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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 15 Part 1

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 15 Part 1 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

Deceptive Nights - Chapter 18 Part 2

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 18 Part 2 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 17

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 17 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

Deceptive Nights - Chapter 16

Thanks Shon for the compliment and wish well.
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I was going to split this up, but I was like what the hell, you guys haven't complained on other long chapters. LOL. Thanks for liking this one.
I do have some surprises in store (don't i always).
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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 16 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard


Deceptive Nights - Chapter 15 Part 2

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 14 Part 2

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 14 part 2 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard


Deceptive Nights - Chapter 14 Part 1

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 14 Part 1 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

Deceptive Nights - Chapter 13

I finished it faster than I thought. If there are mistakes, I'm sorry.
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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 13 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

Author Interuption - BTW, Road To Freedom

BTW, I just changed the cover to Road to Freedom. So those who have read the book, please drop by the site and let me know how u like the new cover and then leave a review please for me.

I will have this book available on Amazon maybe in about a year or so. I'm still fiddling with it and I want to get the next book, The Other Side of Love out before I even think about assigning a ISBN to this one.

If you've never heard of Road To Freedom and you're new to the Sylvia Hubbard Books then you should know that I give this one away for free too. (Cassie please stop yelling at me about that, LOL.)

Its a good story but after being rejected about it for so many reasons, I chose to do it like I did stealing innocence, but a lot of people don't know about this one unless their like die hard Sylvia Hubbard reader's and actually visit my website looking for more free stuff.

Deceptive Nights - Chapter 12 Part 2

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 12 Part 2 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

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Author Interuption - Review of Mistaken Identity

I just received this review in the email about the first book I did on my blog. I thought I'd interupt this story and share it with everyone. To order this book, please click here:

Title: Mistaken Identity
Author: Sylvia Hubbard
Publisher: Lulu
Publisher URL:
Reviewer: Trang Black
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: O

Pitching a fit on her wedding day, beautiful Denise throws off her wedding dress and storms through the house berating everyone she sees. Dana, her twin in all ways except temperament, dreamily puts on the gown. She fantasizes about having handsome professional football player Jerome Lott as her fiancĂ© and eventual husband. When Jerome shows up prior to the wedding and mistakes Dana for Denise, Dana realizes that this is her chance to live out her fantasy. They make mad, passionate love before Jerome discovers the switch. Both decide to keep their tryst a secret. But Denise does find out and blackmails Dana into posing as her for the wedding and honeymoon. Although he had never experienced such mind blowing sex with Denise, Jerome continues to believe that Denise is his one true love. He marries the woman he believes to be Denise but continues to fantasize about Dana. Denise’s erratic behavior drives Jerome crazy and he again turns to Dana. Can they resist their strong attraction?

Mistaken Identity is one hot story with lots of twist and turns. All of the characters are well developed and realistic. Denise is divine as the evil twin. She uses those around her to satisfy her needs and makes no real attempt at being likable. As for Dana, although she dislikes her sister, she feels a mistaken bit of loyalty towards her. She’s always lusted after Jerome but has held back. Even when she has the opportunity to be with Jerome forever, she doesn’t grab it because she doesn’t want to hurt them in the long run. Jerome and Dana’s feelings for each other almost jump off the pages at you. Their frequent sexual encounters are unbelievably hot and will keep you hooked. In addition, the totally unexpected plot twist had me guessing up to the end. ..

Trang Black
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

If you'd like to order a copy to Mistaken Identity, please go to:
If you'd read the story and would like to leave a review, please go to and leave a review for me. Thanks!

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 10

As soon as the door to her office was closed and locked, Phoebe leaned on the back of the door to catch her breath and get control of herself. She was shaking all over felling hot and cold at the same time, but either way there was the flush of tingles in every part of her body.

The urge to make love to him again was quite powerful, but she fought it with all her will. She couldn’t allow herself to give in to the pleasure he could give her or she was sure she would lose her heart to him. No, she had to find someone she was clearly indifferent to because she needed to have control.

Jacoby clearly had an aura about him that she was drawn too and she was terrified he would be another Daniel.

A soft knock at her door sent her heart racing again thinking it was Jacoby, but then Simon’s voice came across.

“They’re gone. I just saw their limousine leave. You can come out now.”

She opened the door partially and looked at him with narrowed eyes. He looked as if he were about to burst out laughing. “Shut up,” she snapped, coming out the office completely turning off her light.

“You slept with him?”

“That’s none of your business and if you know what’s good for you Simon, you should keep your business to yourself.”

Simon giggled wickedly. “Then I shouldn’t tell you the juicy gossip, Latrice told me.”

Latrice was Madeline’s assistant in Lansing. Simon and Latrice were constantly on the phone with each other gossiping back and forth about each office's going-ons. Latrice knew all of Madeline’s personal business and loved telling Simon about it. Simon could keep a secret if you made sure you told him it was a secret, but he often shared some of Latrice’s information with Phoebe even though she didn’t want anything to do with office gossip.

Yet the way Simon was giggling, she knew it was something she should pay attention to. “What Simon?” They walked out the office together and he locked up as she pushed the elevator button.

He came over to her and leaned real close to her with a devilish glint in his pretty green eyes. “Remember a couple of months ago, Latrice said Madeline’s got herself a love slave and it’s a friend of one of our suppliers?”

Her face became a frightful gray.

He continued on taking her silence as not remembering what he told her. “Remember when Madeline got drunk at the Christmas party and was telling us how she got her bootie calls with a tall dark man. How she would just call him up and he’d come over and do her, then leave. They wouldn’t talk. Just do it. He was like her love slave. Remember?” Simon finally looked at her as the doors opened and she didn’t step in. He then realized her silence was because she didn’t remember. Her silence was horror. Horror at knowing exactly what Simon was going to say.

“It was him?” she asked in a tiny voice.

He nodded confirmation.

“How do you know?”

He spoke as if she should know this already. “Latrice has sent me photos of him coming and going into the Lansing office from her phone. I recognized him the moment he stepped foot in here yesterday, but I was surprised he returned today.”

Phoebe felt so sick to her stomach, she ran to the bathroom to relieve what little contents she had inside.

I'll post more tomorrow, okay, but u can post a comment right now after u finish reading it.
Deceptive Nights - Chapter 10 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

Deceptive Nights - Chapter 9

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 9 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 8

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 8 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

Deceptive Nights - Chapter 5.2

Good Morning Readers,

I forgot the edits at home Friday and then I forgot them today too,
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So if u see some mistakes, I'm doggone sorry cause i was trying to
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I'm going to post the rest of Chapter 5 later on today, okay and
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I want to say thank you guys for so much for passing the word
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Just kidding but a girl can dream right?

I'm like this woman in this story a lot. She's got this weird
personality (kinda like me.)

Just a reminder, the car fund is still open (I'm still carless) but
its not really bothering me that much with the price of gas, although catching a
bus after a book signing is the pitts especially when i stood up through the
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And if you've read a review of a book you've purchased could you do
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I appreciate you guys just being here, reading what i've written
and really enjoying it. Now I know what you're saying, "shut up already so
I can read the story."

Fine. Enjoy...... be continued.......

Deceptive Nights - Chapter 5.2 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 3

The twins weren’t asleep when she came in the house. They were quietly playing in their rooms, except when they realized she was in the house, and then demanded she picked them up. Too tired, she knelt down to them and hugged them both.

Patricia came out the kitchen with two food bottles. “I was just getting ready to lay them down for the night.”

“I appreciate this Mother.” She hugged her mother. “You are a lifesaver.”

“Go get ready for tomorrow, dear. I’ll finish getting them ready for bed, then you can go tuck them in,” her mother ordered.

Phoebe kissed her mother’s cheek and took her orders. Going upstairs to her room, she undressed immediately hating the dreaded tights she had to wear everyday to work. They felt awful against her skin, but catching the bus in the winter chill with plain stocking on was horrible to her legs and she hated her skin getting too dry from the cold weather in Detroit.

Looking at the mirror, she first studied her face.

Her mother always thought Phoebe was beautiful with her oval face; deep almond skin with wide expressive dark burnt orange eyes, full moist lips and a pert nose sloped downward. Phoebe always thought her one hundred forty five pound body was too much, but to Patricia it was just the right size. She wasn’t too skinny or too fat.

Turning around to study her backside, she noticed all her stretch marks were almost gone. Phoebe had gotten them in her fifth month of pregnancy and drowned her skin in vitamin E since them. More came, but not so harsh. She still had a slight discoloration and silvery lines underneath the small bulge of her stomach. When she stood straight the bulge almost disappeared.

Forget it, she told herself. Her last ten pounds were the hardest to get rid of and if she did lose them, he wouldn’t come back – they never came back. They had gotten what they wanted from her and that was it.

That didn’t stop her from getting on the floor and doing her fifty sit-ups with her thoughts still on men leaving her.

When she was done with her exercise, she pulled her permed, black, earlobe length hair in a tight ponytail, and then wrapped it for the next day. Washing up quickly, she put on her favorite red pajamas.

Standing five feet four and a half, she figured herself to be good to the eye of any man, but it wasn’t what was on the outside that bothered her much - if she didn’t think too hard about the extra ten pounds. Phoebe possessed voluptuous breasts (more than a regular handful) and backside. Before pregnancy she had been a nice 34C cup. Now she was a 38D and one size up than her usual ten since high school. Twelve wasn’t so bad, she guessed just on the brink of being a plus size. Even though no man was around to encourage her or compliment her, she refused to let her body go to waste. With the DeproVera shot, which she highly enjoyed not because she was sexually active - which hadn’t happened in two years - but because it kept her period away, she still had gained weight all over.

It was inside that made her upset. As much as she promised herself she wouldn’t allow a man to use her again, she was scared she wouldn’t listen to what she wanted and do the same thing over again. Phoebe knew she needed to become stronger and really make a stand when it concerned her mental happiness. Yes, she would be open to dating, but she wouldn’t let a man come into her life ever again, use her like a piece of tissue and then throw her away. She needed to really resolve herself to using the men just as they were using her.

Closing her eyes, she did her affirmations to herself out loud. “I am a good woman and any good man would find me a pleasure and joy to be around. I will never let a man take anything from me without getting something in return before giving it away ever again. I will not let my past or any man take away my joy.

Happiness in my life is my number one priority.” She said a little pray, asking for a good man would come into her life and for inner strength. Lastly, she prayed for a financial solution to all her debt problems.

When Stephen and Stephanie were sound asleep, she joined her mother, who had fixed a plate for her at the dining room table. The home was just like when she was a little girl. Her mother hadn’t changed a thing, and the furnishings in the home were kept in good condition through the years. Phoebe had learned from her mother how to keep a good house and how to raise good children. The twins were highly intelligent and very obedient. She was blessed with good children and thanked the Lord every day for giving her the patience of being a good mother so that her children would be well taken care of.

At the other end of the table, her mother had the bill book open as always trying to keep everything all paid up, even Phoebe’s own debts were listed in there. Her father, before his death, had made sure Phoebe’s college expenses were paid up and the mortgage on the house her mother lived in was paid off, but not the funeral expenses and other bills like the family’s credit cards and the car note.

Phoebe had not known about this stuff until after Daniel had taken off with the money. Guilt surrounded her at not being able to help her mother out, which was why she tried her best to help her mother out by paying the bills with her own check after she paid daycare and paid a little off on her own debt. Usually she just gave the entire check over to her mother, trusting Patricia to make all the decisions about the household finances.

Hopefully in the near future, Phoebe’s diligent prayer would be answered soon. Somehow.

“If I sold the apartment building, I could have enough to pay the taxes,” Patricia surmised with a mentally tired sigh.

“Mom, you need that to pay for the other ones and your other expenses. You can’t and you won’t do that,” Phoebe protested.

“You know that apartment building meant a lot to Daddy.”

“Well, five thousand dollars isn’t going to drop in our lap.”

Phoebe sat back in her chair. “Just give it a little more time, okay?”

“We’ve only got four months with the taxes, honey, before they take everything away. I really don’t want to file for bankruptcy.”

“I’ll figure something out. Just another month, okay, I’ll ask Madeline for a raise or an advance on my check. Maybe I’ll look into more child support from Daniel. I’ll figure out something, Mom, before you get rid of what is important to you.”

“This isn’t your business, Phoebe. I should not allow you to sacrifice your life to help me out when you have so much of your own going on.”

“I don’t mind. Helping you out is beneficial for both of us. You’re helping me with the kids, Mom. It’s the least I can do."

Patricia put the subject to rest. In truth, her mother did need her help very much and it was a joy for her mother to have the grandchildren around. Tomorrow morning,

Phoebe would be driving with Madeline up to Lansing, and then taking the Greyhound back to Detroit. Phoebe had her own car, but she insisted her mother use it because Patricia picked up the children more. Plus, she didn’t mind catching the bus. It saved her a lot of money than paying for parking downtown, which was very expensive.

Her mother always told Phoebe to get out more socially. Patricia would encourage her daughter to find more friends, but Phoebe always avoided this with different excuses. Patricia then started suggesting church social functions or to get in touch with old friends. Phoebe constantly just put it off, devoting all her time to her children, her job, and the home without the least bit of anger or frustration.

Phoebe loved unconditionally, which made her a good target for men who wanted to use her, but with time and her repeated prayers for strength, she knew that she would forgive and forget and maybe try again. One day.

Teach Me To Love - Chapter 3 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubard

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Deceptive Nights - Chapter 2

It was seven when Phoebe walked out on the dark mid-November streets of Detroit. A cold river chill encircled her, making her to hurry and close the ankle length brown coat, and pull her cheap thick wool hat on her head with her matching gloves over her hands. Her job was a block away from Cadillac Square. The walk did her well. She walked past the Renaissance Center, the Millender Center, then to Cadillac where all the buses came. Well most of them. She could catch the Gratiot straight home. It dropped her off at the corner of Grinnell on the east side and her mother’s house was on the corner from the bus stop.

Phoebe hurried along down Jefferson to get to the bus stop. Detroit was on the brink of exploding into a world-class city. With the casino’s coming into town, and General Motors moving into the Renaissance Center, the city was making changes.

With this in mind, Phoebe often saw limousines in the nightlife of Detroit of visitors to the city or citizens of the city living it up. Parties, business functions, and even just casino runs often drew these people who loved to spend their money on absolutely nothing in Phoebe’s opinion who could use the money to pay off her own debts her ex-husband had run up.

She had come to ignore the fancy cars and limousines that drove by or pulled up beside her and keep walking, yet when one came to a stop next to her as she was waiting for a red light, then didn’t moved even when the light turned green, she gave the back window a very grim frown then sighed tiredly. ‘Probably a little teenager showing off to his friends with his rich daddy’s money,’ she assumed. Phoebe really didn’t care. Men being attracted to her no matter what age, race or financial status at this point in her life didn’t matter to her anymore. She didn’t want to be bothered by them at all.

The limousine finally turned just as the light turned from yellow to red. She proceeded on to Cadillac Square not giving the limousine another thought.


The well-dressed three men sitting in the chamber of the limousine all were silent. Different thoughts running through all their heads, but one was able to read the most troubled man’s thoughts. All were quite handsome and very successful in their own rights.

“What was that about? Did you know her?” Desmond White asked his friend from inside the limousine as it drove on to the Renaissance Center. They would be staying in the hotel for the night.

Lawrence Ripley, Jacoby Walter’s best friend and blood brother, chuckled to himself knowing full well what was going through Jacoby’s head. Earlier in the night when the dates Desmond had promised to bring them from out of town had fallen through, and then Lawrence was unable to get suitable overnight dates for them, Jacoby had been pretty pissed off or probably just horny.

“Aren’t there any good women anymore who just want a one night stand?” Lawrence had said. “Makes me want to stop the next women on the street and offer her five hundred dollars just to get some pussy.”

Desmond, who was always the consciences one in the bunch, said, “With the diseases going around and the needs of women changing you can’t expect a good one anymore.”

“I’m willing to bet I can buy a good one,” Jacoby announced, who loved to gamble. He hated to sleep alone and it really wasn’t sleep he wanted either. The way he was feeling he would spend a whole grand to get a good woman underneath him. Damn, he wished he were back in Lansing about now where he had a woman just waiting for him to call her. It was a simple arrangement he had there. He could just go over her house, make love to her and leave. They didn’t have to speak, and they didn’t have to stay the whole night if he didn’t want it. No strings-attached was their relationship and neither discussed it any further.

Desmond changed the topic to business to ease the tension. Hell what did Desmond care, he was about to get married. Something Jacoby at thirty-three had longed for, but was too damn picky and selfish to do it. The woman was either too dumb or just couldn’t satisfy all his needs.

Sheryl Cobb, Desmond’s fiancĂ©e was perfect for Desmond. She was so together and they made a perfect couple.

Jacoby couldn’t find one like that. He seemed to only attract the ones that were interested in joining bank accounts with him. He never had real chances to get out. He was usually always doing business. The woman he slept with whenever he felt the need or she called him up for a good time was about the only woman right now in his life and he had no real feelings about their relationship. She provided a way for him to release himself with any hassles. He didn’t want anything more with her. True she was an older woman, but he knew he would probably never find a younger woman who would want an arrangement like the one he had with his older woman.
The limousine finally arrived at the hotel and let them out. Horny and tired, Jacoby went quietly to his

room mumbling a goodnight to his friends, who had opted to stop in at the bar near the lobby of the hotel.

Why was that woman standing alone on the corner? What had made him pay attention to her? Even though he hadn’t got a very good look at her face, she looked a little over twenty-five, attractive, voluptuous in the right places and... Something. He couldn’t put his finger on it.

Her stockings. No, not stockings - Tights. He hadn’t seen a grown woman wear white tights. It seemed so little girlish, innocent, and somehow sexually arousing? Strange for Jacoby to note something like that.

Jacoby then thought Desmond would have had a cow if he had offered that respectable woman some money for a night a pleasure.

After a cold shower, he laid in bed staring up at the wall too horny to sleep. Just as he decided to flick on the television to watch infomercials, his phone rung

“Why didn’t you do it?” Lawrence asked on the other end.

Jacoby chortled. He should have known Lawrence would be poking around in his head. The best friends knew each other like the back of their own hands. “Because it wouldn’t have been fair to you. She didn’t have any friends with her and I definitely didn’t feel like sharing tonight. I wanted something all to myself.” Lawrence joined in on the amusement. “I just had to ask.”

“Hey, if it’s fate, I’ll see her again then I’ll know next time what to do,” Jacoby teased, knowing he’d never see her again. “Tonight I’ll nut off.”

“See you in the morning,” Lawrence forced out through his laughter.

After hanging up the phone, he seriously thought about it, and then went to the bathroom to get his washcloth. Making the room dark, he calmed himself and pictured her face on a thick fully breasted body riding naked on him. She threw her head back and moaned those sweet helpless high-pitched moans of pleasure licking her lips.

She knew just how to ride him too - real slow. Gripping him tight, leaning over so her large nipples hung over his mouth and he suckled them as if they were the last ones he would ever have. He could feel himself getting closer so he rolled her over never missing a stroke and pounded his body against her. She took his large thick member deep inside her, loving every last long thick stroke. Her juices surrounded him, her heat enveloped him, and she begged for him to fill her with himself.

“Sweet honey,” he whispered as he erupted deep inside of her.

* * * *

When his heartbeat returned to almost normal and he had gathered his wits, physically he felt just tired, emotionally he still felt unfulfilled. In order to satisfy that need he knew he needed the foreplay and the sigh of pleasure he would hear from the female after it was over.

Yet amazingly, all through his fantasy he had focused on one face - that woman standing on the corner. Usually he wouldn’t concentrate on the face. Hell in some of these fantasy episodes, he did twenty different women. Why had he concentrated so hard on keeping the face the same? He could have some unfulfilled fantasy about really having sex with a strange respectable woman.

It didn’t matter, Jacoby told himself as he shrugged it off, using the washcloth to clean himself. It didn’t matter at all. Even if she was here, he would be done with her then ask her to leave. He couldn’t imagine sleeping with just anyone. He didn’t trust any woman enough to actually go to sleep with them beside him. They either wanted to rob him through the night or think he wanted to marry them in the morning.

Women always wanted something for a piece of their pearls. Whether it was money or a wedding ring, no one just gave it away anymore. He didn’t want a free ride, but why couldn’t it be his decision on what to give them instead of them making the decisions?

He slept soundly. Tomorrow Jacoby would visit with Lawrence in his Detroit office. Lawrence was vice president of a small firm with two offices in Lansing and Detroit. Lawrence took care of the computer side of operations of the business selling software and hardware, while his cousin took care of the other part like the customers and employees. Lawrence wasn’t a very personable person. Matter of fact, the only person who could put up with him was Jacoby. Everyone else called him an anal jerk. Lawrence was also going to meet a client in Detroit about restoring a computer’s software they had installed a while ago, but the server had been struck and now the software wasn’t acting correctly.

Desmond had offered to accompany them, not to meet with the clients, but to find Sheryl a nice gift. While Lawrence and Jacoby were meeting with the client, Desmond would be out shopping.

Deceptive Nights - Chapter 2 (c) 2005 Sylvia Hubbard

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Deceptive Nights - Chapter 1

At one point she knew when her eyelids were getting heavy and would be impossible to keep them open. Soon as she realized this, Phoebe changed positions in her chair. Exhaustion ran through every vein of her body, but she was determined to get through this very long day.

“...And furthermore, we have seen a seventy percent improvement in the turnaround time...” the co-owner of P&B Communications LLC, Madeline Porter said into the speakerphone across from Phoebe to Lansing’s FIA office. Her heavily made up face was picture perfect.

Unlike Phoebe, who stuck to eyeliner and a light shade of lipstick, Madeline prided herself on covering every centimeter of skin from her hairline to almost her collarbone. Phoebe couldn’t imagine the job the woman had to do every morning and every night.

“I do commend your staff on the fine job, Madeline, but there are reports that we are still missing,” Leslie Cross, supervisor of the Lansing FIA office said over the speaker.

Madeline motioned for Phoebe to begin taking notes. “How many?” Madeline asked.

There was a brief silence, before Leslie responded with, “Seventeen to count. Phoebe has done an excellent job as your new manager finding the other two hundred.”

Phoebe immediately straightened herself at the mention of her name and looked at Madeline trying to seem as alert as possible. Looking through her folder of many notes, she pulled out a specific list. “Leslie, I spoke with, Kyle, your assistant yesterday. Eight of those aren’t on our system. Five of them were partial dictations that were dumped and the rest were purged off our system due to the time delay. I know this is an inconvenience for your doctors, but we have found over eighty-five percent of the reports that were lost due to the system shut down.”

This was an old subject. Three days before she was hired the recording network had shut down due to severe electrical power outage. The server was literally struck with a bolt of lightening frying the main drive. What had saved them was that the back up hard drive had dumped all of its files onto the C-drive of the tower, due to current pulses directing the information in the wrong direction. It was supposed to dump it back in the main network hard drive to replenish it.

The day had been saved when Phoebe went in the C-drive by mistake thinking it was the main network and recovered all the information. She never told anyone it had been a mistake, she just said she had a hunch.

The prior manager had been fired two days prior for losing the majority of reports from another account and mismanaging the office.

Madeline Porter immediately promoted her to office manager and Phoebe had benefits for her kids.

Next, Phoebe was aiming for a car, but needed every paycheck to pay her bills her ex-husband had decided to run up using her name and other personal information. Phoebe was just lucky she had never given Daniel Newby their children’s personal information too or he would have tried to make their credit bad like he had done hers.

After the meeting was over, Madeline wanted to discuss other things, but Phoebe had millions of other things to do. Still she sat there and took notes while Madeline rattle on about things. When that was over, Phoebe immediately got back to work. Simon poked his head in her office at lunchtime. “Eat yet?”

She looked up at his innocent yet charming face and smiled, “No, but I had some peanut butter and fruit?”

“For lunch? Are you still on that diet?”

“No pain no gain,” she said, now concentrating on her computer screen as she answered as many emails as possible. “Yes, I’m practicing control over food, plus that was all I could grab this morning.”

“How about some soup, my treat?” he suggested.

“I guess. Make sure it’s not tomato and bring me wheat crackers, not saltine.”

He winked a light green eye at her and disappeared.

She sighed sitting back and dialing her home. Her mother, Patricia Green answered as expected. “Hi Mom. I’m going to be working late again.”

“Again, Phoebe? I thought we agreed to a three day a week late hour. This is number five this week and I know she’ll make you work the weekends.”

“I know, but this is important, Mom.”

“It’s always important.”

Phoebe sighed not able to give her mother a good excuse. “I promise I won’t do it again, but you know how I’m trying to catch up from the last manager, who was the one responsible for not doing their job and I want to make a good impression to Ms. Porter.”

“I think you have gone above and beyond making a good impression to your boss,” Patricia snipped more to herself. “Alright, I’ll pick up the kids. You be careful and if you need me to pick you up, just call. Don’t take the bus home if you don’t have to, Phoebe.”

Phoebe wouldn’t dare use her mother for just a ride home from work when she could catch the bus right in front of her home from Downtown Detroit where she worked.

As she replaced the receiver and got back to work, she was glad her mother was there for her. They were best of friends more than anything.

After Daniel left her six months ago - six months after she had the twins - to go his own way since there wasn’t any more money from her father’s inheritance left. Phoebe had been distraught over being left alone. He had simply been using her, yet that had been her life story.

Mike, her high school sweetheart, had used her for the car her father had gotten for her in high school. When Mike had wrecked the car, he left her.

Harris, a college sweetheart, just needed a place to stay for free and someone to pay for all his music equipment. After that he left.

Daniel, who had convinced her to marry him, had used the twenty thousand dollars she had gotten from her father’s trust fund after college expenses were paid for had used it to buy his car, his clothes and new women, then left her.

That had been the last straw for Phoebe. She had decided to hell with men and devoted her time to raising her children. No other man would ever use her unless she got something in return for her own self.

Deceptive Nights - Chapter 1 (2005) Sylvia Hubbard

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Deceptive Nights - the beginning - Author Notes & Synopsis -



Thanks for all your patience. This has been a tremendous project that I worked on.

I wrote this piece as a sequel kind of to Dreams of Reality. It was pretty fun and of course pretty hot. It doesn't have the premise of Dreams of Reality, but some of the characters do carry over. (I'm famous for that one).
If you haven't purchased a copy of Dreams of Reality, it is available on Amazon at:

or I can do u one better and just sell u the book for $10 if you order through me only.

I hope you like it and please comment. You know I like that.

I promise that this one will go to the end. I won't care who offers to buy it. I'm giving you a full story this time. So read and enjoy and I'll leave you hanging as less as possible.... okay, that's a lie, LOL.

Synopsis for Deceptive Nights: (this is rough draft folks)

When her husband leaves after taking all her money and dragging her credit down, Phoebe vows to never give another man any part of her heart or her body without getting something in return.

Jacoby Knight just wants to find a woman, who just wants to join themselves with his body and not his massive bank account.

On a dark night, these two strangers meet and find they can meet each other needs, yet one night won't do when passion this hot meets.

Trying to keep it good!
Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Marry Me - Short Short by Sylvia Hubbard

Thank you so much for your patience. I was going to post the first part of the novel, but i forgot it.

So i am going to post this short that's been rolling around in my head. it's been bothering me, but i'll expand on it later.

Enjoy and I'll post the first part of Deceptive Nights tomorrow.

I know i said i was going to do either si3 or OSOL, but I'm still working out the kinks in the both of them and I just know you'll like this one. I should let you know it's a sort of sequel to my first book, Dreams of Reality ( (Please don't buy that version though. If you want the version of that book, email me off line and I'll send instructions on how to get a good copy, LOL. If I get enough orders, I could knock the price of it down to $8 a book instead of $12, so let me know.)


“Marry me,” the tall dark stranger said.

Looking over her shoulder as if she had just spotted him, Lucy took in the gorgeousness of him and tried to hide the excitement of having a man this good looking talk to her. She also tried to pretend she didn’t notice the expensive tailored suit, silk shirt, Rolex hanging off his wrist, the chuck of gold on his fingers and the biggest damn diamond in his ear. “I’m sorry what did you say?”

“Don’t think I know you haven’t been watching me,” he said over-confidently.

Lucy wasn’t about to admit to it, but she couldn’t help retorting back, “Even if I was, you think a marriage of proposal is appropriate. That’s not something that should be taking lightly.”

He stepped up to her with an intriguing smile on his lips, making him look even more handsome. “I wasn’t playing,” he said in a deadly serious tone.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Author Interuption


I know you've returned for more stories, but I'm still completing Dark Facade for publishing.

Bare with me for one more week and please please come back. I'm still debating between stealing innocence III: Lethal Heart and Other Side of Love. I'm still waiting for more votes to come in.

I just wanted to let you guys know that you're not forgotten and that I'm coming.



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