loving the attention that i'm getting in the story and for my facebook readers welcome too.

busy with the story and nothing else and for that i should whoop myself but i'm getting into a rut and just don't want to concentrate on anything else but the story.

so i'll post soon because i picked up a johanna lindsey three days ago and it got good at two this morning and i didn't write a thing for the story.
sleep but here.

your author:

Sylvia Hubbard

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chapter 23.2

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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 23.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 23

good morning.

Tori: Hurry your butt up! LOL.

to the rest of the class, here it is.

Thanks for making yesterday a record viewing. I was posting over in facebook too and that's so funny because people are really clicking through and reading the blog.

thanks readers.



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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 23 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chapter 22.2

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Chapter 22

this book is avaiable for print or download @

His Substitute Wife ... My Sister Chapter 22 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

if you're just catching up, go to:
Nice of you to join us, Tia.

Welcome new commentor Ms. Vishouz. 'bomb head game'; that was funny. You guys need to check out her blog where she wrote to her 13yr old self. It was really interesting.

I added a categories at the end of the sidebar on the blog. It just started about five months ago and I'm slowly catching up to all the stuff that's on this blog because if you go through the archieve you'll be there all day.

Author's Note: Actually Charisse wasn't going to slap Chyna right then, but I went back and added it because that's how fricking mad I was with Chyna. She's getting on my damn nerves and I'm bout ready to put a bullet in her eyes.

Cinquetta: I don't believe Onyx's love interest makes any guest appearance in any of the Stealing Innocence series. I think he's only had one speaking part in all my books but I don't even think that was first hand. No more hints though cause that would spoil the build up. Although, one more thing: He's not white, but I was thinking of making Lethal's interracial because i haven't had an I/R in the Stealing Innocence series. Of course that's going to be the last book in that series and I'm pretty excited about it. If I don't get that publishing contract soon, I'm going to just sit it out for you guys to get because I'm pretty tired of waiting.

(If you don't know about Lethal Heart, who's Onyx's brother, then you'll have to start at the stealing innocence series.)

Umm, that's about it. Have a good day.

Loves and Hugs from Head To Toe

Praying for strength and support to KK and family. He know who he is.

And a shout out to my rugrats, Maggie, Jackpot and Big Z.

'Nough being silly. Listening to my Zune and enjoying myself. Getting ready to get into my writing grove, so enjoy.

Your Author

Sylvia Hubbard

Monday, January 28, 2008

Chapter 21.3

Carmel: TMI!!!! LMAO!

okay, blogger is going down at 4pm for a maintenance check and i might not be able to post after that.

so this is the last one.

You guys were really quiet today.

hope to see more on tomorrow.

comment soon and often!!!



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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 21.3 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 21.2

My brain is fried.

It's a Monday and I'm not usually so into the storybecause it's so busy.

i've been majorly shucking my duties in light of this story.

bad Sylvia. bad bad!!!

Anyhoo, lets get it started and try pushing them.

I really want to hear you all after this one...

Don't know if i'm posting more today.



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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 21.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 21

Carmel: answered your questions in 19 and responded to the ones in 20.

on a roll...feeling sarcastic...enjoy...


This book is now listed @ for download and/or print. His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 21 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

PS: taking a break til the afternoon.....

Chapter 20.3

someone offline asked why did i make Jaelen so mean? (I have people close by reading the story and they like the advantage that they can aske me about it faster than you guys.)

since the person asking didn't read stealing innocence then they aren't familiar with the ornery Jaelen Gates and the soft spoken Kimberly.

I usually like my characters to be at the opposite ends of the spectrum and if there weren't two people who were so mismatched it was them.

It was hard handling Jaelen but I'm just warming up with difficult characters so i can start off on Lethal Heart's book: stealing innocence III. With this mayor scandal in Detroit, i think i got enough fodder to start two books, LOL.

Jaelen is a mean cruel S.O.B. that you guys hated and some still hate to this day, but I love that Godzilla effect that my males have. even though you're supposed to hate them you somehow start to like them.

still quiet.

here's more...



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Chapter 20.2

no comments yet, so you must be happy, LOL.

Okay, here's more...



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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 20.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 20

Went back to look at all those comments from chapter 18 on up and I made comment.

short note though: Suprina, i really loved how you pointed out that I write about the gray areas in life. I'm going to make note of that when i'm interviewing. you guys give me so much fodder when it comes to my writing.

anyhoo, it's a monday and as you can see, i've been very busy this weekend so for you that are just joining, please go to:

that's to catch up some and this is for those who have only access to the stories at your wor and are just coming back from friday. (Make sure you read the comments as well because some of the weekend readers talked up some things too so it isn't repetitious, plus, i added some insights to the story as well - especially when it comes to OH (Onyx Heart).)

Speaking of the most deadliest woman in America, you've asked when will her book be coming and who's going to tame that piece of hard work. Well that wouldn't be fair if I told you that would it but I think I've given hints in prior books she's been in and you've met the person... I think or at least know of him. Can you guess? LOL

and someone asked about William Stone

He's my first love and I miss him too, but I should be bringing him in actually with the Onyx story so that was pretty on time to ask that question.

and for the emailer that asked about how many chapters that this will be, i really couldnt' answer that. I'm making this up as I go, seriously.

so folks, forget about waiting for the writers strike, here's some live entertainment you can't get anywhere else let's invite more people to the blog so we can really get this party started.

PS the sex is coming. weird it will be but it's coming.



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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 20 (c) 2008 sylvia Hubbard

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chapter 19.3

If you're just joining us, go to:



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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 19.3 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 19.2


i know it's rare for me to post on sunday, but i'm feeling good and chapter 20 is going to be a big baby, cause I'm just going on and on and not stopping, so I decided to make 19 a little bigger.

If you're just joining us, go to:



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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 19.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chapter 19

Joy: I answered your question in the last comments.



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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 19 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 18.3


Yeah, I know it's early on a saturday morning, but i couldn't sleep and decided to post.



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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 18.3 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Friday, January 25, 2008

Chapter 18.2

This is going to be a definitive chapter in the whole book, but I've found chapters 15 through 20 are usually my most important chapters in my books, which is weird since most of them are off the top of my head, but they all come with the same foundation story wise. That's pretty something, isn't it?

I'm taking a short break though and seeing if I can get my house together. Or at least make a dent in all these boxes.

Too much junk. I write too durn much!

I'm about to make a lot of you happy about now and bring in your favorite gurl - Onyx Heart. You know I couldn't bring Jaelen in without bringing in his bestfriend right? That'd be so unbelievable, right? (As if I don't linger on that line all the time.)


This book is now listed @ for download and/or print.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister chapter 18.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

For those of you who don't know Onyx Heart and want to get to know her, here are the books she's in: (Help me old readers if I missed one)
  • Stealing Innocence I
  • Drawing The Line
  • Teach Me To Love

(all of these can be found at

Chapter 18

In case you're just joining us, please go the following post to catch up:



This book is now listed @ for download and/or print.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 18 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Author's Notes on the story for 01/25/08

These responses are from the comments left in Chapter 17. Boy you guys had a lot to say. I usually have been responding in the comments, but I thought i'd shot this over.

And yes, my Internet is up at my home without the filter. I went to Family Dollar and got a two and one adapter for the phone just to see if it worked. It did but I'm still going to put that filter on order if my supervisor doesn't call me today and let me know if he has an extra two and one filter.

Working on the house today trying to get some ofthese boxes emptied. The back of the house is good, but the front is filled with boxes of books, papers and so forth.

I found a lot of unfinished stories and i'm soo interested in just sittingin the pile and reading what my brain came up with ten years ago.

BTW, I'm enjoying the visitors from all over the world. Waving a Detroit hello. Boy oh boy, you guys have got to read the notes from the Mayor to his Mistress here. It's all over the news and such. I added some to my Facebook page, but whew, they got down and dirty and it was soo good. I think I'm going to write a story about that!!!

Anyhoo, here's the responses to the comments.


Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard


Suprina: Gawd, I love my twisted imagination although it does keep me from sleeping sometime.

anonymous:(the wanderer) you asked how do i create my work from the top of my head. Well, instead of writing things down, I think of an idea. and let it simmer. in my head i would say I have drawers of things. things for one story can't go into another drawer that contains sequels or families. Standalone stories have their own drawers to which i know i'm bound to put or pull something out of them to connect them to other drawers. Each story is of interest to me but i dont' sit on it a week. in all of this the manner in which you say takes you weeks takes me only hours and it's not just the keyboard that gets the dedication. I've let my fingers bleed onto the paper getting the story out of my head. Because it must come out. it must not stay or I will eventually ... go crazy ... hence as one fan reader says: the severe migraines that hit me like a ton of bricks. Your next inquiry is: how do i not create a false start? Because the story was there to begin with in my head and it is playing as we speak. I only write what I see. My brain does not false start. it only creates another new story, but the other story still has to go on because that original start belongs where it belongs and i must (as i said before) finish the tale to be told. I don't do ideas of a story, i just do a story. I don't outline it; i may make notes so I don't forget my red herrings or who i want to be the killer or how i want the story to play out, but in essence my characters come to life in my own mind and they tell me how the story is to begin, play out and end. And the fun for me is making sure I tell it to the reader correctly. Now I may sound half past crazy or one beer short of a six pack, but my readers like it and i have fun and to me that's all that matters. Glad you could be curious.

Paula: Yeah, I'm kinda liking Chyna but she has meaning to her madness.

Ashwini: I think there's a little bit of Darvocets and a lot of tylenols and maybe all the sugar I put in my tea and coffee from yesterday that's still in my system. I got up and before i even emptied my bladder I grabbed a pen, flipped over a pizza coupon and started writing about charisse and Parker. that's sick isn't it?

Cinquetta: I love your insights on the story. WOWWWWWEEEEEE!!! that was deep. I was reading it and I was like wow, this really is a good story. I'm wondering how it's all going to play out. LOL. And yes, the sex is coming. Getting mentally juiced up as we speak

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chapter 17... going to extremes? Crazy Sense..

last post... hopefully it's okay...



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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 17 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard


sorry bout that. push f5 to refresh and then go back and read the prior post.

(laughing in embarrassment.)

thought i posted it. thanks carmel for pointing that out to me.

i was on another planet.

okay. i'm done.

Chapter 16.2 ... You guys were in trouble...

I left my notes at home. I saw my blue backpack this morning and I said to myself: you don't need that today. leave it.

Which is why now after the last post, I really had nothing but a short scene that progresses the story in a lanier direction (it really wasn't any where special.)

That is until I saw that I couldn't do anything else for the rest of the day, so I was actually going to hold off post until tomorrow.

but unless I find a dsl filter by tomorrow, y'all aint' getting nothing til Monday because I have no internet at home and i'll be off tomorrow.

I know y'all weren't having that, so I said I needed to go back over and check on some things.

While I was checking, it hit me.

I mean it hit me like a big truck.

I need to seriously mess with Chyna. I mean seriously mess her up. Because i knew in the beginning she had all this planned for Charisse and Parker to sleep together. That was her motive for suggesting this, but why?

Why would a woman just agree to let her other sister sleep with her husband when she could have just let the twin keep him?

Sick, I know. Real sick, but trust me, I am not have any sexual machinations about my brother in law. This one comes from something else.

Anyhoo, I'm still tickled by the shame box comment Lilo made. That was some funny mess, gurl.

So i guess i'll just shut up and let you guys determine where i'm going. I'm eager to know if you can guess it.

This book is now listed @ for download and/or print.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 16.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 16... fifteen minutes early... oh yeah!!!

Yesterday, I was back at the normal visitors so that's a good thing and I even have more subscribers.

That's good, but I want more. You know the pressure of working on a story and promoting is hard for me so while you're enjoying a good read, I need your help. Promote for me and I can write more.

Comment often and I'll work a lot faster. You know I need my ego feed to make me do better, LOL.

I know there are a couple of guys reading this and if you aren't to shy comment as anonymous if you want, but I'd like to hear your comments.



This book is now listed @ for download and/or print.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 16 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Author's Notes for Today

good morning good morning good moaning.

need coffee and need internet at my house sooooo bad!!!

Can't find the DSL filter with the phone line unless I drive twenty minutes out the city or wait five business days. Help!!!!

Looking for an AT&T store in the 48227 area or a place I can get one. Any suggestions?


I do like this attraction. It's building which is different for me. I know my regulars are looking for that freaky sex scene and I won't let you down I promise. It's just with Charisse and her condition I have to be just a little bit more creative.

Kind of like when I was doing the Tanner's Devil thing. I know that was just straight up fantasy but it was awesome because who could believe a black street girl from Detroit could hook up with a Duke?! That was some creative juices flowing out of that side pocket.

Now I put Charisse in a difficult position but I look at this as layers. I've got to get through layers in order to get to her and I conquered the first layer. Tables will soon turn and I think I've thoroughly confused and turned you guys to look the other way, while I work it out and pull the surprises out of my bag of tricks.

I did get upset last night because I dropped a red herring in the story that you guys didn't pick up on yet, but I'm hoping today you catch it because i even forgot the red herring and had to go back and find that stupid thing.

So why'd Chyna call out Daddy? And why'd that turn off the very strong and much needed attention sex drive of Parker? Were the girls or one of them really raped or molested?

Along with all the other questions we need to also explore a lot of things you guys never picked up on. I'll give you one of them: What happened to Parker's brother's son that went into foster care? Why didn't Parker take the child into custody?

This is going to take a lot of work to fix all these doors I've opened.

So with that. I'll post in about an hour.

Hugs and Kisses from Motown

Your author

Sylvia Hubbard

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chapter 15 ... surprise!

I'm going to catch my bus and get the kiddies.

enjoy and please leave a comment...


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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 15 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 14

Okay, I think I'm going to slow it down before my brain freezes up like a blocked up drain.

That was a silly metaphor.

I've been listing to my mood music which helps a lot when I'm writing a book.

I did miss Charisse and Parker and he's starting to grow on me.

He's a confused man and Charisse's growing attraction is fun.

I read through the comments and for Carmel Beauty : I'll think about the triple but I might be inclined to kill a kid. I haven't done that in a while. Oh wait, I killed one last book didn't i.

I know what you're saying, Sylvia they're just babies.

I respond: Death's inevitable right?

anyhoo, this is a long one so enjoy....


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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 14 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 13.4

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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 13.4 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 13.3

This book is now listed @ for download and/or print.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 13.2

paying bills:

For the first time in like twelve years, I can say I am really caught up on my bill paying.

I took on a second job so I could catch up on bill paying and now I'm really doing some things to help get it together.

It's going great and by Feb, I'll actually be a month ahead of bills. For the first time in twelve years, I can say I'm not living from Check to check.

I know that may sound silly, but it's a fact of life for a lot of black people I know and for the first time i can say I won' be one of them. It's a damn good feeling.

Okay, back to the story...



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His Substitute Wife...My Sister Chapter 13.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 13

And what happened to you yesterday Sylvia?

Sylvia blew her back out moving her entire house in and she couldn't move. Plus, the DSL didn't work and now AT&T has to come out there and find out what the problem is.

She feels a little better now and is back at work (her benefit job) and can get on the Internet. But they (her job) moved her desk to the front of the room and she can't see when and where the supervisor is coming so she has to get on the Internet by stealth.

In a few days she might have to resort to emailing her posts in because their going to clean the system and she (Sylvia) is now as we speak saving all her work to a flash drive to make sure nothing is lost off her work computer.

Very high due to pain pills, Sylvia is feeling a little better than the usual self (she is high on pain pills - darvocet) and may post something out of the ordinary, but hey you're use to that. (Hence the third person reference because she is not responsible for what may happen.)

She missed her readers and she was pheening to write because oddly she missed Charisse and Parker, but couldn't. (The computer didn't even get unpacked until ten o'clock pm yesterday.) Although she found a way to throw in some weird sex scene, which hopefully you will see it by the end of the day. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET A SEX SCENE FOR SOMEONE WITH A FEAR OF TOUCH?!!! GOOD LAWD!!! I REALLY CHALLENGED MYSELF THIS TIME.

She is clicking away to get chapter 13 and 14 for her readers by the end of the day. Anyhoo, back to work and enjoy the post. She'll answer the comments that were left as soon as she is done approving them.



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His Substitute Wife... My sister Chapter 13 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chapter 12.2

short and sweet, but this is the end of Chapter 12.

You should be very happy that I got you two chapters in one day. That's pretty good for me.

At this rate, I'll be done with this baby within a month if there's no more life's hiccups.

loving the story and loving Parker. He's hilarious.

don'tcha think?



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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 12.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 12

I couldn't help it. I was on a roll.

But this is really it for the day.

Don't forget I move, but I'm really going to try to post later on either tonight or early tomorrow before I disconnect the Internet.



This book is now listed @ for download and/or print.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 12 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Sorry for that YahooGroup Members

I was so into the story I forgot to send the messages through to you.

I know most of you subscribe because you can get to the blog or get the subscription feed.

I just approved the messages so I hope you can catch up.

I should also try to post the full story in the files to if I can.


Chapter 11.3

This post has been removed. This book is available for download and/or print at:
His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 11.3 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

okay, i think this is it for the dya. I'm getting sleepy.

Chapter 11.2

on a roll....



This book is now listed @ for download and/or print.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 11.2 (c)2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 11

Good morning.

Yes, I'm early again, but don't get into the habit, LOL.

I think because I'm fasting that for some reason I'm a bit more alert that what I usually am when I'm eating all the time.

We've (my church - Fountain of Life C.O.G.I.C.) has been fasting since the beginning of the year. Now we're doing no eating from midnight to 3pm, pray 3 times a day and read the bible three times a day. After 3pm we can only eat vegetables - nothing fried. (which is a shame you have to tell black folks that.) I'm doing pretty good and I'm really proud of myself for my control.

Last night the kids ate Popeyes and I even treated my beau to a great fish dinner at this place called Bosco's. It's a you buy you fry thing. Anyhoo, I didn't even have the urge to eat anything off their plates which i am prone to do.

Instead, steamed some spinach, broccolli, mushrooms, and cabbage with light salt and pepper sprinkled over them.

It filled me up like a real meal, which I was surprised or hungry I didn't know the difference. LOL.

off topic totally: I just found a mole on the back of my hand at the ase of my middle finger. I've had moles since I was little all over my body in different odd places, but since I turned 30, I hadn't seen any new ones until today. I guess with my acne resurfacing in full force in the last couple of months and my limbido has kicked up a notch. I've been looking for the hot flashes to come any day now.

okay, enough about me.



This book is now listed @ for download and/or print.

His Substitute Wife .... My Sister Chapter 11 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

.... and if you haven't commented yet, please do so now. Let's do a shout out with the top news story in your city. I'll go first.

Hey, I'm Sylvia from Detroit and the top news story is about the 911 operator who disregarded this child calling in because his mother was dying and didn't send an ambulance to help him and told him to stop playing on the phone. The sad part about it is that I know the woman (Sharon McNichols) and she was about the nicest woman I know and wasn't a slacker at her job. as to why she treated this child so rude I couldn't explain and would make an awful character witness.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chapter 10.3

If you're just joining us, please go to:

Okay, I wasn't going to post another one, but I wanted to just respond to some things offline and since I'd finish up chapter 10 I decided to just go ahead and give it to you.

1. Eva guessed first, but thanks for everyone playing. Eva, ya gotta tell me which e-book you want and don't name a work in progress, LOL. (respond below)

2. Thanks for the new readers and the donations for my literary endeavors. I need all I can get.

3. Julia B in Redford, MI: I tried to email you your e-book for your generous donation, but the email came right back to me, so you should be receiving a package in about a week and a half. I made it a really really slow delivery because that was the cheapest option and I'm just eager to get everything off my desk.

4. Meisha F in Atlanta. All the books you want are works in progress and you're waiting like everyone else. If I make any updates to them, you'll find them on

5. .... can't think of it right now and I know it was one more thing.

Okay, I'm going to pick up the babies in 30. If you haven't posted a comment yet throughout the whole story, do it now, even if it's just to say where you're from. (I let you post anonymous too.)



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His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 10.3 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 10.2

Answer to Carmel & Cinquetta: No tripletts so quit asking. LOL and yes, I like how she's coming to find that out about herself.

This post has Ethan and mentions his wife Nicole, who's in "Love Like This." If you haven't read "Love Like This" then you should. It's free too if you didn't know it and you can find it in the online bookstore at:

And you should know who Thaddeus is. First one to guess gets a free e-copy of any book they would like. (Post in the comments below to win.)



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His Substitute Wife...My Sister Chapter 10.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 10

here's a short post and I'll try to post another one by the end of the day

BTW, has anyone been passing the word or are you keeping me all to yourself. I'd like to see more readers and of course you know that I need your help in getting them here because you're my voice so I can write more.

(Hint hint)

If you're new, please click here to go through the chapter listings for this book.



This book is now listed @ for download and/or print.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 10 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 9.2

Ah ha!!! I'm early! Thought I wasn't coming on 'til late.

Actually my alarm went off early and I ended up getting out the house early and then getting to work early.

So here I was with nothing to do except either put numbers into a new phone where to voicemail is still working when it wants to or working on my story.

I choose the latter and here I am to post.

I'm really excited about my move. Living in a one bedroom apartment with three kids is really stressful and now we're moving to a four bedroom. I get my own door.

I don't know if you really understand the significance of this, but if you're a parent (a single parent) with no privacy for three years and the constant barage of having your things broken, mistreated or disrespected because your bedroom is also the family room, then you just don't understand now good it will feel when I can hear the click of a closed door.

Just the thought of seeing the other side of a door makes me hot and sweaty with excitement.

I want to lay my face on it, kiss it, rub it and grind on it.

Yes, I'm talking about a door.

Bet a lot of men want to be a piece of wood about now, LOL.

okay, enough about doors cause I can't change my panties at work.

TMI, I know.

That's really a shame that it doesn't take a lot to please me anymore.



This book is now listed @ for download and/or print.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 9.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chapter 9

last post for the day.

Boy, i must be getting old. it's harder and harder to really pull it out when I want to just look at the back of my eyelids.

Oh yeah, I don't know if i told you guys but I found our house.

We'll be moving this Friday so If I don't post please don't be mad at me. I'm shutting of the Internet service at home Friday and having it up by Saturday or Sunday. Bear with me.

I'm going to try to post this weekend, but i'll also be doing a book talk saturday at the Bela Hubbard Library in Detroit (no relation I swear) on 6 mile and I-10 (lodge freeway) @ 11am. I'll be discussion my motivation behind William Stone and writing STONE'S REVENGE.

I like talking about him for some reason.

Anyhoo if you're not busy swing by and get a copy and question me to death.

okay, let's go to responses to the reader comments

eva asked how she gon hav a baby if she's a virgin???

No one questioned the virgin mary about this. The skin that indicates a woman's virginity can be easily cut surgically or if (and this is a big if) she engages in sexual intercourse, it will be broken.

beautee asked: What did the mother do?

Thats part of the plot. You'll know when i know. Gotta keep reading. LOL

shonda asked: why does Cheyenne want Charisse dead?

See above statement

cinquetta asked: what's up with you and short men?

Maybe its a fad i'm going through. Like the twins. Now my lethal and the bellini family men are pretty tall and i'll be getting into them soon, so I guess I didn't want all my men to be overly tall. I'm thinking realistically and in the real world there's not a lot of tall guys around that are over 6'3. Average height for a guy in American is between 5'10 and 6ft. (correct me if I'm wrong).



This book is now listed @ for download and/or print.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 9 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Cheating, Stealing and Adultery...Why?

I read your comments and to answer the question as to why men and women cheat, I just happened to be speaking to the beau recently on this answer.

In my sincere opinion I think we do it because we're unhappy with our status quo internally and externally.

Internally there's something that we find we are unsatisfied with ourselves. A love of ourselves is always helpful not because it makes our relationship with another person stronger, but it makes us more secure within ourselves so that we don't have to go outside of another in order to find "satisfaction."

Externally, the person is not giving us the intimacy or love we desire and want and because of our internal conflicts we don't speak up for ourselves like we want to or in a way that they understand. Now either the person could care less about our feelings or they don't want to make the effort to be with us any way.

People don't cheat for the sex. People cheat for all the other stuff.

But then there are those that are difficult to please and no one can help a person find internal happiness. One has to find that out for themself.

Now why would a person steal someone they know who is dating seriously, married or engaged to another?

Disrespect and no life and no confidence to get your own if you actively go after another person's beau.

That's just plain and simple.

I could understand fighting the feeling and so forth and then it happens but if you lay out a plan to steal a person who you know is involved with someone else, you really need to find some kind of internal happiness and find love within yourself.

Chapter 8.3

good lawd, i thought i posted early this morning, but i guess i didn't and now you're probably pissed at me.

umm, yeah, i'm sorry bout that.

gurl trying to do to much and pretending the right side of her head don't hurt and wishing she could take her right eye out and put it back later to relieve the pressure in her head.

anyhoo, some people asked about the excerpt to the story.

that's where we are now.

the old excerpt was made up off the top of my head so i tried to incorporate it with the events that were created after it was created. that meant putting the new names of the characters, the mental dysfunction, and all the other mess i've built up to.

So enjoy...


This book is now listed @ for download and/or print.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 8.3 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Monday, January 14, 2008

Chapter 8.2

(reader's question) why would a sister still her man?

Why would any woman still a man who was dating another woman? I don't know and if I did know then I'd be telling the story. I'm tyring to find that out as we speak though.

(reader's question) Where do you come with your inspiration for you stories?

Watching other people because my life is extremely boring and stressful.

(reader's question) Charisse isn't as crazy as we think she is?

I don't know.

I think that's all the questions I was asked offline. If I missed something please respond below.

In case you're just joining us, please go the following post to catch up:



This book is now listed @ for download and/or print.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 8.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 8

In case you're just joining us, please go the following post to catch up:



This is now listed @

His Subtitute Wife... My sister Chapter 8 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 7.3

Someone said they were having a problem with the download to Love Like This.

Please email with the title of the book and the word request.

Sorry for the slow post. I'm moving a house here people! So give me a lot of patience and prayer for sanity.

Thanks for all the new readers and welcome Suprina's sis.

Ummm, I think that's it for now.

Short and sweet and another is coming but I just wanted to get thsi out the way.

In case you're just joining us, please go the following post to catch up:



Taking overly long to decide, Chyna assured, “They’ll wear gloves. No one will touch your skin.”

“And the baby?”

“If it goes perfectly, you’ll have a clean birth. I’ll be there the whole time, I promise.” Chyna stood next to Charisse. “Nothing good has ever happened to us. Ever. I’ve lived in a fairy tale all the while allowing you to live reality with the pain and suffering of the truth. She was a monster. She made us into what we are today, but I’ve got a chance with Parker to not repeat what has happened in the past.” She looked sincerely at Charisse. “If after nine months of it all and you still feel like killing yourself, I’ll let you. If you help me get a baby by any means necessary, Charisse, I’ll arrange for you to do it and make sure it’s done right. Just give me nine months, Charisse.”

Finally looking at her sister and liking what she heard, she said, “Fine, Chyna. I’ll agree to let you implant the egg.”

Chyna smile gratefully. “You really don’t know how happy you’ve made me.”

“And Parker can’t know about this deal either - About killing myself.” Charisse couldn’t understand why she could about what Parker thought, but for some reason this seemed important to her.

“Fine,” she said. “Long as you don’t attempt to kill yourself.”

“Keep your promise, Chyna and I’ll keep mine. No one can know about me giving you the egg, either. And you aren’t trasping me in front of all your friends like some freak science experiment.”

“Really? That’s what you want? The secrecy is fine with you”

“Yes. Do you think Cheyenne’s going to be at all happy knowing we took her plan?” Charisse asked.

“You’re right.” Chyna started clearing off the dishes. “So we’ll make the appointment as soon as I can get you to the doctor? I’ll call Dr. Redmond now and we’ll know soon if all this is possible.”

Looking back at the fall leaves, heavily wondering what had she really agreed to, Charisse said, “We’ll know.”

His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 7.3 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

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Chapter 7.2

In case you're just joining us, please go the following post to catch up:



This is now listed @

His Substitute Wife...My Sister Chapter 7.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 7

What happened to Sylvia?


What happened to Sylvia's Flashdrive with all her story notes on it?

Don't know

Had a new jacket and it was constantly dropping things out my pocket, so I'm think that flash dropped out before I realized the new jacket did this.

Very upset, but still alive with 7 million less brain cells from the frustraion along with 20K less hair strands from pulling it out.

So what does that mean?

Well, I do come up with things off the top of my head, but the notes help me remember things, or the direction I want to take.

With that gone, you're going to see if I have what i takes to get tell a story.

I'm naked, bare, lost and so deep in stress I don't know if I'm coming or going.

(And I don't even have the story I've already posted because that was on the flash too.)

So let's see can Sylvia do this. *(Yes, I'm talking in third person which is the first sign of insanity, but I gotta be almost crazy to be doing this in the first place.)

Y'all pray for me.

(And if I forgot something in the past story line please check me on it - I know you will anyway.)

As always...Enjoy....


This is now listed @

His Substitute Wife...My Sister Chapter 7 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Thursday, January 10, 2008

AN: Y R Funeral's, Family Reunions for AA's?

Today my first cousin died. My father called two days ago to let me know her funeral was today.

My grandmother had over ten kids and those produced a minimum of seven children and then at least 80% of those produced a minimum of one.

When my grandmother died about five years ago, it was noted in the obiturary that in all if you counted at the fifth generation (they had to stop there cause they would have kept going at it), she had populated the world with over 500 grandchildren alone.

That's a lot of cousins and oddly you can tell a Hubbard when you see them.

But with our family being so big, it's hard for us to get together. Even the close cousins (that be my father, my Uncle James and Uncle Michael's and Uncle David's kids) that's just a little over 250 if you count husbands, wives and stepkids too.

So my cousin who died was a first cousin and that brought out a lot of people in the family to support my oldest auntie.

First and foremost, I hate funerals. Death is our worst enemy. I'm not afraid to die though because I know where I'll be in the afterlife, but it's horrible to know someone misses someone and Death caused it.

Death must be a real lonely angel and I can't ever imagine having his/her job.

A friend in Florida once told me that he thought death was a woman because a man couldn't handle that kind of job. This was coming from a guy and I thought it was sweet that he thought so highly of woman, or maybe it was a dig now that I think of it at how cold he thought women could be.

Anyhoo, I haven't posted yet because I had to go to the funeral. Part of the family jumped in cars to go to the cemetary and then their going to call me and other family members to meet them back up at the church to eat.

It's like a mini family reunion and I find that funny that black folks only get together for that. Well really it's sad, because it's like when we get together, we've really never been apart. We pick up the same conversation we were having last time.

It was weird though because the family knew about me.

They either had seen me in a newspaper, or on television or heard me on the radio or someone they knew mentioned me or asked if they were related to me.

So finally as we congregated after the funeral, one of them approached me and said, "I came out with my book and people keep asking if I know Sylvia Hubbard. That's you right. Their talking about you."

I said, "Probably so. I don't know. What did they say about me?"

He goes into this thing and starts to name drop because of course he knows more people than me.

I'm a humble sort and as he mentions them I call off either their book, place of work, or what city they lived in. He then started to look intimidated and then said, "Call a brother and hook him up."

I told him I would.

Other family then startedto walk up to me and one had the audacity to ask me how much money did I make selling "those books."

I shrugged it off and smiled that smile you see in all my pictures. Took a lot of pictures and was in a lot of them.

Didn't go to the cemetary. I came back home to grab a salad cause the pastor has us on a veggie and chicken fast.

I'm going to go back up there and eat a little more with them and then call it a day.

It was nice seeing family. Just not in that capacity.

I'll post later on. Sorry for that.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Chapter 6

Yeah, I'm late, but answering the phone at work is starting to get on my nerve.

It's tax time and as usual it seems like everyone in the City of Detroit is broke!

I'm a constant deliverer of bad news all day long.

"No, you can't make any arrangements."

"No, it's too late to apply for hardship."

"No, you can't dispute over the phone you have to go downtown, pay high parking fees and stand in a long line, just to be told that you will still be charged interest and penalties."

So if I sound like I'm ready to kill someone or Charisse sounds particularly sarcastic then you know why.

Anyhoo.... Enjoy as usual....


The phone rung early in the morning a week later. Every night he had been working himself lifting weights to get away his sexual demons and despite that he was mentally tired from working so much at his business, he couldn’t escape the physical needs that had started to ache at the thought of anything feminine around.

Chyna’s headaches weren’t helping him and when she did give him anything it was almost reluctantly.

To be precise it was seven in the morning when Parker pressed the speaker to see who it was without picking up the phone receiver.

“Who is it?” he said gruffly not bothering to clear the sleep out of his voice.

“Hello Parker, this is Doctor Redmond at the hospital. I was calling to speak with you and
your wife about your test results.”

Parker hadn’t expected a call so early and he knew in his gut this was bad.

* * *

Charisse was up when her sister came to invite her to breakfast with “the family.” She almost wanted to sneer, “What family?” but she kept this snide comment to herself.

Rochelle laid out the clothing she was to wear that day and then retrieved the clothing
Charisse had worn through the night. “That’ll give me time to wash and prepare the room for our activities.”

“What activities?” Charisse questioned.

“Obviously you didn’t read the calendar.”

“I’m not in kindergarten.”

Rochelle only turned away to finish hanging the sheets.

“Come Charisse. You must be hungry,” Chyna insisted.

“Actually I’m not, but if you’re just trying to get me down there to talk alone, that’s all you had to say.”

Chyna produced a stiff smile. “It seems, sister dear, as you grow older you mature, but your bluntness never falters.”

“You just mistake my silliness in killing myself as stupidity.”

“And it gets much more outspoken too. Reminds me of father. Too bad he’s not here to enjoy it as well.”

That was enough to shut Charisse up and she walked ahead of her sister to the steps.

“I’m taking the elevator,” Chyna invited. “Join me.”

“Suit yourself. I prefer the steps. Enclosed spaces might bring on episodes of insanity.” This was a lie, but Chyna didn’t know that. Anything to inconvenience her sister was always a plus.

They walked to the kitchen together, but Parker wasn’t there. He had left a note on the refrigerator, saying an emergency came up and he had to leave right away.

“Well, I guess it’s just us then.” Chyna said hopefully. “That’s even better because I won’t
have to lie about my reasons as to why we need you.”

Charisse sunk in the chair, wondering why all of a sudden Chyna looked gravely serious.

Instantly Charisse’s defenses arose.

His Substitute Wife ... My Sister Chapter 6 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

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Chapter 5

I'm back and yes, it's another late night. I'll respond to the other comments in the next post.

It's late, but there's no gun shots.

Didn't have a good day with the beau, or the packing, or my car. Nothing went as planned and I wasn't a whole day off.

But at least I found a good place to stay - I hope. I just put the downpayment on it, so now I seriously need some moving in money. Donations are always accepted... see bottom of this post on the blog... hint hint.



They didn’t come to the house at all until eleven at night. Rochelle stopped trying to have conversations after an hour’s attempt to get her to speak. Charisse would nod and she would do as Rochelle said, but other than that she would just sit on her bed and stare into nothing. This was a usual thing for her when she did not want to be where she was.

In her stares, she would pretend that her father was there and repeatedly singing his songs he loved to hymn as he cleaned his pipe.

She would never hymn the songs he used to hymn. No, that would be too much. They would find out the secret. She didn’t want anyone to know that.

Rochelle had placed a schedule on the wall for her. From the time she awoke to the time she went to bed, her life was planned out. There was no question as to what she was going to do. There were days for field trips and even free time which Rochelle said that she could do whatever she wanted but she would have to be chaperoned or the environment would have to be made safe.

Unlike any other nurse that had taken care of Charisse, Rochelle took her job doubly serious.


This questioned along with why Parker was being so damn nice to her was in her head the whole night.

After dinner and a shower because she was not allowed to take a bath, Rochelle ordered her to bed. A television was rolled in from Rochelle’s room with a DVD attached to it and Charisse was handed a childlike remote with big buttons, but unable to be opened or broken.

Rochelle went into her room to give Charisse privacy, but there were cameras - Lots of cameras.

Pretending sleep, she listened to the noises of the house.

They were arguing. She could tell by the raised voices and then a door slammed. Another hour passed and Charisse knew their bed room was right under hers. For three minutes, she could hear their bed against the wall and then another door slamming right afterwards and a shower running.

Charisse looked at the closed bedroom door and then took a deep breath as she planned her escape.

* * *

Parker was still unsatisfied. Even after that sorry sex Chyna had allowed him to have. It was the intimacy he missed. The closeness, the touching… he needed more.

Soon as it was over, she jumped out of bed and went to take a shower. “I don’t like your sweat all over me,’ had always been her excuse and it had been one he had accepted all these years.

But it wasn’t acceptable anymore. His mind and heart had awakened and maybe Jaelen was right.

Getting out of bed, he put on a robe and went down stairs. He needed to walk off his frustration and anger. The house was big enough for that and when that didn’t work he’d go down to the weight room in the basement. That always seemed to work when she didn’t give him the satisfaction his body craved more and more

A light on in the kitchen made him wary at first, but then he remembered Charisse and her nurse were in the house.

Someone was rummaging through the refrigerator, but he couldn’t see their face because the door blocked them.

“I thought we put enough upstairs for weeks,” he said.

Charisse looked up from the refrigerator and narrowed her eyes. “It’s hard to get to when she locks her door at night. Anything is hard to get to in this house when all the drawers and cabinets are locked.”

“It was part of the requirements and my keys are upstairs. I’ll talk to Rochelle in the morning.”

“This is above and beyond the requirements, Parker. How am I supposed to feel comfortable?”

“There’s always going back to the facility, Charisse.”

She slammed the door to the refrigerator and huffed. “Who are you to tell me when I can live and die?”

“Who are you to take that right away from God?”

“You’re not the religious person.”

“But I want this to work.”

“I’m not your brother. You can’t save me.”

He tried not to let her statement get under his skin, but it was hard when she tried so hard to bring her verbal nails out whenever she got the chance, but he was shocked that Charisse had really paid attention to everything he had said. “Chyna wants this and I want whatever my wife wants. I’m going to obey the doctor to the letter. I always have been obedient.”

She sniggered. “Was that what that thing you just did to her called? Being obedient?” She imitated Chyna. “Hurry up. Get it over with.”

Parker braced himself, forcing himself to remember that Charisse hit below the belt verbally and she was sick- in the head. She was sick and she had to be excused for what she said.

“Go back to bed, Charisse.”

“I’m not a child.”

“Go!” he barked.

She stomped past him angrily, but she brushed him by mistake. Her skin was soft to touch against his arm and Parker wondered had she ever been touched.

So consumed in her anger, she didn’t even notice she had touched him. She continued up the stairs and he didn’t stop listening until he heard Rochelle reprimanding her for getting out of bed.

Maybe they were treating her like a child, but she had brought this
upon herself and he shouldn’t feel any pity for her.

Looking down at his arm where she had brushed up against him,
he closed his eyes and remembered the touch of her skin against his own. Why had he thought it would feel rough and cold?

Tightening his robe, he proceeded down into the basement to work out his body so his mind could get some rest.

Don’t think about these things. Don’t think about anything.

When the baby gets here, he knew all would be right in his world. He just needed to hold out for that.

Dinner had been a complete mess. All Chyna spoke about was what she wanted to do with his money and Jaelen’s words kept popping up in his head.

“Let’s take a trip together,” Parker had suggested at dinner right after their dinner plates were cleaned away.

“You’re too busy working to take trips or vacation, Parker.” Chyna had responded.

He hadn’t expected her to refuse. “We could go up for the weekend to the cabin we own in Midland. We haven’t been up there in almost two years.”

“That backwoods cabin that barely has electricity is your idea of roughing it and I refuse to go up there until you put some cable and updated appliances in that place. Otherwise you can go up there by yourself. A swimming pool and Internet is a requirement as well.”

“That takes away from enjoying nature, Chyna.”

“Why on earth would I want to do that?”

Parker knew this was a conversation going no where. “How about Hawaii for a week? I could get away. Things are going great and I have people in place that could run everything for a week.”

“Parker, we’re in the middle of trying to make a baby,” Chyna said annoyed. “How could we just go away?”

“Easily. I buy the tickets tonight and we could leave tomorrow morning. We can work on the natural baby making process. I’m sure the doctor would agree with me that we need a vacation from all of this and until they really get down to our problem.”

“And my sister? Did you forget that?”

“They have everything they need on the third floor. The house doesn’t need to be managed because the maid comes in like clockwork twice a week. They’ll be fine without us. Rochelle has the key and knows the security system. She’ll be fine with your sister.”

Chyna still didn’t look responsive to the suggestion. He was wary to suggest the hotel room, but couldn’t she understand he wanted something different.

Once they got home, she was still in a grumpy mood and when he started kissing on her neck, feeling on her body, she just became even angrier.

“Stop teasing me!” she snapped. “What’s all this touchy feely shit? What’s wrong with you Parker? Can’t you wait until we get to bed?”

“Can’t I touch my wife?”

“Please don’t start that again.”

For the third time that day, they argued and it didn’t stop until she went to the bathroom and slammed the door.

He laid in bed for about thirty minutes and when she came out, she laid next to him and just said, “I’m ready.”

That was his usual cue to do what he wanted and since he was horny of course he took advantage of it.

Rolling on top of her, he parted her legs and entered her. She had applied her lubrication and that was all he needed down there in order to effectively get himself to release in her. She braced herself by holding onto his shoulders.

When he started to take his time hoping that her natural lubrication would kick in, she barked, “Hurry it up, Parker. Quit playing around and get it over with.”

Pressing the three hundred pound weight over his head, he growled in aggravation. Driving the memories out of his head. Driving the anger and dissatisfaction with his life out of his head.

Driving the touch that Charisse had mistakenly giving him out of his head.

Why the hell was he even thinking that? He was not about to have sex with his sister in law. He knew that would only complicate this already
complicated matter between Chyna and him.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 5 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

Chapter 4.2

“I know my husband’s cheating on me,” Chyna said miserably into the phone.

Unfortunate for her, she didn’t know Parker had let himself into the masseuse’s room. He had seen her car there earlier when he had left with Charisse, but his wife had not known that her sister and husband was here, nor did he want the staff to know.

Her childhood best friend, Joanie Bell, was on speaker. “You say that every time you feel like this, Chyna. I think you’re trying to find a way to leave him.”

“Leave him? I can’t leave, Parker. Where will I go? What the hell will I do? Plus, he needs me.” Her voice was filled with arrogance.

“I think you’re just feeling guilty about Pascal.”

Parker gripped the door at the mention of that bastard. Pascal Faust was a backstabbing accountant who had not only stolen a very large amount of money from Parker, but slept Chyna five years ago.

“Shouldn’t I? Parker’s done everything he’s promised, which I never thought he would and what I have done? What have I given him?”

Joanie tried to comfort, Chyna, “Love. You’ve given him ten years of your life. Don’t think you’re not important in this marriage, Chyna.”

“I know I’m important, but I know my husband isn’t happy.”

Parker exited out the room only feeling a little guilty for listening. Sophie walked by.

“You didn’t find your wife yet, Mr. Mills?” she questioned. “She’s in here with the beauty mask on her face and cucumbers on her eyelids.”

He followed Sophie in the room, pretending he had heard nothing. By this time, Chyna had taken everything off her eyes and hung up the

“Why are you here, Parker?” Chyna asked defensively.

“The nurse came early for her and I had some free time before another meeting, so I decided to come see you.” That was a lie. Midway of driving no where and thinking about his afternoon, his manhood had become hard and he wanted some attention, so he came to the only place he knew he should get it from.

“You’re never a good liar, Parker.”

Sophie gave him a wink and left out of the room, giving them privacy.

“I just wanted to see your loveliness, Chyna,” he cajoled.

“You’re still a liar. I’ll be right out if you’ll let me call down assistance. You shouldn’t be seeing me like this.”

“We’ve been married for ten years, I’ve seen you before these weekly salon treatments you enjoy spending my money on, when we had no money and you had to put perm treatments on in our one bedroom mirror.”

“What do you want?”

“I have a couple of free hours before my meeting. I want to spend a few hours with my wife.”

“There’s not enough time to go home and do anything. Plus, my sister is there.”

“I know, and there’s a hotel around the corner.”

She gasped as if he had slapped her. “How could you even suggest something like that?”

“We’ve been doing this baby making sex for the past couple of years, Chyna. If I’m not using a cup, then I’m only getting to you when you’re hot and ready. You’re not a pizza, you’re my wife!”

“The keyword here is wife, Parker. And you don’t drag your wife in the middle of the day to a hotel room.”

“Why can’t I fuck my wife in the middle of the day?!” he boomed angrily.

“Get out!” she ordered. “Go take your sick fantasies out of here, Parker Sean Mills!”

Parker slammed out of the room and stormed into Jaelen’s office.

The friend had just returned and was just settling down to his computer when Parker burst into the office.

“What’s wrong with having sex in the middle of the day?!”

Jaelen shrugged. “As long as it’s with your wife, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“So why won’t she give me sex?”

Stopping everything that he was doing, Jaelen gave him a very serious look. “I’m going to say something that you don’t want to hear or don’t want to face, Parker. The only reason you’re still with that woman is because of obligation and some unwise debt you feel you owe to her.”

“Debt? What debt? I love my wife. We’ve spent ten years together.”

“You married her because you were shocked some beautiful woman wanted to spend the rest of her life with you. But you aren’t going to convince me she was planning on leaving you after five years of living from check to check. You aren’t going to convince me that she gave you an ultimatum. Get rich or get out of her life.”

“She was tired of living with a loser, which I will say I was. Now I can afford to do whatever I want and give her what I want. Just like I’ve always dreamed of.”

“Like I said, she and you are obligated to stay with each other. Because some reason you think she stayed with you for the bad times, you have to stay with her through the good times whether you’re happy or not. And she feels that since she paid most of the bills during the bad times, she’s obligated to enjoy your money during the good times.”

“That’s just foolish Jaelen. I did have a job.”

“And a gambling problem, a smoking problem and you couldn’t keep a dime in your pocket to save your life. Plus, you were ugly as hell and just recently grew into your face as my wife kindly puts it.”

Parker didn’t want to listen to him anymore and stood up to leave.

“Running is not going to shut me up. You asked.”

“No, I asked why can’t I have sex with my wife in the middle of the day?”

“Because you don’t love her anymore. You knew this five years ago when you were bopping anything and everything that had cookies between her legs including your wife’s sister.”

“That was just a spell. I was weak.”

“You were waking up to the truth.”

“You’re an ass full of shit. How does Kimberly put up with you?”

Jaelen smirked wickedly. “That’s why you are unhappy in your marriage.
You don’t put up with your spouse and all their shit. You love them. Kimber loves me. She doesn’t care that I’m an ass, she doesn’t care that I speak my mind and be an ass all day long. She’s going to love me until the meat falls off my bones because I’m going to love her no matter what. You don’t love Chyna and she doesn’t love you. You stay married on a hope, wink and a smile. Not love.”

“And you know all about love, Jaelen?”

“I don’t know shit, but I know I have a woman who knows all about it and I learn from her everyday. I love going to class.”

Jealously, Parker left wishing that he could really knock out Jaelen’s argument and actually say he was head over heels in love with Chyna, but for the life of him he couldn’t say that out loud and actually mean it.

His Substitue Wife...My Sister Chapter 4.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

AN: I know what you're waiting for...

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Sylvia Hubbard

Monday, January 07, 2008

Chapter 4

I've been a bad girl. I found during the holidays with the kids and I've been hooked on the free scary movies on there.

Today I found Katt Williams show from HBO cause you know a sistah can't afford cable.

So I've been lazy about it, but I just have to tweak the second part to chapter 4.


Three hours later, after Lupe delivered a nice simple black Vera Wang dress to her room and a sweater, Sophie ordered him to go to the back way entrance so they could finish her off and send her down to him.

Parker had gone to Jaelen’s office and made use of his equipment to make some calls and do some business.

Jaelen had left and not come back by the time Sophie found him.

As much work as he had done, he still couldn’t get rid of her cold words from his mind. What the hell had happened when she was little that made her think she was a scab?

Going to the back entrance, he paced until he heard footsteps coming toward him. Turning, he was flabbergasted at the vision of loveliness approaching him. She looked absolutely nothing about her sisters reminded him of what he was looking at. Because she had this independent look about her as if she didn’t care about her outer appearance and that brought out even more beauty.

“You look beautiful,” he said.

She blushed. “You say that to all your sister-in-laws.”

Parker chuckled and knew she didn’t want to harp on her looks, so he opened the door for her. It was raining and he grabbed the guest umbrellas by the door and held it over her head.

Charisse let him open the door for her this time and sat down careful not to brush up against him.

When Sophie had showed her the mirror of herself, Charisse almost screamed. She swore she was a younger version of her grandmother on her father’s side. It was amazing how her face didn’t look like her face. She had even touched it to make sure it was and not some daymare past, hunting ghost coming to make her feel guilty again.

“Thank you,” she had said to Sophie.

“You did all the work,” Sophie said.

* * *

The drive home was quiet. Charisse kept her head turned out the other window most of the time and then pretended to go to sleep again, when the quietness was driving her crazy. Wanting to speak, but not knowing how to speak nice was more difficult for her than anything.

Getting to the house, he turned off the car and then looked over at her. “I was serious about you not being a burden.”

“Thank you, Parker.” She wanted to add ‘for everything,’ but that would have been too much coming from her. And it would have felt phony saying something like that.

Parker got out of the car, but she jumped out before he could open the door for her.

They walked into the home together and just as they were about to say something to each other a van pulled up with the words, “Nursing Needs: Taking care of you and your loved ones.”

A black woman about forty casually dressed with her hair pulled back in a pony, came upon them. She reminded Charisse of Lena Horne, when she smiled, but there was this mole on her cheek and several on her neck.

“I’m Rochelle. The nurse you hired, Mr. Mills?”

He held out his hand warily. “I thought I was using Nursing Assistance.”

“You were, but when they’re short on staff, I’m a private outsource service that they usually use. You spoke with Catherine, right?”


She handed him a fax and then looked over at Charisse. “Shaw-reese?” she said slowly, but didn’t extend her hand. “Please tell me I have your name right. I spoke with your doctor-“

Charisse turned away and walked up the stairs.

Parker signed the fax where it was supposed to be signed and handed it back to Rochelle. “So I take it you know the drill with her?”

“Yes, Mr. Mills. Her doctor and I spoke in length of her condition.”

“And you’ve handled suicide patients before?”

“Many times. I haven’t had a failure on my watch and as long as the family let me do my job, I won’t have a failure in this case either.”

“Why would we get in the way?”

Rochelle narrowed her eyes. “A lot of families say that to me in the beginning, Mr. Mills, yet I find it the main reason as to why any other nurse or medical staff has failed in the past. Charisse and I will become fast friends and she’ll learn to trust me.”

He was positive if there were a door to slam in Charisse’s room she would have slammed it. She didn’t look at all happy. He also wondered what had she been about to say to him.

“You have my assurance my wife and I won’t even be around to get in the way, ma’am.” He tipped his head and walked back out of the house.

* * *

Charisse rushed over to the window just in time to walk the Benz drive away. ‘Why are
you being so nice to me?’ That’s what she had wanted to ask him once they were inside.

The possible answer to that question nagged her.

“Your brother in law and sister cares about you,” Rochelle said behind her.

Looking over her shoulder at the woman that was to be her watchdog for the next couple of months, she sighed with boredom and looked back at the window, just to stare out.

She really wished everyone would leave her alone and just let her die.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Chapter 3.2

it's one in the morning on a Sunday and I just heard five gun shots right outside my window.

I don't even try to look out. This is Detroit.

No, I'm not telling part of this story, I'm telling you what's going on right now.

I heard arguing early outside, but I didn't look outside the window, which had awoken me and made me get my flash drive and post chapter 3.

I decided to keep it going interested in what my brain could come up with still groggy in sleey but curious to know what was to hapen at the spa.

Yes, Jaelen's from Stealing Innocence I and II. Still an ass, but did you really expect him to change?

Anyhoo, I'm back at it again and I hope your morning is going more safely than mine.

... there's more gunshots. I'm turning the lights out and going back to sleep after I post. I'd call the police but this is Detroit. They won't come. I've worked for them for five years and I know they won't come.

So I stay away from the windows, keep the lights down low and I hope that no bullets have my name on it. Pray for my safety.

PS Don't forget to invite friends....


Waxing was more painful than she thought, but relieving in itself. Once she was able to figure out how to “sculpture” herself, she was on the fast track to getting rid of all the unwanted hair on her brow.

Lupe was a four foot nine Puerto Rican woman who at first looked like a child, but the winkles on her face told Charisse she had to be going into her forties.

“Now your legs, senorita,” Lupe instructed. “Just like I showed you with the larger ones.”

Being “careful” of her condition, they used the cold wax pads that didn’t need heating. Before this, after Charisse had taken a very hot shower to open her pours, Sophie had gone down everything they were to do today. After this, they were going to do her hair.

Sophie entered the room and said something to Lupe in Spanish.

“She’s almost a natural, Sophie,” Lupe commented in English to whatever Sophie had said. “We’re almost done. She’s finishing up her legs now. All that’s left are the thighs.”

Confused, Charisse looked at her legs and frowned. “There’s nothing wrong with my thighs.”

“Look higher,” Lupe said.

She did but didn’t see anything.

“Higher,” Lupe and Sophie said.

Charisse looked at her crotched and blushed. “Who looks there but me?”

Sophie chucked. “It doesn’t matter. My father always said never smell like a bear, eat like a bear, or look like a bear. You are not doing this for any man’s pleasure, Ms. Sheridan. You do it because you are woman and your power is drawn from what people don’t see.”

“My crotch hair makes a difference?”

“It’s sanitary and keeps you smelling fresh longer,” Lupe said.

“Plus, that much hair makes it look like you have Don King between your legs,” Sophie stated simply. “We might need to get the shaver first, Lupe.”

Lupe went to prepare that for the area, while Sophie said, “I’ve drawn a bath in the next room, but I wanted to get the perm in your hair and then get the conditioner to soak it before we get you to the milk bath.”

“Milk bath?” Charisse asked. “With actual milk?”

“Nutrients for your skin along with milk,” Sophie said.

Once she was done, as Lupe instructed, she placed the oil on the areas she had waxed and then let Sophie take her over to a beauty chair. Sophie only instructed her how to put everything on and even showed her how to mix the home perm mix.

“I had to run to the beauty store, while Lupe was with you because we only have professional strength here. I didn’t want to take a chance on you applying it wrong, so these are safer,’ Sophie explained.

Through her explanation, Sophie was amazed at Charisse’s aptitude.

“I’m not stupid,” Charisse snipped at one over the boat compliment as if she were a five year old figuring out a complex algorithm. “I left college to take care of my dying mother. Not because I was stupid. I was straight A until then.”

“I didn’t mean to-“

“I know,” Charisse said cutting her off. “I’m just touchy. But
everything you are doing is appreciated.”

Sophie changed her instruction immediately and Charisse was still able to get things done. Once the perm was in and then washed out, Charisse caught sight of herself in a mirror and couldn’t believe the reflection she saw staring back at her.

“What is it?” Sophie asked worriedly.

With her eyebrows toned down and her hair coming down past her shoulders, she saw a different woman instead of the dull face she was so used to. Maybe it was the cleansing they had done early to her pores or the cucumber mask applied, but she looked very different from the face she had been looking at for over twenty years.

“Nothing,” Charisse lied because she knew there was no way she could explain this to this woman.

Sophie placed a huge jar of conditioner in front of her. “Apply and then wrap it in the plastic like I showed you earlier.”

When she was done, she followed Sophie to another part of the room where behind a silk crème curtain one could almost see through was a large standalone tub filled with a milky liquid.

“Hang your robe and rest comfortably for an hour. Every five minutes, rub your hands firmly all over your body to soak the nutrients in.”

Lupe burst in the room as if she had run from the border and back. “Sophie, Ms. Tibble is back. Can you please come do that thing you do to her? She’s in a lot of pain and needs it bad.”

Sophie looked distressed. “Can’t she wait?”

“She’s demanding it.”

“Can you watch her?” Sophie asked.

“I’m in the middle of another customer. I can’t.” Lupe said.

“I am not a baby,” Charisse said.

“But Mr. Mills’ words were specific and I do not want to disobey him,” Sophie said. “On your way back up, Lupe, can you send Mr. Mills in, please?”

Lupe left.

“I’m taking a bath! He’ll see me,” Charisse protested.

“The water is thick enough to hide your body parts,” Sophie stated. “Plus he’ll stay on the other side of the curtain where he can see only your figure. I’ll be back in thirty no less. Don’t forget the instructions I told you to do when the timer goes off.”

He walked in filling the doorway with a look of concern in his eyes. Charisse wanted to duck under the water very aware of her nakedness.

“I have an emergency for a moment, Mr. Mills. Could you please keep an eye on your sister in law until I get back?”

“That’s fine,” he agreed and Sophie left out.

Parker immediately sat in the chair and glanced over at the curtain. All he could see was her head. Turning away so it wouldn’t look like staring, he reached inside his jacket to pull out his PDA/phone to busy himself.

A small beeping noise sounded to indicate she was to start rubbing herself, but she was so embarrassed, she didn’t even move. By the next beeping noise, she knew Sophie would get upset with her and just know she had not done as she was instructed to do.

To keep her nerves calm, she decided to talk while she started at her feet and rubbed the milky water into her skin.

“Why haven’t you thought about just adopting?” she questioned.

It was a moment before he answered, his attention focused on the electronic device. “I’ve thought about it and Chyna has suggested it.”

When he didn’t say anything else after that, she looked to the curtains in his direction. “But?”

Parker put the PDA down and looked her way. “I could, but I don’t. The stigma of adoption and failure isn’t what I want.”

“Stigma? By whom? So called friends? Family? Whom?” she asked.

“Just in my own heart. I don’t want that. My dream has always been to produce a child and raise a child with my wife.”

“I think you’re living in a fairy tale.”

“And what’s wrong with that?” he asked.

“Because fairy tales don’t come true. Fairy tales are a load of crap that that shoveled down our mouths as children because adults are afraid to tell the truth.”

“And what’s the truth?”

“That life is a bunch of shit and there’s nothing happy here once your eyes are opened.”

“Opened to what?”

She wanted to get away from being the center of attention, so she said, “Oh Parker, don’t be coy and don’t think I don’t know you’re miserable with Chyna. That brief conversation in the car clearly tells me that you’re regretting saying I do.”

He was shocked at her perception, but he hid this in his features and tone of voice. “We’ve been married for ten years. Every couple has their ups and downs. Right now, we’re in that stage where we want something and we can’t get it normally. But things are going to look brighter, soon.” There was so much hope in his voice and she almost believed him.

The subject was just too interesting to speak about and she quickly finished massaging and leaned on the side of the tub to look at him.
All the while, he had watched her feeling, she had more to say, but then he couldn’t stop watching her.

“You look healthy, Parker. What’s the medical problem if I may be so

“You may not,” he said and forced himself to look back down at his electronic device.

“So you’re fine? It’s Chyna?”

“This isn’t your business, Charisse.”

His reluctance to tell her made her even more curious. “I’m dying of curiosity. Come on, Parker.”

He flinched at her word choice. “Dying?”

Charisse couldn’t help chuckling. “Okay, I’m not.”

Changing the subject, Parker questioned, “Why aren’t you serious about what’s wrong with you?”

“Because there’s nothing a little death can’t cure,” she said simply.

He leaned closer to her, disturbed by her callousness. “And you don’t think this is a problem, Charisse?”

“For whom? You? My sisters? Or me?”

“We’re your family.”

“I’m an unwanted scab in this world that doesn’t want to be here.”

He decided to tell her Jaelen’s words. “Maybe there’s a purpose for you in
this world and God’s will is not yours.”

The timer went off again and she abruptly turned away from him.

Parker straightened in his chair feeling that his words had hit something inside of her, but unsure of what. She didn’t speak to him and he
pretended that something on his device was more important than her.

The massaging gave her time to think of his worlds and just everything she had tried not to think about in a long time. For some reason Parker’s presence calmed her and the daymares didn’t come.

Sophie returned after half an hour and Parker quickly left the room as if he were in a rush to do something else.

‘Get away from your crazy ass,’ Charisse told herself.

His Substitute Wife... My Sister Chapter 3.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard


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