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Tanner's Devil - Part 6.2

Devlin had to walked three blocks to the strip mall from the motel to find some more clothes and accessories. Plus, he had not eaten since breakfast yesterday, so he found a Coney Island and picked up a burger which he quickly woofed down on his way to the strip mall.

Arriving in Detroit yesterday with just his travel bag and a tuxedo, he knew he had to get out of the penguin suit before he attracted too much attention. The clerk at the hotel was paid nicely to get the undershirt, jeans and cap, but they had fit tight.

Devlin decided to go himself this time. He would not only pick up some clothes that fit, but also some personal items, candles, condoms and some snacks.
Continuing his walk to the strip mall was difficult because Devlin had never walked so far except through his large mansion in upstate New York.

On top of that he was in Detroit on a not so friendly side of town and all they knew was that this big white guy was walking around. Devlin had only carried his identification, one credit card, a couple of hundred in cash and his cell phone. He had borrowed an old black jacket from the hotel’s lost and found, which barely fit across the wide span of his chest and could not be closed.

While shopping, he decided to break down and call his father. This would be least expected and Devlin knew what to expect and Devlin knew what to expect.

“Dev, is that you?” Auriello Sanchez questioned. The slight accent made his words more pronounced, but the concerned that filled his voice was evidence.

“Si, Pappa,” Devlin said in misery.

Auriello asked concerned. “Where are you? Your mother is worried. She is actually speaking to me thinking I’m keeping you from her.”

“I’m okay. That’s all you need to know and you may tell her that was all I told you.”

“Your mother is a hot mess. Why are you keeping your phone off on purpose? And why did you abandon your vehicle in Traverse City? What is this? You’ve never been this
irresponsible before?”

“I know, Pappa, but I was angry. Richard had no right!”

“Where are you? I’ll come get you myself.”

“No. I just called to let you know I’m still alive and … and tell Momma I’ll be home soon. I’ll come straight to New York, but I don’t want to see Richard’s face.”

“That’s your brother. You’ll throw him to the curb?”

“Do you think he cared that he was my brother when he was fucking my fiancée?” Devlin sneered.

People knear him stopped what they were doing and looked at him curiously.

Devilin pulled the cap down tighter. Knowing his tone of voice and words were out of line, he quickly apologized. “But I’m tired of this blood being thicker than water speech, Pappa. A bastard is a bastard and you let the bastard know to get his shit and get the hell off my property.”

“Where will he go, Devlin?”

“Fuck if I care.” He turned off the phone and jammed it in his pocket.

He was almost tempted to call the pimp from the cell phone, but decided against it. He would call once he returned to the room. That was enough time so he didn’t seem desperate.

‘Cursed all this walking!’ He was given too much time to think and the only thing he wanted to think about was the woman he had shared his first time with.

But was he really desperate?

No! Any woman should do. Most likely he was endeared to this woman because she had been his first. Of course! That could be the only reason. He would get to the hotel and tell this pimp to
just send anyone. As long as she was clean and quiet, it shouldn’t matter.

Yet, the idea of touching the dark honey brown skin, feeling her warm mouth on him and having her ride him to glory kept repeating in his head. Devlin found himself longing to really know if her sweat tasted like chocolate and if he could really make her come with his mouth like he had done with his hand.

He was tired of reading how to please a woman. He wanted to try all the things he had read about and share them with just one woman.

So why couldn’t it be with her?

She was a professional and hell all this money he had, why couldn’t it afford him something? Instead of always being tucked away for when he became married.

Dammit! It was his money! He could buy anything he wanted. And he wanted Tanner.

Coming around the corner to the walkway in front of his hotel door, he stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes beheld the woman that had just been in his thoughts.

Devlin had not thought the pimp would just send her and no one had come to pick up the money in advance. Would this mean he would give her the money?

His manhood twitched in excitement and his pants became extra tight in the front again.

She had just knocked on his door and was consumed on her own thoughts, so she had not noticed as Devlin walked up behind her. He leaned down and smelled her hair. What was she thinking?
Was she just as excited as he was at the prospect of being together again? Could they
immediately start as soon as they entered or would he have to warm her up like he did last night? He wouldn’t mind. It felt so good feeling inside of her. She had been soft and tender, moist and juicy.

She smelled so nice - Spring pink flowers and cinnamon.

Clearing his throat, she spun around startled.

“Why the hell do you keep doing that?!” she yelled.

Devlin frowned not expecting her forceful nature and opened his hotel door. She seemed a little uncomfortable suddenly as he moved out the way to let her walk in before him.

When the door was closed and Devlin had put his items on the table, he retrieved his money from the closet and started to count out the grand. She came up to him and touched his hands.

Meeting her beautiful honey brown eyes that were a strange match to her skin tone, he found himself almost lost and willing to promise her anything if he could just have her again. He hadn’t notice the sensually face and how her naturally her lips pouted and called out for kisses.
She had a mole in the left corner of her mouth and he found a need to just lick right there in corner and make a trail along her bottom lip and nibble right there on his mouth until his teeth fell out.

At that moment and time, Devlin didn’t just want her body; he wanted to possess her soul. He wanted to wake up to her and he wanted to privilege of being the only man who could make her come like she had last night.

Sex may have ignited his passion for her, but there was something more driving his urges to have her. He was sure of that, but he just couldn’t explain it.

“Are you Devlin Sanchez?” she asked suddenly.

Devlin placed the money in her hand, but she put it down on the table.

“I’m not going to be paid to be quiet unless I know the truth!” she said adamantly.

This was not how he expected her to find out!

Frustrated, Devlin took the cap off and hurled it across the room.Shit! Fuck! If she knew, who else knew?

Tanner's Devil Part 6.2 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

Tanner's Devil - Author Interuption

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Tanner's Devil Part 6.1

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Pari had stepped out to the corner party store, while Tanner and Donetello had been in the room, so he left after he couldn’t find Pari in the apartment. Once Pari returned, Tanner had donned on some blue jeans and a pink blouse with matching pink shoes to match. Tanner also made a few calls to some friends and then tried several times to get in touch with Jamroque, but was very unsuccessful. She packed a change of underwear in her purse and anything she felt she needed if she was going to stay over night with Donetello. But that was a big if, because Tanner was still very confused about her on lack of emotions toward Donetello.

What had this stranger done to her?

Tanner convinced Pari to take her to the school to pay off her student bills before the deadline time. Pari still had a small beat up ghetto-fied Festiva that could get around.

While in route to the school, Tanner noticed the black Buick with tinted windows following them and alerted Pari to this after telling Pari everything that had happened, except about her suspecting who the john was. She wasn’t sure herself and wasn’t about to tell a lie on a hunch or a brief picture on TV and a weird man who had affected her more than she would ever let even herself know.

“I told you!” Pari spat angrily.

“Please Pari, no lectures. And no offers of secret friends helping me out and whooping Dontello’s ass. I was wrong to deceive him and this is my mess.” Tanner was not one to really involve friends in things, but she knew Pari would come in if things really got out of hand – hopefully it wouldn’t.

“You need to lay low for a couple of months, Tanner. This shit is going to hit the wall too soon and you know Donetello could get so upset he could hurt you, I don’t care how much he loves you.”

Tanner knew all this and her brain had been thinking like that as soon as Donetello had left even though he did not indicate if he knew what was going on or not. But with her unable to reach Jamroque, this really put her on edge because she didn’t really know what Dontello really knew. That’s why the extra phone calls were needed while waiting for Pari to get home from the store because Tanner knew she had to have a plan.

“Where am I supposed to lay low, Pari? You know the only family I have is you and you’re stuck up in the ghetto with me.” They cackled together, but there was still uneasiness about it all. If Tanner had to hide, there would really be no place she could that Donetello didn’t know about.

Pari waited in the car, while Tanner ran in to pay the school. After a few minutes of being inside, Tanner rung Paris cell phone.

“What’s up?” Pari asked.

“Are they still around?” Tanner asked. “Pretend you’re checking your make up to look in the back window.”

After a moment, Pari said, “Yeah. Black Buick with two guys.”

Tanner groaned knowing Donetello had sent those men to keep an eye on her and report back to him. ‘Skeming smart ass bastard.’ He wanted her to fuck up so bad, she’d come crawling to him for mercy and of course he’d accept her back once she promised to be his whore forever.

“In two minutes a friend of mine, Dawn, I told to meet me in the school, will come out dressed in my coat and hat. Greet her like you would me and then drive over to Maybellene’s Salon. I put two hundred in the glove compartment. That should give you enough to look great and keep Dontello’s men busy for a couple of hours.

“Cool. Be careful, Tanner. I’ll go check on Nina this afternoon for you to make sure she’s taking it easy.”

“Thanks and I’m always cool. I’ll call you at the salon. Dawn knows what to do to keep you out this mess.” Hanging up, she took off her coat and hat and traded different color items with Dawn, a classmate who Tanner had tutored and owed Tanner a big favor. “Remember the plan. Get your hair done, put back on your stuff, go across to the party store and in the last aisle, slip in the back of the store and go out. I’ll send the cab at the time to wait for you and it’ll already be paid enough to take you anywhere. The wig is in my coat pocket.”

Dawn nodded and left out the woman’s restroom right by the student service office, while Tanner went back to the student services office to pay out her tuition and graduation fees.

“Good news, Ms. Tanner,” the female clerk said excited after checking the computers. “Your professors have signed off on the credits for early graduation. You don’t need those two extra course requirements you thought you had to take. All we need is your internship completions papers and you’re all set to graduate in the summer.”

Tanner was surprised and very happy. “I’m done?”

“Yes! Your M-Cats were more than excellent and we’ve sent your results, now that you’ve paid, over to the graduation committee.”

This was the best news she had heard in a very long time and she tried her best not to cry.

“Do I have to complete the internship?”

The clerk checked the computer again to be sure. “No. The head counselor said it was not needed. You have three months free until graduation.”

Tanner was elated at the prospect of being finished with her education she didn’t know what to do with herself.

“According to our records, you aren’t schedule to start interviewing until the summer. Even though we can’t move up your graduation date, we could move that up for the more perspectives to view your resume and call you in for interviewing.”

‘Three months free?!’ her mind screamed. Tanner couldn’t have been happier knowing in three months she would be done with school and would be certified – legit. She had taken on an overload of classes so she could finish early and had done the extra internships just so this could happen, but to hear that it was happening from all her labored hard work was beautiful music to her ears. She wanted a mental vacation now to get her head straight and begin the process of packing up her life in Detroit and leaving.

“I’m going to refuse that offer,” Tanner told the clerk satisfied that she was just eligible to graduate.

Tanner’s text message alert on her phone went off just as Tanner was exiting out the student services office.

Pari sent her a message, “Jam called home machine. Phone left over Nina’s. Will call u back @ four, after some business.”

Tanner called the machine at home and left her cell phone number on the answering machine in a general message just in case Donetello called. This was an evasive way to give Jamroque her number with his cell phone lost. Her gut feeling told her that the business had something to do with Donetello. Obvious it was a ploy to get to Jamroque because it wasn’t a direct request to see Donetello. It was just a way to sneak up and get information out of Jamroque. Hopefully the bodyguard would call her before he got to Donetello, but Tanner doubted he would.

And what would Donetello do to the stranger if Jamroque told where he had taken Tanner?

Dontello’s words whispered deadly in her head, “No man ever thinks of taking you away from me.”

The idea of Dontello being so angry that he couldn’t find Tanner if she decided to run made her imagine that in his angry rage Donetello would go after the stranger.

Checking her watch, she saw it had been almost a couple of hours. Pari and Dawn were most likely at the salon deep in getting their hair done.

She paid for a cab to take her to the motel she had been to last night.

On the way there, she listened with the driver to the radio news.

“Millionaire bachelor and reported thirty three year old virgin, Devlin Sanchez, is still missing. The family spokesman has told the press since Devlin walked out of the church Thursday morning on his much anticipated wedding day, there has been no word of him. Devlin Sanchez walked out of his wedding ceremony because according to witnesses he found his fiancée’ and brother –“

The driver turned off the radio. “That’s some fucked up shit,” he sneered in disgust. “Man waits all that time to lose his virginity to a drop dead gorgeous bombshell and he catches her fucking his brother in the back of a church. I wouldn’t have ran personally I’d have kill both them bitches.”

The cab came to a stop in front of the motel and she passed him a bill and a piece of paper.
“That’s for the fare and a favor.”

He took the money and note.

“Be in the alley of that address at six p.m. sharp. Don’t be late. Take the passenger to wherever she has to go. You’ll know her because she’ll be coming out the back to the party store with about my measurements.”

The driver nodded and Tanner got out. She found the room and looked around just to make sure she really had not been followed. She had Dawn’s ratty grey ankle length coat, but underneath she was still dressed comfortable in her jeans and blouse.

Tanner had not been the kind of woman to dress up. She loved to look casual and never went many places where she had to wear professional dress. Even at work she dressed down in the nurses gear.

Taking a deep breath, she prepared to knock on the door.

Tanner's Devil Part 6.1 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

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Tanner's Devil Part 5.3

Every step he took to walk back over to the bed was like an invisible stab in her chest for her deceit. Dontello didn’t smile, nor did he look as if he knew anything suspicious. “The girl you sent over to the hotel last night. I forgot to ask you who did you sent, since Jamroque told me that you didn’t take me up on my offer.”

The bastard was giving her an out or was he? ‘Do you know, dammit?!’ her mind screamed. She hated playing guessing games. ‘Okay, Tanner, if he knows then you’re going to have to take the beating or disappear for a while until his anger cools off, but if he doesn’t know then you’re going to have to have to remember your lie.’

So upset about it, she said, “Pari went.”

He frowned. “Paridise? Your roommate?”

“Yeah,” she said obviously, even though she knew that Donetello knew she wouldn’t send Pari on an assignment if it involved more than a hand job, because Pari didn’t get down like that, but back in the day when Tanner had an overflow of clients, she would throw Pari some easy jobs that didn’t do hardly anything except enjoy her company. “Jam said the guy only wanted to talk and touch, so I figured Pari wanted the job and it was a favor. Plus, I know you took your cut off the top and it wouldn’t be anything, but pocket change. Pari worried about what you’d do to me if I didn’t accept it and she didn’t want me to get back in the business even if I did want to do it. I was adamant about not getting back in the business - Not like that anymore, baby. I told you.” She pretended there was some misunderstanding about what she had said weeks ago. “Just big medical jobs, not any of that. When she came home, she just went straight to get something to eat and joined me on the couch. She didn’t say much.”

Donetello looked at the door as if he were inclined to call Pari in the room to prove Tanner wrong, but then he looked a little confused as if the information he had been given was positive.
‘So you haven’t spoken to Jamroque? Who the hell did you speak to?’

Tanner was positive that Donetello would not touch a hair on Pari’s hair because even though she was innocent as hell, she did know some pretty powerful people somehow and it took Donetello only one time to mess with Pari before he wouldn’t harm a hair on the roommate’s head, but neither Pari or Donetello would speak about what had happened.

Leaning over to her, Donetello firmly grabbed Tanner’s chin and kissed her cheek. “I’m going to take care of you, Tanner.” He increased the pressure on his grip to her chin. “No more shitting around for both of us. You’re gonna be mine forever, this time. I’ll make you happy. And I’ll make sure no man ever thinks of taking you away from me.”

She took his hand off her chin, kissed his palm and smiled as if honored. “I know, sweetie.”

The kiss he bestowed her lips was with was a passionate, wild promise and it would have even been exhilarating if…

If Tanner was still in love with Donetello.

Tanner's Devil Part 5.2 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

Tanner's Devil Part 5.2

Tanner awake suddenly hearing cursing outside her door. Realizing she was alone, she quickly jumped out of the bed and grabbed the money out of her coat and hid it behind her dresser.

Going over to the door, she pressed her ear against it to listen to Donetello speak on the phone.

“Um… that’s a hard one to find. She’s one of my best… How much? Depends on how long
you want her this time. Usually she goes by the hour…a thousand. With a minimum of two in advance.”

She wondered when did Donetello’s prices go up so high?

A disgusted growl came from Donetello. “I’ll see what I can do. Call me back in a couple of hours.”

Tanner jumped back in bed, found the roll of money he had given her, and then pretended to be sleep, but with one of her eyelids partially cracked to see what he would do.

Donetello entered as if he were trying to catch her doing something and came over to the bed staring at her for a long while. He was pissed off – past angry, but he wasn’t doing anything to her. When he thought she was asleep, he turned away to look around the room. He checked her coat pockets, her drawers and even the boxes in the closet, but he found nothing of what he was looking for.

What did he know? Tanner couldn’t face him when he was like this because she didn’t want to make the mistake of letting him know too much.

Yet, Tanner knew Donetello too well and knew if he were past pissed at her, his anger wouldn’t come out right away. Dontello was a bastard that loved to let shit simmer, plot and plan until he could find a way to get what he needed out a person then crush them.

When his search was unsuccessful, he moved like a lynx on the bed as if hunting his prey and lightly caressed her face in an attempt to arouse her from sleep. His touch was spurious to
his tone of voice. “Tanner,” he said sternly.

Pretending to just wake up, she smiled seductively at him as if it were an honor to open
her eyes to his face. The anger in his dark chocolate eyes immediately melted away and in its place a man who was consumed and in love with her.

“Want me to drop you off at school? I could help you persuade them,” he offered.

‘Was this an attempt to see how much she really had to pay off? Did he know? Did Jamroque tell?’ her mind screamed, but she didn’t show an inch of her exasperation on her face.
Instead, she exhausted sleep and caused a distraction to think, by stretching. “No, sweetie. I better go alone. I’ll have Pari drop me off in her car. Remember, I’ll be legit soon.” She stole a kiss because that frown was coming back to his brow and she needed to distract him. “You’re so awesome in power, you’ll have them peeing on themselves.”

‘Yeah, bitch!’ she told him in her head. ‘You trained me well and I know I have your ass wrapped around my damn finger, but I know you got some shit on me, Donetello.’

Still being her sweet and innocent self, she said in a hopeful tone as if she was very doubtful about the matter without him, “I think I can handle it.”

There was this distrustful glare in his eyes, but she pretended she didn’t see it and kissed him again briefly. “Maybe afterwards, I’ll call you and we can finish what we started.”

He most definitely like that idea and pulled her against his body, so she could feel his hardness to show her just how much he liked that idea and then his mouth came down to kiss hers.

Yet, the excitement his mouth use to offer was not there anymore. Nor the fireworks she felt in the pit of her stomach knowing he wanted her that much. Matter of fact, her subconscious had gotten on this boat and was actually telling her how Devlin was much more bigger.

Tanner wanted to cry, but instead she whimpered as she reluctantly responded to the overly long kiss with her eyes open looking at him.

‘I wish this kiss could read your mind,’ she said to herself.

Dontello’s eyes were closed. He was a man caught between a rock and a hard place.

Trying to act reluctant, Tanner pushed away breathlessly, with a promise look of more. “Tonight about nine, we’ll make it all right, Donnie. I promise.”

He looked relieved and got off the bed. Taking out five hundred dollars, he laid that on the bed where he had been. “Spend that on yourself, baby. Make yourself real pretty for me tonight.”

“Yes, Donnie,” Tanner gnawed at her inner lip not, trying not to feel guilty.

“I’ll call you bout nine or nine thirty.” Turning to leave, he abruptly stopped and turned back to her. “Oh Tanner, one more thing.”

Her heart pounded in trepidation. 'Just when you thought you had gotten away with some shit! Get ready. Donetello's no fool. He's just one rotten snake waiting in the grass ready to strike.'

Tanner's Devil Part 5.2 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

Tanner's Devil Part 5.1

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Sitting up in bed, Devlin immediately reached for the business card. It was going on mid-afternoon almost noon. He had gotten some sleep, but not restful.

He had fallen asleep thinking about her and now awake he still thought of her and wanted her again. Yet, he knew the consequences of it all. Now he could understand a lot of his brother’s stupid decisions when it came to the opposite sex and Devlin was almost glad he had waited so long to experience this.

Rolling over to lay on the pillow, he groaned smelling her scent and his shaft came to life as his brain began to replay experience he had thoroughly enjoyed. He wish he could have become more comfortable with her, but he knew if he told her this she would have known and he felt since he had gone through all this, he really had not wanted her to know it was his first time.

Burying his face in the covers to relish the pleasant odor she had left on his sheets, all he could do was imagine her touching him and her mouth… He groaned. He wanted more of her.
Again he sat up in bed bothered by this thought.

Was he really telling himself that he wanted a prostitute again? And not just any prostitute – this one. This Tanner. Why? He could probably pay any respectable woman any amount to keep quiet, but she had…

She had done something he had not expected. When she had put her hand down there and instructed him on how to please her, Devlin fears of pleasing her had immediately been laid to rest and he could not have asked for a better teacher. His decision to lose his virginity to her had been questionable until that point and he had shared more than his body with her. They had shared an understanding of what pleased her – and it had been him.

Dialing the number, he knew he was probably the worst decision he could make, but what the hell.

“Holla,” the familiar voice Devlin had spoken to last night answered. The pimp’s voice was much quieter as if he were trying very hard to keep the conversation on the down low. There was no sound in the background to even indicate that there might be someone around to listen to his conversation and to Devlin this man certainly didn’t seem to care that others knew he was a pimp.

“This is a repeat customer from last night. Do you remember me?”

“The green? Damn! Calling back so soon?” He sounded impressed and amused.

Devlin tried not to show his irritation at being called green. It had been his first time in his whole life calling to request “service,” and his words had not come out the way he wanted them to. “Since I’m not so green anymore, how about we drop the moniker. And if I am a repeat, does that mean five grand will still apply for fast and clean?”

“You sound like a businessman. A very smart businessman, so of course repeaters need not pay that much,” he chuckled as if the joke was on Devlin. “But fast and clean always cost. So what do you have a taste for now?”

“What if I want a re-request from last night?”

There was an uncomfortable silence. “The same girl?”

“Yeah, is that going to be a problem?”

“Man, I can send you an even better-“

“No!” Devlin said obstinately. “I want the same one.”

The uneasiness returned and there seemed to be some moving going around as if the man was trying to get away from where he was. “Okay, here’s the deal. I was so high last night I really don’t remember what girl I sent, Green. I know she was clean cause that’s all I deal in, but-“

Devlin figured this pimp was just trying to squeeze more money out of him and became impatient. So he described the woman in a crisp harsh tone. “Light coffee skin, five three, thick with a small waist, young looking, but mature woman. Brown corn-rolled hair with dark blonde streaks.”

“Did she give you a name?” the pimp asked as if trying to remember.

“No, but her boy called her Tanner.”

This silence was long and eerie and Devlin thought the call had dropped until he heard the pimp speak in a very vicious tone, “Fuck!”

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Tanner's Devil Part 4.2

Tanner continued in her seductress role and leaned back on the bed spreading her legs. She knew Donetello wanted her and she also knew there was no way she was going to avoid getting the last of her money in time if she didn’t do this. “Take it,” she ordered.
Pretending she wanted him was just too easy. She did this all the time for the johns and playing the role of a wanton hussy came effortlessly to her. The only difference was that, this was the first time she had to play it with Donetello, but he didn’t even know the difference.

He didn’t waste any time digging in and Donetello was just as skilled with his mouth as she remembered him. Knowing he only reserved this privilege to very few had always turned Tanner on and she relished in knowing he was eating her like he had not had a meal for days. His lips skillfully nibbled her womanly lips, lavished his tongue around her clitoris and then quivered in her syrupy moistness.

She watched him responding with sighs of pleasure she was use to doing and unlike all the other times, this was different. Tanner didn’t feel that thrill, that rush of bliss that would envelope her. Instead she was hoping he would get a fill of her and leave – just like any other john.

Closing her eyes, she pretended she had experienced some kind of pleasure. To compensate any boredom and falling asleep, Tanner started to imagine that it wasn’t Donetello down there. Instead, that strong face of Devlin Sanchez popped into her mind. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t see his face all the way, but the knowledge that he was laving her pussy so good, made her heart race and her skin perspire. Damn! Damn! Yes!

She couldn’t breath as her body’s nerves seem to gather for a storm of never ending pleasure and she laid back on the bed, gripped his head with her thighs and grinded her pussy on his nice beautiful mouth.

‘Devlin! Eat it good, baby,’ her mind shrilled, but she bit her lips to not speak. She further imagined his hands now coming over her waist to hold her down, knowing she was about to come.

His tongue increased and the honey she release flowed freely as her body culminated to a powerful orgasm that she had never had before. But it wasn’t just physically. Matter of fact, the more she imagine Devlin’s mouth down there, the more she could feel her entire body responding to the oral ministration.

Donetello moaned because he knew something was different.
“Fuck!” Tanner spat when it felt like a lightning bolt had shot through her head, down her spine and burst forth the most wondrous flood of vibrations throughout every vein in her body. “D-D-” She bit her lip harder to stop herself from saying Devlin’s name.

When the climax subsided, Donetello pulled away using a silk handkerchief to wipe his face and Tanner turned to the side to hide her guilty expression tears with welling up in her eyes.

He sat beside her on the bed. “Damn, girl, you ain’t never came like that before.”

Tanner said nothing wallowing in pure shame at envisioning another man while she was with Donetello. What had this stranger done to her? And why did she just want to scrub away Donetello’s touch, put on some clothes, and rush over to see if the john was still at the hotel?

No man had affected her like this – except Donetello, but this wasn’t happening to her. She refused to believe that some strange man could just affect her like that. She had been with Donetello for a long time before she had even admitted she was even remotely in love with her heart and an even longer time to admit her mind and soul were his at one point. Sure, she knew she had been always sexually attracted to him, but Tanner took all the other stuff seriously and she never made decisions without careful consideration.

“See baby,” Donetello said, drawing her up in his arms. “You need me, Tan. You love me.” He pressed the two thousand in her hand and kissed her brow.

He didn’t ask her if she really needed or loved him, so she said nothing, nor did she respond, but she could not stop crying from the guilt she was feeling. Resting her head on Donetello’s chest pretending she was still affected from what he had done to her, she continued to think.

‘Okay, so you feeling something powerful toward this stranger. It could be because you think you know the real truth about him and you’re just curious. Maybe if you get with him one more time, find out the truth, and fuck him good, you’ll get him out your system.’ That sounded half past crazy, but weirdly sane. Since meeting Devlin Sanchez, the word weird was coming up more and more.

Tanner's Devil Part 4.2 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

Tanner's Devil Part 4.1

Donetello was six feet tall and one of the most handsome men Tanner had laid eyes on. She had a crush on him since the first time seeing him at sixteen years old when he pulled up next to her in a gold custom decked out Crown Victoria.

He had just won the turf war, which included Tanner and her mother, plus eighteen other women.

It must have been love at first sight as well for him because from that point on, if she wasn’t on the street or hustling something for him, she was with Donetello. He taught her the real tricks of the trade – how to make a man feel like a kin and she learned fast.

Now, standing in the middle of her living room early in the morning in the latest Sean John get up, as if he was going to the Grammy’s in a few seconds with P. Diddy, with dark smooth chocolate skin that reminded a woman of a Hershey bar, bald head, and a brawny, thick body full of power, he stared at her with concern.

Forcing herself to stay and look calm, Tanner didn’t break eye contact and wondered did his sandy hazel eyes see her lies. Donetello didn’t like deceit and she had always fearful of doing something behind his back. Even though she was short, Tanner was a powerhouse of muscle and thickness all in the right places and could hold her own in a fight with any female. She had been known to take a john out because her mother always told her if she felt her life was in jeopardy to try to take them out before they took her.

Yet, Donetello had a presence that spoke power, respect and fear. She had always preferred men shorter; Donetello had been an exception to the rule. Matter of fact, she had always only let Donetello get away with anything.

“A moment of your time in private,” Donetello said. It wasn’t a request, but a polite order.

Tanner let him follow her into her room, which only contained a full size bed, a dresser and a desk. It had previously contained a laptop, printer, a TV, and expensive sound system, but she had pawned that for the initial payment on her education.

The primary color in her room was pink, her favorite color, and back in the day by servicing one john, she had gotten the room completely decorated in style, but this last year in college had been the hardest financially for her.

Her heart pounded as Donetello shut the door behind him, ensconcing himself in the room alone with Tanner.

She had to fight the urge to bite the inside of her mouth to not show him her nervousness as she sat on the bed and he remained standing in front of her.

“It’s D-Day,” he said, pointing to her calendar.

‘Donetello Day?’ she wondered to herself. If Donetello knew she took the job it mean she owned him. He didn’t care about the money she had earned. No, the payment he wanted was between her legs and Tanner didn’t’ want to give it up for a summer to him, even though that may not be enough in Donetello’s book. “What’s day?” she asked out loud as if she had not heard him.

“Time for you to pay the piper, Tanner – your tuition payment.”

Tanner said nothing, nor did she portray any emotion on her face as Donetello took his coat off and carefully put it on the back of the chair by the desk. Strapped to his side was his .350 Magnum that he never left home without. Underneath that expensive silk shirt was most likely a bulletproof vest and no doubt a four-inch blade was strapped to his leg.

But Tanner wasn’t worried about Donetello shooting or stabbing her. He wouldn’t kill her. The worse he would maybe do is bitch slap her with the butt of his gun for paying Jamroque to lie for her.

Bracing herself, she was hoping she could muster enough courage to not give in if it became too bad.

“I didn’t see your car outside. Pawned it?” he questioned.

“Yeah.” She had done that months ago to pay off the day the initial balance, but she was not going to let him know.

He looked around the room. “Your computer setup, stereo and TV are all gone. Bet your jewelry box has tumbleweeds inside of it.”

“Are you here to rub it in?” she asked.

Donetello stepped closer to her and cupped her cheek. She wanted to draw away, but she knew that would immediately alert him that her feeling had changed for him. Usually when he did this, she would lean her face into his wide palm and sometimes even kiss it tenderly. This time, she did lean, but she did not kiss it.

“Nine thousand is a lot of money to ask for Tanner, with no strings attached. You know that.”

“I know, Donnie,” she said, purposely calling him by his nickname he only reserved for close friends and family. “I asked for a lot from you.”

“Tan, you know you have my heart, don’t cha? You make a man wanna go legit.” He knelt down so she did not have to look up at him and put his arms around her waist. “You know you my girl, right, and Sissy would want me to take care of your ass by any means necessary.”

Tanner wanted to scream at him, ‘I’ve made you more money than anyone of your whores or your damn operations in the time I worked for you, bastard! You got mo’fo nerve crying over nine grand and trying to use me for it.’ But she did not mumble a word of her disgust for his frugalness. “I know you would if you could, Donetello” She knew he had only come because he assumed her back was against the wall and he was just here to come and give her what she needed, if she sold her soul to the devil. Deciding to turn the tables, she said, “But what if it wasn’t the full nine. I mean two grand ain’t that much.”

A suspicious glare shot in his light brown eyes, but it quickly faded. This request quickly caught him off guard. Tanner knew he could make this at the casino in an hour. “What about the rest of the payment?”

“Two thousand would hold them off until I could come up with the rest – hopefully,” she added, lying through her teeth. The rest of the money was inside of her coat two feet away from the bed hanging behind the door. “But I’m sure that amount would definitely show that I am going to promise to pay them the rest.”

“And what would I get, Tanner?” There was no sweetness in his tone, he was all business, but he didn’t change his proximity to her, which she wanted him too.

“What is it you require, Donetello?” she asked. Now she could deal. A summer of just being his girl would pass the time while she finished her interview process and took a break from all the stuff she had been through, before selecting the job she wanted – which would hopefully be out of state. “How much of myself do you want?” Seductively leaning forward, she let the robe fall open to reveal a peek of her thirty-six C cups with the dark tips and perky nipples.

His eyes couldn’t help, but to look and he smile greedily. “How bout a taste, Tanner? Show me how much you really want my help?”

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Tanner's Devil Part 4.1 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tanner's Devil - Part 3

Okay, last part for today. Thanks for your input. It was very much appreciated and now I know what to do with this story.

PS Thanks Shai for the comments about the car fund being so low.

If you would like to know what she said here are her comments from the last post:
Ok all you blog readers, I have popped in now and then here. Sylvia is my girl and fellow Detroit sista.I made time for a change and slowed down to read her new installment.What I find sad is her car/computer fund is so low. This woman is giving you at least a $15 book and the fund is only 155. I know things is tight but writing at not joke. She just broke off a 90,000 word novel. So where's the love and compensation.



As soon as he heard the door close, Devlin opened his eyes, tossed the hat off and looked at his wallet. She hadn’t taken anything. Going over to the closet after he had dressed. Bile rose up in his stomach as the first thing he saw was the tuxedo he had came to town wearing. Pushing it aside, he reached in the back of the closet on the top shelf and pulled out a bag, which contained all his possessions he had on him when he arrived in Detroit – a twenty thousand dollar watch, his credit cards, eighty thousand in jewelry, his cell phone, a pager and all the other credentials he needed to leave out of the country.

He pulled out was the envelope that contained his unsigned marriage certificate and tickets for his honeymoon. With every fiber of his being, he wanted to rip it to shreds, but he couldn’t. Stuffing the envelope back in his bag, he pulled out the cell phone and turned it on. Thirty missed calls. He turned it off again not bothering to check to see who was calling him.
His stomach growled in hunger, but he didn’t want to leave yet. This had been a momentous occasion and he needed to think. True his actions had been careless and his mother would be sadly disappointed if she ever found out – that was a big if. Could he actually hide the fact that he had just lost his virginity to his family members?

Devlin had been always good about hiding anything else he felt; he didn’t feel that this could be any different.

She was damn fine! Damn good!

His shaft stiffened as he began to remember what he had just done. Damn, he shouldn’t have pretended sleep. For five hundred more, he could have probably gotten some more. He wanted some more. Could he get her again?

‘No!’ By the end of the day his face was going to be plastered over every newsreel in the country or maybe the world because of his association with a supermodel as a fiancée. Going back for seconds would be career-wise suicide… yet, just imagining those blushes and the way she became so wet.

Fondly, he bit his lip and took note of the tightness in his jeans. Dammit! He would never get anything accomplished if he walked around with a hard-on.

Reaching in the bag again, he reached in the bottom to pull out a business card. On the back of it, he wrote the number to the pimp. Maybe he could think of some way just to see her again for a moment before he decided to leave town tonight.

What had the bodyguard called her? Tanner? Strange for a prostitute to go by her last name.
Very strange, but this had been a very strange day for Devlin Sanchez. No use trying to pretend though. If he was going to hell in a hand basket he might as well go for the gold in sinning.

Going to the window, he looked at the sunrise. Today was a new day.

Today he would change his life completely.

* * *

Tanner entered the apartment quietly, but Pari was up and glaring at her.

“Where the hell have you been?” Pari demanded to know. “I was worried to death.”

She didn’t stop to answer her roommate, until she got in the bathroom to begin to run a
hot bath. In her head, Tanner was going over her schedule – an hour to bathe, another couple of hours to sleep and then she would get over to the college to pay what she could and ask for an extension on her fee. Although, she could only hope that it worked because she had already asked for six extensions.

“Working,” Tanner said, stripping everything off and stepped into the bathtub.

Pari gasped realizing what Tanner had done. “We could have-“

Tanner cut her off. “What’s done is done, Pari. I got most of the money so-“

“But Tanner, you think Donetello’s going to just let you walk out again. He’s been trying to drag you down again-“

“I paid Jamroque to keep his mouth closed and tell Donetello I sent another crackhead. No, I’m not getting back in the business, but how the hell did you expect me to come up with
nine thousand in less than twenty-four hours?”

Pari had a dumbfounded look on her face as she sunk on the side of the tub. “I got five hundred I can still give you, which I know you can make back up by rent day”

Tanner could and gave Pari a reassuring smile. “Thanks, Pari.”

When her roommate had given her a moment alone, Tanner said his name out loud.
“Devlin Digori Aurello Sanchez.”

A weird name for a very weird man. It really didn’t matter because she would never have to see him again.

And why did that suddenly feel like something she didn’t want?

When she had been in the business, Tanner, had been at the top of her game. Being Donetello’s girl at the same time, she was able to pick and choose her customers, but she was also able to bring in a whole lot of money for him. Lots of drugs and alcohol had helped her get to that point, but when her mother died from a beating so bad from a John and Tanner had been unable to save her, Tanner knew she could not do this life anymore.

Seeing how the people at the hospital looked at her mother as if she were a piece of trash, Tanner’s mission had been to open up her own clinic that would service women in the position she had been in and offer counseling to women who had no where else to go.

She smartened up, got in school and had been head strong on getting her education since then. That had been almost eight years ago and about four years ago, she told Donetello not only was she not taking Johns anymore, but also she did not want to be his girlfriend.

Of course, no one walked away from Donetello without a fight or without payment, so Tanner told Donetello she would give him a cut of any business he sent her way. It took about three more months to get Donetello to understand there was no “us,” but in some sick way he cared about her and did not want to let her go.

Sometimes Tanner would let him come over and spend time with her. He would steal kisses and feels, but Tanner would draw the line at anything else.

Yet, Tanner had gone to him two weeks ago for a loan on the money and he told her his terms. She would have to come back and work for him until she paid him back, plus be his girl. Tanner did not want that, but she asked if he had any big jobs that could get her something fast before her due date, could he hit her up.

So when Jamroque came that night, she knew this was Donetello at work in her favor and he knew it was an offer too good for her to resist. Donetello was being more than gracious for giving her that amount to sleep with the john, but she knew it was only because Donetello still had feelings for her and knew she would not budge unless it was a great deal amount of money.

‘So where are you going to get two thousand?’ she asked herself.

She decided to first ask for the extension and then cross that bridge when she had to.

When she could not bath anymore, Tanner’s stomach growled for sustenance. Wrapping only her favorite thick warm pink robe around her, she made herself a grill cheese sandwich and joined Pari on the couch, who was watching an entertainment cable channel. Even though Tanner knew she needed some sleep her brain was trying too hard not to think of what she had done and she felt maybe talking to Pari would get her mind off the weird stranger.

“Oh man, look!” Pari cried excitedly. “That’s the guy who got dupped at his wedding.”

Tanner looked at the screen, but forgot her glasses and reached in her purse to find them, but by the time she put them on the anchors were moving on to a new subject.

“Who is he?” Tanner asked, but only to make conversation.

“Really, Tanner, you’ve got to watch more news. He’s been all over the place.” Pari was flicking through the channels, trying to find this “hot” news story again, while explaining the whole story to Tanner.

“This rich white guy with old money pledged to stay a virgin until he got married, right?” She giggled at the hilarity of a man doing something like that in this day and age. “His family comes from some royal line of something, but he’s American born.”

“Pari, skip the details,” Tanner said, hating when her roommate ran off on nothingness.

“Oh yeah. Anyways, now he’s thirty something and his parents planned for him to marry this supermodel in the U.P., which is where she’s from.”

“Wait. He’s over thirty and a virgin?” Tanner asked skeptically.

“Yeah! And fine as hell! Too bad he’s white cause I ‘d jump his fine ass bones.” Pari continued, glad she had Tanner’s attention because Tanner was usually never interested in nothing but medical stuff. “He admitted to only masturbation a few years back. He did an interview with Barbara Walters when he was voted like sexiest man for some magazine, about abstaining and saving himself for the woman he was going to be with forever. ‘Cause of some old family tradition by his great grandfather who was some kind of prince over in some European country. Matter of fact, this Devlin’s guy is like a duke somewhere overseas or something and named after his great-grandfather.”

“That’s some weird-“ Tanner caught herself. Never had she just encountered weirdness all at once and looked at the television screen as Pari pointed to the ongoing story.

“…thirty-three year year old, wealthy bachelore Devlin Sanchez is seen here walking out the church where he was last seen to marry in Upper Michigan,” the anchorwoman reported off screen. “According to witnesses, Mr. Sanchez discovered his bride and best man together in the back of the church. Devlin Sanchez has made headline not only for his long term bachelorhood, but because of his virginity, which he has vowed to only relinquish to his wife…”

Tanner hadn’t realized it until her eyes started hurting, that she had walked up to the screen. Upon blinking to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, she realized Devlin Sanchez was the same man who had been with her last night!

Dear Lord, she had fucked the thirty-year-old virgin!

A light knock on the front door had Pari running to open it while Tanner started pacing in order to think.

‘Why now?! Why her?!’

“I said good morning, Tanner,” Donetello’s smooth deep voice like Keith Washington, licking his dark lips and smelling good as hell.

Facing him completely, she was a bit startled by his sudden appearance in her living room. And she was very acutely aware that she was naked underneath the robe.

Yet, unlike any other time when she would just become instantly turned on at the knowledge of knowing she had Donetello’s fine black ass wrapped around her finger, this time, she felt instant dread.

Because all she could do was think about how she could get back to Devlin Sanchez just one more time.

Tanner's Devil - Part 3 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard
"Thank you so much for your feedback, it does help so much to make the story better."

Someone in the group posed this problem with the story:

it's a great read...but is it really plausible that a guy who's kepthimself for years...would loose at the first glitch to aprostitute...apart from that it was good

I thought the same thing too as I was formulating the premise of all of this. I'm an on the fly girl and problems such as Devlin being a virgin and losing it to the first girl ... well that really didn't happen that way or maybe I'm interpreting the 'first glitch' as something else. We know from the synopsis that Devlin's brother has slept with his fiance', and from the story, we know that Devlin has a lot of money, so we can guessimate that he's a pretty smart guy and just not someone who runs off and does something like this. And as we go along with the story, you'll see why Devlin choose Tanner, so I really can't answer this all the way, or otherwise I'd be giving it up before you even bought me dinner, LOL. If I don't answer that question by part 6, please remind me again, but I hope Part 4 will bring to light more of Devlin's decision.

Next problem from another reader:

I really like it so far. There are some really hot scenes. I'm very intrigued with Devlin. I do have a question though,didn't you write that Tanner was ebony when she came out of her room? To me that implies a darker tone of skin. Then yousaid it has an almond tone, which I think is a tad lighter than ebony. Then you say light skin, although ebony and almond are two totally different shades, I don't consider that light. I'm just trying to get an idea of what Tanner looks like. I don't really like stories that say the female is black, but then the hero can see her blushing everytime

And I thank you for pointing that out. I will be going over the original to find the chick's skin color out. I'm going back to actually put in that Tanner's shade of brown (and there's so many darn colors of brown) is like a coffee with too much cream. The blushing in the story is important and a person of this color does present a slight flush when they are either embarrassed or turned on. Would that suffice?

Tanner's Devil - Part 2

Remember people this is just a test.



“You orgasmed?” he asked a little apprehensive as if he couldn’t believe it himself.

She nodded shyly not use to being asked.

“Did you enjoy it?”

Tanner couldn’t help blush as the questioned seemed too innocent for a grown man to ask a woman – not just a woman, a prostitute in his book. This man was too strange and if he did that again, she would definitely forget what she was being paid to do and allow him to do anything he wanted.

Slowly, sitting up, Tanner reached over and gripped the base of his manhood. Her fingers were long and wrapped around him firmly, but her longest finger barely touched her thumb. He was erect, but not completely and a shiver went down her back at the thought of knowing he could actually get bigger. Good thing Jamroque had gotten magnum condoms.

For some reason, there was innocence about this John that endeared Tanner to take her time. Yes, he seemed about in his mid-thirties, but maybe this was his first time with a black woman and he was probably of the mindset that they should be treated differently than white women.
Or maybe he had not experienced many women, and was exploring a newfound freedom – sowing his oats.

Tanner wanted to give him a good foundation and instead of just trying to get his rocks off – as she would any other john, she took her time in fondling him, noting the almost baby soft hairs around his base, dark in color and neatly groomed.

He grabbed her hands abruptly and then lay back on the bed, pulling her up to his chest.

Realizing he wanted her to touch him just like he had touched her, this thought made her chest feel warm all over. Knowing he watched her closely unnerved her, but Tanner focused on how his body seemed almost perfect. It was as if he had honed it to be visually appealing and whoever had the honor of having this body would never want to look anywhere else. But he wasn’t married. There was no markings on his ring finger that would note he had taken a piece of jewelry that had been on there a while off.

There were a million questions she wanted to ask him as she moved down the sculptured pecks and the washboard abs, past his groin to his thick thighs and powerful legs, noting his clean and groomed feet.

As she began an upward path back up his magnanimous body, she took seconds kissing in odd places – on the sides of his calves, on his inner thighs, on his waist to the side, right above his pelvic bone, on the beginning of his rib cage, near his navel, between the tightly defined pecks and finally right on his collarbone.

By this time, his manhood was definitely at full attention and his breathing had become shallow. Occasionally, he would touch her body pleasantly enjoying the connection to her and what she was doing to him.

He reached up and cupped her cheeks to draw her down to his face, but she stopped him and shook her head.

“I know,” he said understanding. “No fluid exchange.”

She showed her relief and allowed him to draw her down, kiss her chin, cheek and neck. Fighting the urge to allow him to take over again, Tanner squirmed away and moved back down his chest. While at his feet, she had grabbed a condom off the bedside table and now, after opening it, carefully placed it over his manhood.

His staff was thick and responded so prevalently to her touch. Tanner laved her tongue at the base while fondling each handful size orb as she delicately put him in her mouth.

He gripped the covers as she descended down, lovingly suckling the shaft and then rising back up, circled the tip with her tongue, but quickly proceeded to bring him back to rest fully inside her mouth. His surprised reaction to the sensation of her oral touch amused her and s she proceeded to bring him deeper down her throat, his gasps turned into pleasurable groans of pleasure, with occasional pleas to not stop what she was doing to him.

Tanner was so caught up by his response to her oral ministrations that she had taken him almost to the point and then brought him down, to only return him almost over the edge.

By this time, he had cursed three times over and begged her to not stop. He had even spoken Spanish in his mind-blowing experience and Tanner found that curiously arousing.

Tanner knew if the protective condom had not been on, she was sure he would have lost himself to her and she could have asked for much more.

His manhood pulsed and straightened abruptly and then his warm essence flowed. The protection served its purpose, but Tanner was extremely curious as to how he tasted, yet she did not quell her inquisitiveness.

Instead, she carefully removed the protection and tossed it while he regained his equilibrium. Going into the bathroom, she prepared a warm washcloth and then returned to the bed.

He looked a bit apprehensive because her hands were clasped tightly around the washcloth, until he was sure what she was doing as she began to clean him.

Suddenly, a knock on the door startled them both. Her phone chirped and she knew who
it was, but being paid not to speak so she could not say anything, Tanner couldn’t tell this gorgeous ossified man anything.

Yet, he seemed to know and even gave her a moment to cover up before he got out the bed, grabbed his wallet and opened the door.

“Hey, Tanner, what the fuck is taking you so long? Hit it and quit it, bitch!” Jamroque poked his head in and was greeted by the large form of man, using the pants he had retrieved the wallet from to cover the front of him and handing Jamroque a couple of bills.

“Is Tanner okay?”

The man stepped to the side behind the door to allow Jamroque to see Tanner. She
nodded assuredly and winked.

Jamroque shrugged and left, most likely to return to his car. Tanner covered her mouth to suffice the giggle that wanted to burst forth from her amusement.

Usually she was done by now, but this was taking much longer than her normal time, yet Tanner, surprisingly, wasn’t complaining. By now, she would have either been bored to death or trying her best to get out the room as quick as possible.

The large bodied man returned to the bed, adjusted his hat as if to say, “round two,” and then yanked the covers away from her as if to cover her body was an abomination. She grabbed another condom and opened it up. Crawling over to him, he watched and allowed her to place a new condom on him. After she secured it, she laid down on her back and seductively smiled liking that he was still hard.

Slowly, he knelt down on the bed over her body and Tanner relaxed as she felt him position himself over her, but he did not drive into her like she expected. First, he actually checked to see if she was ready.

This was truly unusual and she had to force herself not to be touched by his consideration. Yet, her body still had an even more powerful response to his touch before he pressed himself inside of her.

Tanner gasped realizing looks could be deceiving or maybe she had not had a man in a while, but her body immediately had to shift some things around in order to compensate his width.

All this time, she was very aware that he was watching her very closely and ended up blushing yet again.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked.

She shook her head, wrapped her legs around his waist and arched her back. This time it was his turn to be watched as she opened herself up to make him drive deeper inside of her to the hilt. Tanner observed as he seemed overwhelmed at being inside of her and was very aware of her ability to use her inner muscles to massage him.

Perspiration appeared on his brow and he could barely keep eye contact, as his hips seem to develop a mind of its own.

They began a horizontal tango encompassing Tanner in a paradise beyond either of their control. His passion became her own and she found herself swept up in a blaze of ecstasy awakening her body into a powerful climatic flight. Her nails gripped his shoulders as her back arch more feeling his body quake above her.

He wasn’t done even as he orgasmed, but Tanner was glad he wasn’t and mildly wondered how his stamina was so high as he came a third time. She gently nudged on his shoulders after he collapsed on her and he assumed she wanted to stop, so he immediately got up despite the fact that he was still hard as a rock. He grabbed the washcloth and proceeded to the bathroom just as she had done earlier.

Tanner checked her phone surprised that two hours had gone by and wondered if Jamroque was still outside. Quickly after crawling over the bed to retrieve the money, she moved into a sitting position on the edge of the bed by the time he came out of the bathroom. He had removed the condom.

When he knelt in front of her, she let him gently spread her legs and tenderly wipe or more like caress her clean. She noted the soreness, but was honored that he took the time to do something like that.

‘Did that still make him a perve?’ She asked herself in curious amusement. There were just too many questions she wanted to ask him, but his money had paid for no talking and Tanner had always been a female that could listen and obey.

He was an extraordinary man. His body was certainly a gift by God and his stamina was one that any woman would adore. So why did he have to pay for sex? And why did he act like he was completely new to this? Certainly a man with his money and looks should have them throwing themselves at him.

She found herself aroused again, but this time urged him into lying down while she straddled his hips, gripping firmly after placing another condom on his manhood. Using her weight and her already aroused state, she slipped herself over him until her ass rested on his thighs. This effort took a lot of work, but it was as if the more she took him in, the more aroused she became. Tanner was in the throes of another orgasm by the time she finally rested on his waist.

Once she got her equilibrium together, she was determined to raise the bar and give him the best she could give. He was endeared to her as she took him to the pinnacle and held him there longer and longer until he was again enthralled and begging for release.

There was no doubt in her mind this man had received pleasure in her body. He bestowed wondrous kisses to her chest, neck and face in thankful desire and speaking again in that beautiful Spanish dialect.

Even though Tanner had not orgasmed with him physically, she had felt a mental connection as she watch him become consumed by the severity of sensations that seemed to overwhelm him. Tanner was almost inclined to lean down and place a kiss on his lips and feel his mouth touch hers.

He looked up at her as if that was what he wanted too, but instead Tanner moved away breaking the eye contact and grabbed the washcloth once again.

When she returned from the bathroom his eyes were closed and he was breathing deeply. ‘Another satisfied customer,’ she jested with herself. ‘Yep, you still got it, girl.’

Tanner still cleaned him taking her time and marveling at the beauty of his perfect manhood, which had now gone flaccid again. She even found a mole in the middle on the shaft and was almost inclined to kiss it, but resisted this urge. He did not wake up during this entire time and she dressed quickly.

His wallet had fallen on the floor by the bed and she was inclined to look in it, but she did not at first. Instead, she set it down on the table by the bed and retrieved her money and phone.

As she went over to the door and was about to leave out, curiosity got the best of her. Going over to the wallet she opened it up to note it was a New York State Driver’s License. Devlin Digori Aurello Sanchez. He was either a dark Hispanic or a Spaniard. The wallet contained about five thousand more dollars, but no credit cards. In the back of the identification, there were two keys. One was to a car and the other was to a house. Both of them were sophisticated enough to contain a chip in each, which further perked her curiosity because these keys had to belong to something very valuable.

Closing the wallet, she placed it back on the table, gave him one last wistful look and then left. She was desperate, but she was not a thief.

Tanner's Devil Part 2 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

Tanner's Devil Part 1

Okay, I should let you in on a secret. Pari, Tanner's roommate, is
going to be in the finished version of Silent Lynx, which is going to be renamed King's Paradise. Yeah, I know what you're asking, 'and when are you going to finish that book?' LOL.

I wanted you to get a chance to meet her and roll her over in your
head. Now I don't know really what's going to happen in this story, but other's have already asked will any of my usually characters be in it? (Lethal, Onyx and of the Bellini family?) Umm... I might bring in the Bellini's and/or Derrick from Teach Me To Love, because he's still fresh in my mind, because Devlin's of Hispanic decent. I could get really evil and bring in William to make things worse, but I thought that William wouldn't give a rat's ass and would just cause more trouble. In that case, I could throw Onyx in the fire if I wanted trouble, LOL. But the answer to the original question is, 'I don't know.'

This is just a test to see if i'm on the right track and i needed readers, so I thought since you were bored at work or just not wanting to work,
you'd pass the time and give me some feedback.


Part 1

“Nine thousand!” Pari had cried when Tanner gave her the news about finishing off her education. “Dollars?”

“No Pari, pesos,” Tanner quipped sarcastically and stormed in her bedroom.

Pari felt terrible for her friend and couldn’t believe nine thousand was keeping her from getting her degree. Nine thousand needed by tomorrow morning. Pari was barely making ends meat and Tanner was so caught up with two internships, working a steady job, going to school to keep her 4.0 G.P.A., paying bills that were not hers, and keeping her brother out of jail by paying off his gambling loans to even try to find mad money. Even the little hustle Tanner opt to do every once in a while for the pimp, Donatello didn’t really make ends meat around Tanner’s life with the cost of school, books and payments she needed to make on everything else.

The pounding on the door in the middle of the night, made Pari sprint from her bed, barely dress and not even check to see whom it was. Sadly she was use to this.

“Get out the fucking way!” a deep voice boomed as he was helping someone smaller into the room.

“Lay her on the couch!” Pari ordered and then ran to the back of the house to knock on her roommate’s door. “Tanner! Tanner! You got a client.”

Several locks clicked before the door opened and Tanner, a thirty year old dark skinned ebony woman with all seeing eyes came out the room. Her corn-rolled hair was wrapped in a black silk scarf and it really didn’t look like she had been sleep at all.

Pari followed Tanner in the front room where a skinny black crackhead was gasping for air. It was a knife wound.

Pari didn’t know much medicinal stuff, but she could see the lacerations as Tanner went into work, cleaning the wound and dressing it. The big man that had brought the woman in paced back and forth. When he lit up a cigarette, Tanner barked for him to put that shit out.

He did and when it was all over, Tanner stood and looked at the large burly man. “Who told you about me?”

“Donetello. He said to bring the bitch here. He lost his cool when the bitch only pulled in about twenty bucks tonight.”

“What the fuck does he expect? It feels like ten below!” Tanner sneered.

The man looked past Tanner at the crackhead, who had fallen to sleep. “Will she make it?”

“Yes, but tell your boss, she’s out of commission. She probably won’t be working much because she’s got a chest infection. I gave her some antibiotics, but if she works for the next couple of days, it’ll tear her stitches.”

“No can do. Donetello’s got a private party tonight and she’s on the list. His other girls are off on other things.”

“Then he shouldn’t have lost his temper,” Tanner spat angrily, wiping the rest of the blood off her hands.

“Then Donetello said if she’s out of commission, he knows you know someone that can take her place.” The large man gave a wink at Pari, who gasped at the thought of doing this.

“Go in your room, Pari,” Tanner ordered.

“I’m not-“

Tanner turned around sharply at Pari and screamed. “Go in your motherfucking room, NOW!”

Pari gave her roommate a hurt expression, but knew Tanner knew more about what was really going on than she did, so she enclosed herself up in her room, but pressed her ear against the door to listen.

Tanner must have known this and ordered the large man to step outside to speak.

Damn! Tanner, what were you going to do?

A few minutes later, Tanner and the man entered and Pari could hear a lot of movement.

Another door closed and then it was quiet. When Pari’s ear hurt like hell pressing up against the door, she gave up and just went to the front room. There was no one there.

Tanner had left along with the large man and the injured woman on the couch. On the tabletop was a note from Tanner saying simply, “I’ll be back.”

* * *

With not much time to change, Tanner basically had just found a summer dress, but it was cold and January in Detroit was no joke in the middle of the night. The long black ankle length coat and knee high black boots adequately kept her warm because there had been no snow, but the wind chill could freeze a sistah where she stood.

Jamroque had convinced her on the steps of what should be done. Nina, the whore Tanner had stitched up, was due to be at a motel for some rich cat that had called on the fly. “It’s a newbit and Donetello will send her over there like this if he has to.”

Why did Tanner give in? Because Jamroque looked like if he returned empty handed it was going to kill him to tell that asshole Donetello that Nina was going to have to work this john.

“Most likely he don’t want nothing but a few licks and a touch. Donetello said he requested and paid good for a clean girl. And right now, Nina’s bout the only clean one he can guarantee cause she just had a baby and a full check up.”

“How much?”

Jamroque looked uncomfortable at Tanner’s direct question. If Tanner was a whore, then Jamroque could impose that it was none of her business, but he was unfamiliar with dealing with a woman and having no control over her. He needed her and he didn’t like being put in that position at all. “You know I don’t know Donetello’s accounting shit. All I know is that he’s willing to pay nicely if you can find someone who can take Nina’s place.”

Tanner saw the roll of money Donetello had given Tanner as an enticement. Donetello knew Tanner wouldn’t be able to resist. He knew Tanner needed some money bad and he knew how he could make her get back into the life.

“The john ain’t a regular and he’s checked out real good so all you gotta do is lay there and let him do his bidding,” Jamroque said as Tanner agreed to take Nina’s place.

“So why is the john paying so much?”

“Don said he probably got some fetish and shit, but the john said there would be no entry and if there is you just make a little more.”

“S and M?”

“No. The john just said he wants a chick that’s clean and will give him oral. Most likely he wants some weird freaky oral action.”

Her back was against the wall and now as Jamroque finish dropping off Nina at her home, Tanner tried her best not to show her fear as she fingered the roll of money in her pocket. Just this once. Just this once and then that’s it. You’ll pay for school till the end of the term and then you’ll be a graduate. The roll in her pocket didn’t come close to the nine thousand she needed by 3pm tomorrow in the business office of her school, but it was five thousand. Three to stitch up Nina and two to entice. Enough for over half of what she needed. Now the other four would have to come from this john unless Donetello was still in a bad mood and would send some more her way by morning, but she doubt it.

Even if she stayed up all night, she knew the most she would get were small things. It was rare she let people know about her medical skills. And she knew if she continued this she had a good chance of not getting into medical school, but she had to do what she had to do in order to get the money she needed and Donetello needed someone that could fix his girls up without tracing it back to him.

Jamroque drove her without another word to the motel on the east side of Detroit and passed her a cell phone. “He’s in room two-fourty. I’ll be out here waiting. That asshole tries something you don’t like just chirp me and I’m coming in.”

And probably not in a good mood, Tanner said to herself pulling down the mirror to look into her chocolate brown slanted eyes. Long light brown lashes that matched her almost red brownish hair coloring made her almond colored light skin attractive.

She knew she didn’t break mirrors and was often complimented when she decided to wear make up. Reaching in her coat pocket she pulled out the eyeliner and lip-gloss to bring out something and then popped a mint in her mouth.

Hopefully the bath she had taken before going to bed would be enough to suffice.
Jamroque also handed her some condoms and winked at her for luck. She snatched them away and got out the car.

She walked up the stairs to the room Jamroque had told her and knocked softly. Her knocking made the door open. The creepy squeal of the door opening increased the bad feeling in her stomach. The light in the bathroom and a candle on the table by the bed only lit the room.

“Put your coat on the chair,” a deep voice ordered from behind her as soon as she closed the door.

Gasping in fright, she turned and glared up at the man, but found she had to careen her head way up. SEVEN FUCKING FEET? No, not exactly! He had to be a good six and a half though because her spine was killing her to look up that high. He was big like a linebacker with light skin and a cap on, so she couldn’t determine if he was white with a tan or a black guy that was light-skinned. He had medium dark pink lips and a slightly pinched nose, but even these features made it difficult to determine his race with that damn black cap on.

He wore a black wifebeater and tight blue jeans that definitely showed he didn’t miss one hour of weight training. His biceps looked about as thick as her thigh and she gulped as she wanted to desperately push the chirp button on the phone, which she clutched in her coat pocket.

Play it cool Dummie! She ordered herself.

She was just five feet three and never dated a man over five feet ten, but this big ass man was…Awesome? Could she really say that?

“Why are you hiding behind the door?” she questioned.

“I told him I wanted a woman who didn’t ask any questions,” the man said sharply locking the hotel door.

She took off her coat, but kept the cell phone and condoms in her hand behind her.

He moved up to her with a suspicious look in his eyes. She couldn’t tell the color of them, because of the cap, but they were well defined.

Tanner became very aware that her neck was starting to hurt from looking up so high and this man’s shoulder width was twice the size of her full frame. Did he eat iron for breakfast? Stepping back, so her neck wouldn’t hurt anymore, she gasped as he stepped to her again increasing his closeness this time and making her very uncomfortable.

So consumed with looking in his face, she flinched nervously as his hands came to her waist. Tanner didn’t move, much less breath as he felt the front, back, and side of her. This was no caress he was frisking her.

“What are you doing?” she asked confused, feeling the strangest tingles move up her legs and an arousing sensation tickle her below her belly.

He had knelt to inspect both thighs and her question made him stop what he was doing leaving his large hand high on her right thigh on the front and back. “What did I tell you about that talking?”

Tanner bit the sarcastic remark back and just waited while he moved to the other thigh all the way down to her ankle and then stood back up – closer.

This time Tanner didn’t bother to try to look up in his face and she wasn’t about to step back because she had a feeling he wanted to make her feel uncomfortable.

“Take off your clothes.”

Would that mean this cornbread fed giant take off his? And if he did would he look just as magnificent without his clothes as he did with clothes?

Using this opportunity to move away from him and catch her own breath, she walked over to the bed to placed the cell phone and condoms there. He hadn’t followed her and Tanner looked down at the candle to gather her own thoughts together. He’s just some weird perve john probably from the boondocks Michigan trying to get a taste of city life before he goes back to Pinkie, Michigan.

That had been a running joke when she had been out in the life doing this all the time. Pinkie, Michigan was actually no where, but it was a terminology used occasionally to say that since Michigan was shaped by a glove this was where this john was from – where no one black in their right mind would be, so they came down here to Detroit to taste life by requesting a girl to their room.

Concentrating on the candlelight, she pushed away the peach summer dress along with her underwear over her boots and kicked them off.

She started to unzip her boots, but he barked, “Leave’em.”

His hands came behind her and firmly gripped her waist. “Lay on the bed on your stomach,” he ordered.

She did as she was told and forced her rapidly beating heart to relax. Usually she wasn’t so jumpy and sex had never really been like, ‘oh yeah, say my name.’ She had personal lovers – Donetello being one of her past lovers, but Tanner had always done it just for the money or what she could get out of it.

Knowing she could get her own without a man by becoming a nurse practioner, she had decided to do just that and in four years, she had scored high on her M-CATS and was now hours away from completing Wayne State Medical School to become finish off her degree. Her prior medical knowledge from her mother had given her a lot of things too.

Sissy Tanner was a street doctor. She had read the medical books and was not only making her money running the streets, but fixing up whores and hustlers who couldn’t leave a paper trail.
She even gave birth to Tanner at home and took her to the hospital after it was all over – three years later. Sissy had never given Tanner a real name and most people called her Sissy’s daughter so when faced with actually naming her daughter, Sissy told the hospital to name the child Tanner Tanner. It was a stupid joke on Tanner, but she dealt with it.

Tanner was a quick learner though because Sissy only liked to say things one time. On top of that, Sissy taught Tanner everything she knew because Sissy hated hospitals and she knew there would be times when she would need medical attention.

Tanner wanted to change her path in life. Knowing that her mother, grandmother, and even great-grandmother had come from medicinal knowledge without a degree made her want to really go legit. She wanted to get her nurse practioner degree and really help out people without the worry of authorities coming down and taking it all away.

So sacrificing one night to a stranger to get where she wanted to be would be well worth it. It wasn’t as if this was Tanner’s first time. Her mother had been a whore when she wasn’t pulling enough money in, and Tanner had followed in her footsteps by the time she was twelve and fully developed. But at twenty-two, Tanner had gotten out of whoring to Donetello’s disappointment - who also use to be her pimp.

Going through and getting certified medically was Tanner’s dream and tonight she was only four thousand dollars away from it. Now she would just see how much she could get out of this weirdo and never have to step foot in the arena of selling her body ever again.

The most arousing scent hit her nose and Tanner only needed her peripheral vision to see he was standing behind her about a foot from the bed removing his clothes.

Knowing she was splayed open for him, freshly cut and washed from her evening’s bath, Tanner’s body became aroused. Something her body had not done in a very long while to the scent of a man. Why should this simple John do this and how the hell had he managed to smell like dark roasted hazelnuts and sweet mangoes. Was it cologne? It had to be. This couldn’t be his natural scent.

She was strangely tempted to turn around and bury her face in his groin just to find out. Her mouth salivated at the thought of knowing he was paying for her to taste.

Concentrate dummy! This is just a job!

“Entry is extra,” she said abruptly, keeping her eyes straight.

“Are you trying to read my mind?”

Why did that sound like a wicked thing to do? Licking her lips, she said, “Did I?”

He signed as if bored. “How much?”

“Five hundred.” She had deliberately called off a high figure. This usually deterred a guy.

After a second, she thought for sure he was going to forgo it until he dropped five bills on the bed.

“Anything else so we can get this talking shit out the way?”

‘What was his aversion to a woman’s voice?’ she wondered. “That depends on what you desire, Mistah. You’ve already paid for touching, licking and normal entry. If you’re paying, we’re playing.”

There was no sound behind her and Tanner strained to hear where he was. Suddenly his warm hands gripped her thighs and moved slowly up her butt over her back and to her shoulders.

She had not even felt his big body get on the bed. It was like he was frisking her again, but he was taking his time as he moved back down her body before coming back up to her shoulders. This time she felt his body lie on top of hers and Tanner forced herself to take long deep breaths to not become affected by his touch.

“How much will it cost to get your silence? I don’t want a peep, moan, or whimper.” His fingers entwined aggressively in her hair unloosing it from her braided ponytail she had just swept it in.

Yes, he was angry about something, but not angry enough to hurt her – just enough to make her apprehensive. Tanner closed her eyes to concentrate. “Two thousand,” she said in an unsteady breath. He was affecting her in more ways that physically. There was just something about him that she couldn’t explain.

He moved away slightly and Tanner saw about two grand get tossed on the pile at the corner of the bed. “Is that enough?” he asked coming back to lie on top of her and speaking right by her ear. His breath made the hair on the back of her neck stand up and goose bumps come to her arms.

To prove it was, she only nodded and he chuckled sensuously.

Tanner felt him move away again not believing how he carefully made sure his weight didn’t bother her. Was he used to women being afraid of his size?

“Turn over,” he ordered.

She obeyed and gasped as there was no denying he was naked nor that she could safely say this man had not one inch of fat on his body.

Her eyes traveled down his body visually caressing the tightness of his frame. His manhood had yet to rise, but flaccid she guessed it was eight now and would grow to three more magnificent inches when hardened. He was cut and darkened from base to tip.

He still had yet to take off the cap and she almost reached up to knock it off herself just so she could get a good look at him. Quelling this urge, she told herself that this was his dime and his opportunity to be curious, not hers. ‘Keep your eyes on the prize, Tanner.’

This gorgeous man seemed furious, yet his touch was gentle as he palmed her neck and then descended down to her breast. There was a look of pain and hurt on his face, but as the nipple hardened from his ministration he seemed in awe of it. He quickly hid his wonderment as if he did not want her to know his emotions.

He moved to the side and with one palm, stroked down her belly, but stopped at the soft hairs covering her pubis. With a delicate touch, she watched as he weaved his fingers watching the hairs part between his fingers. He seemed to marvel at the feel of it and with his other hand parted her thighs.

Tanner closed her eyes to stop herself from becoming enthralled by him. Pushing her wall down again, she tried not to even care what he did.

His fingers slide down over her clitoris and parted her lips and rest in the softness of her womanhood. She winced as he inserted a finger inside of her mild moistness. Immediately, he removed his hand away from her.

Opening her eyes, she saw he was frowning down at her. Frowning back, she really wondered why was he suddenly peeved at her when she was obeying him by just lying there and not saying a thing.

He placed his finger back inside of her and she winced once again because she had become even drier than before.

“Do you require lubricant?” he suddenly asked.

Tanner blushed at his consideration and he chuckled as her wetness surrounded his finger. Knowing that her body had done this, Tanner crimsoned two shades of dark red all over her light skin.

A bravura smile came to his lips and took her breath away. “I do prefer when your body talks, woman.”

She suppressed a giggle and rolled her eyes heavenwards as his finger moved deeper inside of her making her body even more aroused.

He began to increase, but Tanner knew her stimulation would go away if he went too quickly, so she reached down and slowed his movements and grinded her hips against his hand to demonstrate how to properly arouse her. He was a fast learner – too fast and concentrated on watching her body movements to determine how tender, fast or hard he should go. When she moved his hand to manipulate her clitoris, it was so hard not to scream in ecstasy as he learned how to manipulate her body and bring her to orgasm.

She thrashed and arched so hard, she could feel her toes go numb, but it was all worth it and Tanner had not climaxed like that in so long her body convulsed even afterwards in shock. Tears had streamed from her eyes in bliss as she had almost chewed her bottom lip raw trying not to make any noise during the earth-shattering pinnacle.

When she was able to think straight again, she looked at him. He was still watching her with a curious stare.

Tanner's Devil Part 1 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Test Story: Tanner's Devil - Synopsis

Okay, I was just fooling around and then somehow this popped out when I was sleeping. So I said I'd test the waters and see if you guys like it. If so, I would keep it up and if not, I'd stop and just push something else for Feb.

It's a I/R and since you guys had so much fun with that last one (Dark Facade - which is still in the process of being publish), I thought I'd do it again. This time he's a mixed hispanic/white.


Story about: That's hard to say. Tanner's struggling trying to get away from the gritty streets of Detroit she was born and raised on. With an pimp as an ex-boyfriend, who's constantly trying to get her back in the business and back in his arms, Tanner knows she's got to better her situation immensely and get out the city all together because Donetello just doesn't want to let go. Yet, with less than twenty four hours to raise a large amount of money, Tanner knows she has to either work her ass off literally or give up her dream and return to Donetello's eagerly waiting arms for security and peace of mind.

Devlin Sanchez has waited his whole life for this one moment. He's saved himself for only the woman he would be with forever - his wife, but when he catches his bride in the arms of his best man and brother, he's driven to circumstances that leave him unexpectantly wanting more of what he should have never had - Tanner.

Okay, that's the synopsis. So tell me your thoughts and I'll post Part 1, 2, and 3 to see if you like it or go back to the writing board.


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